Donald Trump – “RINO”, Seduces Tea Party Puritians?


David Frum wrote:

“…What you want is a candidate who will take the fight to Obama. Really fight him. Mitt Romney? He’s no fighter. He’s a CEO, and you’ve had it with CEOs. Mike Huckabee? Seems like a nice guy, but if you want a sermon, you’ll go to church. Now this guy Donald Trump, he’s kind of a blowhard. But he hates Obama just as much as you do. You don’t take the birth certificate thing seriously, but if it annoys the liberals, what the hell. Trump says he’s going to get tough with the Chinese, the Arab oil sheikhs, everybody who’s ripping you off. A guy can’t get that rich if he doesn’t have balls, stands to reason.

So maybe you’ll give him a try. Or somebody else. You need help. You need help from somebody who understands what it’s like to be you: Not poor, not black, not Mexican, but still hurting, still scared, still looking at a future suddenly a lot bleaker than you ever expected. Somebody. Anybody….”

Michael Medved swears Donald Trump is not going to run for POTUS.  He thinks Trump is doing what he does best, promoting Trump.  This feud between he and Karl Rove is – well – strange, for want of a better word.

The Pink Flamingo knows others who are all for him.  Some are TPers, others are not.   His supporters are a mixed bag.  Some are conservative, some are not.  The libertarian end does not like him, not at all.

Look, there are things The Donald is saying that The Pink Flamingo likes.  Is Donald Trump  yet another FOX News POTUS wannabe.  That makes him suspect.  What also makes him suspect is the way he is taking over the tea parties, not that I don’t find the fact that he is so RINO it is just a think of beauty.

One of The Pink Flamingo’s most trusted sources assures me that he is, indeed, running.  I even know the approximate date he is planning to announce, but am not able to reveal that date.  I know a lot of other things that I am not going to reveal.  There is one aspect of this that I like most.  He could be the libertarian movement’s worst enemy.  If that is what this is about, more power to him.  I can live with that – very well.  If that is the case, I could become a believer.  My mother is.  She is rarely wrong, except when she said she was afraid Al Gore was going to win.

The Pink Flamingo doesn’t know what to think with Trump.  I think, that he’s up to something.  He is a master at self-promotion – not that there’s anything wrong with that.  If this is about self-promotion – fine.  I am assured that it is not.


A Republican friend thinks otherwise.  I truly hope she is right.  Considering her political knowledge, she just might be.

“…You can find a variety of answers to that question and frankly we are part of the group that thinks he should run to liven up the primary.  We will say one thing that Donald Trump is not afraid to speak his mind which is totally refreshing.  …  There has been a website launched, Should Donald Trump Run for President?  Rumor has it that the site has signed up more than 800,000 people already.  What does that say about Republicans looking for a candidate that can excite them?

The question of the month has been:  ‘Why did Obama launch his Presidential campaign in the middle of a war in Libya and the budget crises?’  Is it because he is afraid of the fact that Donald Trump may run for the Republican nomination and win?  I would pay to see a Trump versus Obama debate.  How would the media spin that one?  More importantly how would Obama react would be even funnier….Have said all along that no candidate from 2008 needs to run in 2012 — if they couldn’t beat McCain what makes them think they could win this time?  If any of them won the nomination, we would be looking at four more years of Obama.  We need someone new and innovative that can afford to run and not depend only on donations.  We also need a candidate that will not take matching funds in the general election and can spend money on his campaign unlike Obama in 2008 who was financed by Soros and his cronies including suspect donations from foreign sources and small donations unaccounted for who donated.  Why let FEC rules stand in the way seems to be the Obama mantra.  FEC is currently investigating the way that Obama accepted donations in 2008.  Will anything come out of it?  We doubt it but at least they are shining the light of day on the crooked way they took donations especially from foreign countries and small donors….”

I agree with everything my friend is saying.  I want to win.  I want a GOP candidate who can beat Obama at his own game.  My difference with my friend is the fact that I’m agreement with her post – 100%.  I want a Republican who can win.

