The Great Earth Day Scam – Just Ignore Good Friday


“…It is the hour of darkness:
when “the foundations of the earth tremble”
and man, “a tiny part of your creation”,
groans and suffers with it;
an hour when the various masks of falsehood
mock the truth
and the allure of success stifles the deep call to honesty;
when utter lack of meaning and values
brings good training to nought
and the disordered heart disfigures the innocence
of the small and weak;
an hour when man strays from the way leading to the Father
and no longer recognizes in you
the bright face of his own humanity…”
The Holy Father

Do you know that Earth Day was co-founded by a man who murdered and then “composted” his dead girlfriend?

The Pink Flamingo tries not to be among those who are perpetually insulted.  But, today I’m a bit annoyed.  I rarely check Facebook (it’s a bore).  But today I did.  Everything was about Earth Day.  Forget that it is Good Friday.  It’s all about the Earth.

There is nothing about who made the heavens and the earth, and the fact that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him shall have eternal life.

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Here in New Mexico it is a tradition for people to walk to the Sanctuary in Chimayo.  The Pink Flamingo lists this wonderful church as one of the reasons I live here.  It is a church of  healing and miracles.  If you doubt it, just ask my mother about her finger.

And yes, I have a little container of dirt from the church.

From Faultline USA

Faultline USA

From the Blog Prof:

“…Lastly, Instapundit had this great link yesterday regarding Earth Day: RON BAILEY: Earth Day Turns 40. “Obviously, Nelson’s dour pollution predictions did not materialize. We don’t wear gas masks or live in domed cities. Since 1980, ambient concentrations of the six major regulated air pollutants have dropped by 54 percent, while U.S. population grew 34 percent, energy use increased 32 percent, automobile miles nearly doubled, and GDP rose by 126 percent. Specifically, ambient carbon monoxide is down 79 percent; ozone down 25 percent; nitrogen dioxide down 46 percent; sulfur dioxide down 56 percent, particulates down 68 percent. . . . The environmental degradation that rightly concerned Nelson and other early environmentalists occurred in open access commons—areas where no one owned the resource and so had no incentive to protect and conserve it. Instead, the incentive of people operating in an open access commons is to grab as much as possible as quickly as possible because otherwise someone else will take it before they can. Thus airsheds, rivers, government forests, oceans, and even highways were polluted and degraded. Relying on this insight, I hope that future environmentalists will find that enclosing the commons, rather than using the blunt instrument of political regulation, will more effectively protect and restore the natural world.”…”

Sally Vee sent me an article today about Hollywood and religion. I think this tells it all:

It’s not about Earth Day.

It is about the Creator of Heaven and Earth and His Son – who gave his life for me – and for you.

All you can do is pray for these people, that their eyes will be open and their hearts turn to Christ.