The Importance of Being England


One of the big mimes of the far right talkers is that NO one in the UK was interested in the Royal Wedding.


To listen to conservative talking heads, and the news readers on FOX, the Royal Wedding is a disaster.  The Royals are evil and scandalous.  The Crown is going to fail.  Diana was a saint.  No one in England is interested in the wedding.  We defeated them in what the Brits called the unpleasantness across the Pond.  Ergo – the Royal Family (my relatives) are evil and should go the way of the Czar.  (That’s what I take from O’Reilly’s nastiness this week).

“…But yesterday’s great occasion also evoked a different sort of royal landmark, another occasion when a jaded country suddenly, unexpectedly found itself pleasantly overcome by an explosion of benign royal euphoria.

If anything, the mood among the million-strong crowd drifting away last night was reminiscent of 1977 and the Silver Jubilee – a reminder of the power of Monarchy to send the self-esteem of a troubled nation soaring.

Perhaps we can now put to bed those preposterous grumbles about the cost of it all. If we go with the upper estimate of £20million being tossed around by the moaners (all police bills, not dresses or cake), it is still less than half the £42million cost of the basketball arena for next year’s Olympics. And that structure will be demolished a fortnight later. Enough said.

Yesterday’s scenes will be played out for years to come. This has all the makings of one of the great royal unions. There is no question. Britain and its best-loved institution have won gold….”

No American in their right mind should even be interested in the wedding.  It is, we are told by the right, a display of excessive spending by people who rose to power on the backs of the little people.  Umm…. is that not a Communist argument to eliminate wealth and power?

No one is even discussing the fact that this has been one of the most Christian services, days, and traditions we’ve been allowed to witness in many years.


You won’t see much about what went on in the UK on the conservative and libertarian blogs.  It just is not acceptable.

Curious, isn’t it?

Evidently they are completely out of touch with the American people.

“...And as Gallup noted in a report it published in 2002, no woman was admired by Americans more in the period 1948 – 2001 than Queen Elizabeth, appearing no less than 38 times in the top 10 of Gallup’s annual survey of the public’s most admired men and women, significantly ahead of Jackie Kennedy in second.

Most Americans clearly recognise the huge scale of the Queen’s achievement as reigning monarch for nearly six decades. She has been an impeccable representative for Britain on the world stage, and has epitomised the Special Relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom during the course of no less than 11 US presidencies. The Queen is a model of Anglo-American world leadership, and has won the hearts and affection of the American people from the days of Eisenhower to the present, a towering accomplishment by one of the truly great figures of our time….”

Never mind that what went on in England is all about a free market economy where people began spending money on parties, bubbly, food, travel, souvenirs, hotel rooms, face paint, travel clothes, silly hats, British flags, etc.  We’re not even discussing the amount of money the actual wedding guests spent on new cloths, shoes, handbags, hats, designer outfits, hair, jewelry, and their private parties.

This is a celebration of the free market at its best, but you’ll never hear any conservative discuss it in that light.  They are too snobby to sit down and watch what went on and to admit that as much as it may have cost the taxpayer, a heck of a lot more money went back into the economy than went out of it.

According to The Pink Flamingo, who is an expert shopper, the way a country gets out of bad times is when the people in that country began spending money on things other than gas, food, and basics.  When you start spending money on the things that are not the necessities of life, that is how you bring an economy back to life.


For a group of people who want to celebrate our heritage, they are ignoring a very important part of it – England.

Daily Mail Comments

One of the saddest aspects of what happened in London on Friday is the fact that it makes we Americans look bad, really bad.  You simply DO NOT see such outpourings of patriot support in this country.  The only time you see a bunch of Americans out with flags is to protest about someone, something, or just plain old bellyache.  You NEVER see Americans out celebrating what is good about this country.  If you do, it is political and nary liberals, conservatives, Republicans or Democrats shall mix.

Oh, you may see it on the Mall, on the Fourth of July, but they are there for the party and the fireworks, not the celebration of America.

In American we can’t celebrate the beauty of America without the vitriol and the division.  We’re a nation of cranks and complainers.  Nothing is ever right, good, or going the way it should, unless one’s political party is in power.

We simply cannot celebrate what is great about America without the complaints. We cannot have moments of national unity. It simply isn’t allowed.


Don’t blame it on the fact that we are a nation of immigrants, a melting pot, and a land of political differences.  There is a heck of a lot more to it.

Nothing seems to unify our nation any longer unless it is a natural disaster, and thanks to the Dems and their horrid behavior after Katrina, you can’t even get national unity there.  It takes something really big, like 9/11 for this nation to pull together, for a couple of weeks.  Then all bets are off.

Perhaps it is about tradition and traditions.  We have none.  Our Founding Fathers, in all their infinite wisdom decided we did not need the trappings of monarchy, splendor, pomp, circumstances, and anything that might disturb their “republican” view of the way this nation should behave.  Thomas Jefferson was so against anything that might resemble such things that he did not even express condemnation when upwards of 40,000 people were slaughtered by the democratic forces that over-threw a monarchy in France.  It took him years to admit his precious French were wrong.  Then again by that time his hatred of Washington may have been so great that he would do anything to harm Washington as POTUS.

It looks to me, that, by not allowing a “state” religion, and assuming that everyone would be “Christian”, our Founding Fathers have basically doomed this nation into some sort of nothingness of no faith at all.  By not putting certain restrictions on “free speech” (like those Westboro Baptist freaks) then everyone else suffers.  In the UK, one must have a permit to protest the way they do.  They attempted to do so at the Royal Wedding and were told to forget about it.