“...President Obama leads Donald Trump by 15 percentage points in a hypothetical 2012 match-up, but the president is unable to top the 50% level of support even against an opponent some are deriding as a joke. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that the president earns support from 49% of Likely Voters nationwide, while Trump attracts the vote from 34%. Given that choice, 12% would vote for some other candidate, and five percent (5%) are undecided.  (To see survey question wording, click here.) Only 65% of Republican voters would vote for Trump over Obama. Among voters not affiliated with either major party, 48% prefer Obama, 25% Trump, and 20% would opt for some other candidate….”

I also don’t mind admitting, that, aside from what appears to be a growing feud with Karl Rove, the fact that the usual libertarian suspects aren’t too happy with Trump is interesting.

“…The latest tea leaf in the will-he-or-won’t-he drama surrounding Donald Trump these days: the influential Club For Growth, the fiscal purists who were tea party before it was cool, are taking shots at Trump with both barrels.

“Donald Trump for President? You’ve got to be joking,” Club president Chris Chocola said in a statement sent to reporters Monday morning.

Joke or not, Trump’s rapid rise in the polls is forcing party powerbrokers to take note, with the Club only the latest to turn fire on The Donald.

Speaking on Fox News last week, Karl Rove — chief architect of the GOP’s last White House wins — gave a full-throated dismissal of Trump’s candidacy, saying his “full embrace of the birther issue means he’s off there in the nutty right, and is now an inconsequential candidate.”

But with some reports suggesting Trump may in fact be serious to the point of putting together a concrete campaign, many on the right seem ready to admit — they’ve got a Trump problem….”

We’re being led to believe huge crowds of tea partiers turned out in Florida for The Donald. Hundreds?  Where are the Thousands?

GOP 12

According to George Will, Trump is damaging to the GOP because he makes Obama look good.

“…Will explained that Trump was more important to the process than Obama administration ambassador Jon Huntsman – not because he’s a more effective candidate, but he stands to make the Republican Party look bad.

“Trump’s more important because he can make a shambles of the Republican debates,” Will said. “Just by being there, he can hurt the Republican Party. He is what is called a ‘blatherskite.’ That is a word my grandmother was fond of as someone who blathers promiscuously.”

Will also said he was skeptical of Trump’s policy positions – both social and economic.

“He’s had an epiphany now – he’s suddenly discovered at whatever age he is that he’s pro-life,” Will said. “Aside from that his campaign platform is to reduce standard of living, which is the clear and predictable consequence of a 25 percent tariff on all those goods we buy from China.

There are some obvious problems.

  • No credible candidate would align themselves with Ralph Reed.  It is almost as insane as going with Alan Keyes.
  • The whole Birther thing
  • The pandering to the tea parties
  • Constantly slamming GWB
Raw Story

I will admit, I don’t like the trashing of GWB.

“…”George Bush gave us Barack Obama. If it weren’t for George Bush, we wouldn’t have Barack Obama,” Trump said on Friday. “So I’m not thrilled with George Bush.” The billionaire real estate mogul made the comments at his famed Palm Beach estate Mar-a-Lago that sits on 20 acres and boasts 126 rooms. The star of NBC’s “The Apprentice” spoke to reporters in a hastily arranged news conference moments before a posh, poolside party at the estate and hours before he was to speak at a Tea Party rally. Trump was pressed to explain his comments.

“Because he[Bush] didn’t have a great presidency, especially at the end. And because of his actions, and because of his aura, it was very tough for a Republican to win,” Trump said. “And in all fairness to John McCain and to Sarah Palin, I think it would have been very, very tough for anybody – for Abraham Lincoln – to win after having followed George Bush.” Trump has previously let out harsh criticism of the 43rd president.

In a March 2007 interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Trump said, “Well, I think Bush is probably the worst president in the history of the United States.” He cited the war in Iraq, calling it a “total disaster” and added later: “Look, everything in Washington has been a lie. Weapons of mass destruction – it was a total lie. It was a way of attacking Iraq.”…”

Karl Rove calls him a “Joke” candidate.

