A Great Ron Paul Coup or Pathetic Display by a Pathetic Little Man


The Thursday Night alleged GOP debate stage managed by FOX was pathetic, disgusting, and was terribly hurtful for the GOP.  It makes a person wonder if FOX isn’t trying to manipulate the entire GOP POTUS field.  They fire Gingrich and Santorum, and give Huck until the end of May to decide if he is in.  The entire situation is terribly disturbing.   The only bright spot in the evening is the news, on Friday, that Rudy might be talked into running.  (please!)

This is embarrassing.

“...I suppose if there was one virtue of last night’s debate, then perhaps it was to expose the absurdity of libertarianism, at least in the undiluted Ron Paul version. If there were any other upsides, I’d be eager to hear what they were….”

“…But if I have to pick a winner, I’d go for Ron Paul. He actually came out for legalizing heroin and prostitution and got applause for it – in South Carolina. (No, that’s not a joke.)…”

“…While it took a little while for the Republican candidates attending tonight’s debate to get going, the sheer diversity on the panel guaranteed some spirited answers, paramount among them Rep. Ron Paul’s steadfast adherence to civil liberties, which somehow concluded with him supporting legalization of heroin to raucous applause– highlighting the thick tension between conservatives and libertarians on the GOP…”

If the 2012 POTUS election were between Ron Paul or Barack Obama, who would you cast your precious vote for?

This is one strange little demigod.

“...Ron Paul: Paul’s biggest problem in debates last time around was that he seemed to wander off topic a lot, thus losing an audience that already wasn’t entirely sympathetic to his ideas. Things have changed. For one thing, the GOP is arguably more in line with Ron Paul’s positions on a whole host of issues now than it was in 2008. For another, Paul did a much better job of staying on point, most of the time. That said, he did wander off the reservation a few times, such as during a question about drug policy where he ended up talking about heroin, and during a response to a question about the Defense Of Marriage Act, where he once again totally mis-stated what the lawsuits challenging the law are all about. It probably helped that the audience seemed to have a fairly good contingent of Paul supporters, who applauded after many of his responses. Nonetheless, it’s unlikely that he made many friends among the social conservatives that dominate the South Carolina GOP….”

The Pink Flamingo will never, never never, never, never ever vote for Ron Paul.  I do not vote for Democrats.  So, I guess I wouldn’t vote, unless it would be for a third party candidate and throw my vote away, which would be the same as voting for Barack Obama.  (At least we finally know Obama will continue to fight the War on Terror instead of selling us out to the highest bidder as would Paul).

The Daily Paul

This is one strange little man.

The best description I’ve found yet of who and what he actually is, comes from Matt Latimer.

“…Ironically for a network accused of right-wing bias, Fox may have done the Republican Party a monumental disservice. In the midst of one of the Obama administration’s greatest achievements—the killing of Osama bin Laden—the network made the Republican presidential primary look like a low-budget Star Trek convention, where only the guy who played Dr. McCoy and a bunch of extras bothered to show up. And the network’s overuse of a loud, annoying Price Is Right bell to cut candidates off in mid-sentence only added to the aura that this affair was a tawdry game show waiting for someone to mercifully hit a gong…Congressman Ron Paul was his usual self, lapping up applause and laughter from his uncontrollable contingent in the audience, while angrily railing against waterboarding, the U.S. involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq, the federal debt, “our militarism,” something about heroin, and monsters under the bed. If you actually listen to him, the congressman does say some sensible things. But somehow he gives off a sense that his true calling is to work in a local library, where he can chastise patrons who go a few minutes over their allotted time on the Internet. Does this man ever smile? Tell a joke? Take a breath? And why am I wasting so many lines on him?….”

The Politico

Then there is the rank dishonesty of the Ron Paul Bots.  If you read this glowing report from the premier Ron Paul Bot Propaganda Blog you would think there was a mass showing of morons for Paul.

The Daily Paul

“…The Texas Republican’s supporters dominated the crowd of more than 150, many of them Greenville Tea Party members, who gathered in a ballroom of the Hyatt hotel to take in the first-in-the-country 2012 Republican presidential debate.

With each Paul response during the debate, supporters loudly cheered and whooped for the Republican — most notably during a response in which he voiced support for states’ rights to legalize narcotics — and jeered other candidates whose responses were deemed unsatisfactory.

Just after 11 p.m., about a half hour following the conclusion of the debate, Paul took to the ballroom stage to address a crowd that had swelled to more than 300 people and said that he’s getting close to formally declaring his candidacy for the Republican nomination….”

Ron Paul Bots, as ever, are terribly dishonest.  The only reason there were more of them than anyone else was the pathetic second tier group of “candidates” assembled.  If serious candidates were at the debate, their numbers would not even be mentioned.

Then again, Ron Paul Bots, cannot be  honest.  They’re libertarians.