The Brits have politics – dirty politics.  They have free elections, but somehow as a nation, they do manage to rise above the crass political every once in awhile.  As a nation we are increasingly incapable of doing so.

If this nation ever does fail, it will not be because of the tea parties, Obama, Soros, the Koch Brothers, Rush Limbaugh, Democrats, or Republicans.  The real reason we will fail is because we have no real national unity. We have no real source of national pride.

  • We are no longer allowed to celebrate our Christian faith.
  • Everything must be so multi-cultural that there is no culture.
  • If a Dem POTUS does something, then the right must damn it.
  • If a GOP POTUS does something, then the left must damn it.
  • Libertarians and Ron Paul Bots seek to destroy anyone who doesn’t agree with them.
  • We can’t pray to Christ.
  • In some schools you can no longer stand up for the Pledge.
  • You must roll spring whatevers instead of Easter Eggs.
  • There must be accommodation made for every faith, including tree huggers.
Daily Mail



Let’s just say that our conservative talking heads and FOX lip sync readers have no idea what is going on here.  Even the choir boys get paid.

It’ s like this:

UK Telegraph

It’s about big money.
It’s about national pride.
It’s about national unity.
It’s about nearly 2000 years of tradition.
It is about feeling good about one’s country.

Here in the United States we no have no national unity.  We have no national pride.  We have no traditions other than those associated with sporting events.  We have “un” pomp and ceremony around the POTUS Inauguration, which should tell you how much we may be longing for something more.

For those who don’t understand why, just look at our history.

We began as part of Great Britain.  Our original settlers in the Thirteen Colonies were Brits.  Granted half my ancestors were sore-headed Puritans, but that can’t be helped.  We began as a nation of complainers, unwilling to live with the status quo in England.  But – a heck of a lot of us were English, Scottish, or Welsh.  The Irish came later.

North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia were named after monarchs of England…..

Get the picture?

Our Constitution comes from the British Constitution.
Ever heard of the Declaration of Arbroath?
What does the Magna Carta do?
Do you know the history of trial by jury?
Do you know about early tax revolts?
Do you know how our Bill of Rights Evolved?

Do you know that most of our institutions today have evolved from those created in England during the medieval period?

As Americans, we had best realize that some of the best of who we are comes from Great Britain.  Their heritage is our heritage.  I feel so sorry for the denizens of the far libertarian right who must constantly complain about it.

They are showing their ignorance.


What we did not see were what appears to be the Muslim immigrants to the UK.  In all the crowd shots I only saw one covered head.  It showed the problem the UK is having and will be having with their immigrants.  My money is on the Brits!

  • We saw traditional marriage honored.
  • We won’t see any illegitimate kids here.
  • It affirms tradition.
  • It was a terribly Christian service.
  • It thumbs its nose at multi-cultural crap.
  • It upheld everything the far right pretends to like.
  • It showed that an event could be held without draconian security measures.
  • It was a celebration of everything that is GREAT about our own culture.
  • It proves how destructive multi-cultural theology truly is.
  • It affirms that our traditions are Christian.
  • It affirms the only way a nation can survive is by being Christian.

4 thoughts on “The Importance of Being England

  1. I have some English ancestry too. My father’s ancestors were English and Scottish. One of his ancestors was one of the barons who signed the Magna Carta and I have a cousin who is active in the Magna Carta society. I’m not a royal watcher and I must admit that I don’t keep up with what they do. During the time I attended the Univ. of Warwick, which is close to Coventry, I had some unusual experiences. ( I was doing some post graduate work there.) I was always mistaken for some relative of the royal family. The first time this happened was when I went to a play in London. I enjoy London theater. When I went to buy tickets at the door, I was told to step inside the lobby. There, a man informed me that the only seats available were in the gallery. I told him I didn’t mind sitting in the gallery when another man rushed out and said, “I can’t put you up there! It is out of the question!”. Guess where I ended up? In the royal box. I was absolutely mortified. I sat there praying nobody would show up. Just before the play started, some Earl arrived who was in London for the weekend. Really embarrassed, I explained the situation, told him I would certainly be willing to leave. He was very gracious and said, “Please stay, I will be grateful for the company.” During the play I told him that one could not see the stage well from the box. He said, “When you are sitting in the royal box, the purpose is not to see, but to be seen.” About that time I saw people turning their glasses on me. I wished I could have crawled under the seat and hid. I had many such adventures. Maybe sometimes I can tell you about them. Like the time I toured a country manor house and was mistaken for Lady Lee’s friend or the time I got a taxi to visit the museum at Kensington Palace and the idiot taxi driver took me through security into the royal compound.

  2. Some great insights here. I could not agree more about our culture, or the lack thereof. I loved the Royal Wedding for so many reasons. I cried (actually more like squirted tears) at two points: when the bride’s procession began with those magnificent trumpets. And again when the national anthem was sung by the entire congregation with trumpets soaring above, and cameras panning to the flag waving hordes outside. The official album is available on i-Tunes and I’ve already downloaded it. What I love is that it includes the whole service, in addition to the music. All the prayers, the lesson (so marvelously read by Catherine’s brother James), the address, and everything else.

    I think one of the reasons I love Winston Churchill so much is because of his perfect pedigree – half Brit and half American. Best of both worlds.

  3. Oh, forgot to mention. My husband and I also noticed the striking void of Muslims on the streets, especially since we’ve seen so many nasty loudmouthed Muslims protesting all over London recently. We suspect they were kept at a safe distance with a 1 mile perimeter of bacon fencing.

    There was one Saudi sheik on an aisle seat at the wedding. I wonder what Arab Muslims think when they hear our magnificent western music? Or when they see women being venerated, or witness the union of one man and one woman being blessed and sanctified before Almighty God.

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