“…After a lengthy discussion about the current budget battle in Congress in which Rove claimed Republicans had attained victory, if only because the federal government’s budget authority had been reduced by $60 billion, Van Susteren questioned Rove on Trump’s impact on the Republican Party. Rove refused to answer whether Trump “hurt” the Party, noting instead that his obsession with President Obama’s birth certificate “hurts Donald Trump.” “He was an interested candidate who had a business background and could have contributed to dialogue,” Rove lamented, adding that making the birth certificate a centerpiece of his campaign delegitimized him. “He’s off there in the nutty right, and is not an inconsequential candidate,” Rove concluded, adding that “the guy is smarter than this” and he was “sorry to see it happen.” He also denounced claims that President Obama didn’t go to school, citing a friend who was a classmate of the President’s, and the conspiracy theory about the newspaper reports in Hawaii….”


If you want The Pink Flamingo’s humble opinion, I wonder what his agenda is.

“…The man behind Donald Trump’s possible 2012 presidential campaign is a registered Democrat who voted for Barack Obama in 2008. Not only that, but Michael Cohen, an executive at the Trump Organization who doubles as Trump’s chief political adviser, once volunteered for 1988 presidential candidate Michael Dukakis … Like Trump, Cohen has donated money to both Democratic and Republican candidates over the years, including Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. He’s hobnobbed with Hillary Clinton and the late Sen. Ted Kennedy. Cohen said he and Kennedy even once went sailing near the Kennedy Compound in Cape Cod and later shared a lobster and clambake…”

This whole thing reminds me way too much of Ross Perot, which is what I told my friend the other night.  She thinks not.  I did a screen shot from Democrats for Sale.  Now, what you need to know is this person, to my knowledge, is rarely wrong about things.

Democrats for Sale


  • Broken the choke hold of the “moral majority” on GOP candidates
  • May have split the Tea Party movement in half
  • Is NOT libertarian – could shatter choke-hold on the GOP
  • Is not Club for Growth
  • Is not Americans for Prosperity
  • Could negate the control of the talking far right
  • Exploiting Beltway Feuds

This is the current problem:

Daily Caller

David Frum writes:

“…Here’s the thing Republican leaders and pundits need to understand. (I said it yesterday, but let’s say it again today.) America has not had a mass conversion to ideological libertarianism. … Conservative Americans express that rage in terms learned from talk radio and Fox News. But the fact that these conservative voters express their rage by talking about “debt” and “taxes” does not mean that they want what K Street wants: a Ryan budget that cuts spending on people like them to finance tax cuts for people much richer than them. … If the GOP wants to finish Trump, GOP candidates had better learn to speak to those anxieties – to offer a remedy more effectual than the snake-oil now being peddled by Tim Pawlenty….”

Libertarian Republican

So, is a Trump candidacy for real?

In many ways, I do hope it is.

  • I like that he is not trash talking the country.
  • I like that he is thinking outside the box.
  • I like that he is not libertarian.
  • I like that he is splitting the Tea Parties.
  • I like that the far right talking heads could end up with egg on their faces.
  • I like his positive thinking.

We need someone who is going to do ‘Morning for America’ rather than ‘The End Is Near’.  There are several things I do know.  The man would be a hoot in the debates.  He would clean Obama’s clock.  He knows how to deal, and, while doesn’t take himself seriously, is not a fool.

Maybe this is what we need.

But – what I like most of all?

If Trump were to win the nomination, if he even runs, it puts forever the end to the epitaph of “RINO”.

The Washington Times

And then there is this, from the picture of senility.

Humble Libertarian

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  1. My mother thinks he should be taken seriously. For the past 30 years or so her track record calling long-shots is quite spooky. I do like the fact that the extreme right and the libertarian right don’t like him. He has the capacity to completely shatter the tea parties, splitting them, so I like that.


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