The Tea Party Just Cost SC Thousands of Jobs


Yep, just another embarrassing day in South Carolina as their Glam Girl of the GOP Governor blew about 5,000 jobs.  Are she and Susana Martinez Siamese Twins Separated At Birth?

“…Amazon’s bid for it also suffered a setback when Gov. Nikki Haley — who calls job creation her top goal — took a hands-off approach on a deal shaped under her predecessor without much legislative consultation.

Haley said it’s one she wouldn’t make but would accept if approved by the Legislature, infuriating fellow Republicans who felt she unfairly put the onus on them. Amazon allies portrayed the deal as favorable financially, saying it would net state and local coffers $11 million after an exemption costing $2.5 million.

The chorus of criticism increased as social conservatives, Tea Party members and other business groups lined up against the exemption even though Amazon allies warned that opposition endangered jobs badly needed in a struggling economy.

“This rejection is a slap at everyone in unemployment lines,” said Scott Adams of Lexington, a telecommunication equipment executive who supported the Amazon proposal.

Other critics called the exemption too much on top of a free site, property tax breaks on equipment, state job tax credits and abolition of longtime Sunday morning sales restrictions in Lexington County to facilitate Amazon’s round-the-clock opposition.

In the end, the tide of complaints overcame warnings from business and political leaders about broken promises harming industrial recruitment and the prospect of hundreds of new jobs for the area…”

By golly Nikki IS a Mark Sanford clone, just like The Pink Flamingo said she would be!

From Voting Under the Influence:

Voting Under the Influence


The American people are finally starting to wake up and smell the spoiled tea.

The real implications of this is that it is going to further harm the GOP by alienating moderates and independents, and reasonable Republicans like The Pink Flamingo, who recognize tat the tea parties are an off shoot of the Ron Paul campaign to be demigod and chief.

“...The precise influence of the Tea Party movement on U.S. politics is difficult to pinpoint, given its vague shape and lack of any type of official organization. The Tea Party, however, did have a significant influence on last year’s midterm elections. Candidates who were supported by voters who identified with the Tea Party made a significant impact on primary outcomes, and in a number of instances won election to the House and Senate.

Now observers continue to ponder the impact of those elections on the Republican Party, as these newly elected members attempt to follow through on their campaign promises and pressure House leadership to take stronger conservative positions on key issues.

The data reviewed here demonstrate the nature of the political challenges Republican congressional leadership faces in responding to Tea Party-supported members. A majority of rank-and-file Republicans nationwide give the Tea Party favorable ratings, but a sizable minority say their opinion is unfavorable or do not classify themselves as supporters.

Further, the overall image of the Tea Party among all Americans has become substantially more negative than positive over the last several months, which could weaken its perceived clout among GOP congressional leaders. Americans’ negative views of the Tea Party contrast with their much more balanced views of the Republican Party, measured at 44% favorable and 47% unfavorable in the same April 20-23 USA Today/Gallup poll….”


Not to the tea parties and their promoters at FOX:

THIS is a crowd.



UK Daily Mail

There is not much difference in crowd size here and above. The far right claimed millions marched, but if you check the crowd size with the one in the UK, the size is not “millions” but thousands.

Americans for Truth


In order to cover her tush after blowing the Amazon deal, Glam Girl Governor of the GOP, Nikki Haley announced that she is further selling SC out to Walmart. A major Walmart expansion is planned for SC.

“...Lexington, SC (WLTX) – Walmart is bringing 4,000 jobs over five years to South Carolina, Gov. Nikki Haley announced Wednesday.

Haley made the announcement alongside state leaders and Walmart USA’s CEO Bill Simon at a news conference at the State Farmers Market.

The governor says the company will bring new stores to the state over the next five years and create all retail positions. She says the stores will create 300 management salaried jobs.

The company said in a release that the new stores will generate hundreds of millions of dollars in new economic activity.

The investment includes relocations and expansions of existing stores as well as creating new locations.

Haley says Walmart is committed to buying products locally, and that the company already buys from South Carolina companies such as Senn Brothers, a produce vendor based in Columbia.

She says no special tax breaks were offered to Walmart for this new investment, and that the deal had been in the works for several months….”

It looks like Nikki and fellow Glam Girl Governor of the GOP, Susana Martinez of NM are cut from the same anti tax cutting cloth.  Evidently they don’t care about helping business, or bringing jobs to their states.

Please, explain how that is Republican.