What, No Mississippi River Fly-Over and Photo for President Screw-Up


On Tuesday, Barack Obama cleaned the GOP’s clock!  His immigration speech was basically right on, inaccuracies excluded. He has seriously hurt the GOP with this one.  The Pink Flamingo agrees with most of what he has listed as an agenda for immigration reform.  Heck, it is basically the same thing his predecessor, The Great Man, proposed, and was denigrated by the far right.

So, the Far Right comes out of this one looking rather bad.  O’Reilly made a fool of himself Tuesday night trying to defend the usual FAIR talking points.

This is another of those follow the bouncing ball…..

Do you not find it ironic that President Screw-up can promote outreach to the Muslim world, but can’t be bothered to view the wildfire devastation in Texas and the record breaking floods along the Mississippi?

What is it with this man?

Bill Clinton felt our pain.  George W. Bush had such amazing empathy for people that he radiated concern.  Not Mr. Cool.  There is no empathy, no caring, not feeling, only the Great I Am.  It was pointed out to The Pink Flamingo that the Obamas were quite moved over the tornado disaster in Alabama.  If they had not been, it would have been a political disaster.  Please, show The Pink Flamingo one recent natural disaster where President Screw-Up even bothered showing up, for five minutes.

Nope, he hasn’t shown up, not Texas wild fires, North Carolina tornado damage, Oklahoma tornado damage, or the flood ravaged Mississippi.  He’s absent.

If a Republican POTUS were to be so absent, you would hear nothing but how little they cared.  Once again the left is protecting their guy, ignoring their abject hypocrisy, and the right is allowing them to get away with it.

Once again, President Screw-Up has blown it.  The problem is the Right is so busy slamming Michelle for some rap poet and will be frothing at the mouth this morning, that they are missing THE BIG STORY.

Once again President Screw-Up has managed to really screw things up to the point where the damage he did to the GOP by usurping the Hispanic vote could be negotiated by what he did not do.  Unfortunately, the far right chorus is so busy dealing with their own little agenda, they can’t see the flood waters for the minutemen express.

President Screw-Up has made what may be the greatest screw-up of his tawdry career.  Very few people are even discussing it.  Think back, to the world before Obama.

Remember this infamous image?


White House Dossier

President Screw-Up flew over the Mighty Mississippi on Tuesday, and did not even BOTHER to look at the flooding.  He never bothered to fly over it.  He never bothered to take a little detour to fly over Memphis.  Try doing a Google of Obama, Mississippi Fly-over and you come up with zilch, nada, nothing – a big fat goose-egg.

This is huge.

The press is ignoring the fact that President Screw-Up is so disengaged from the realities of what is truly going on in this country that he can’t even check out the Mississippi floods.

And, it gets even better!


Is President Screw-up either punishing “red” states, or ignoring them?  With the exception of the horrific tornado damage in Alabama, he’s giving the rest of the nation the cold shoulder when it comes to disaster declarations or or visits.

President Screw-Up has declared Shelby County a disaster.  (It’s a big Democrat County).

While President Screw-Up may be completely disengaged from reality, the far right talking heads and pundits are even farther disengaged.  They aren’t quite grasping what is going on in the rest of America – in Fly-Over country.

“…Administration officials explained that fires are treated differently in disaster declarations than tornadoes or hurricanes because there are no tornado or hurricane assistance management grants like there are for fires. But Washington’s explanation doesn’t satisfy residents in the fire-ravaged Fort Davis area, where an estimated 300,000 acres have burned. “It’s just as devastating as a flood in Missouri or a tornado in Alabama. Why do we not deserve it equally?” asked Fort Davis resident Patty Moreland, 61. “The (federal) aid … will help people rebuild,” said Moreland, who said she knows many locals who have lost homes or ranchland to the fires. “It has affected everyone in town financially.”..”


Houston Chronicle


“…Through no fault of its own, Texas has now lost 2.3 million acres of land to a freak weather combination that has ignited 9,000 wildfires across the state well ahead of summer. At least two people have been killed, 400 homes incinerated, 1,200 miles of agricultural fencing destroyed and nearly 1,000 horses, cattle and sheep left to perish since November.

We would think at least some of its 200 counties would be in line for a routine federal disaster declaration to grant firefighting aid and access to low-interest loans that will help with the rebuilding.

That’s what neighboring Oklahoma, with a similar fire situation got, and it’s certainly what tornado-ravaged Alabama and other states in the region were deservingly given. Even California’s coast, caught in the wake of Japan’s March tsunami, got a swift disaster declaration to repair its yacht harbors….”


President Screw-Up visited Texas on Tuesday.  It was his first visit since being elected.  He ignored the fires, he did invite Rick Perry to join him in El Paso, but Perry declined.

In NRO Kevin Williamson wrote:

“…In case you’ve missed it, Texas has seen about 3,400 square miles of land — an area about the size of Puerto Rico — destroyed by wildfires. Pres. Barack Obama hit Texas to do some political fund-raising and give some speeches about immigration; Gov. Rick Perry suggested that he take a gubernatorially guided tour of some of the damage. The president couldn’t be bothered, but asked the governor to come to El Paso to act as a prop at a political event. Governor Perry declined….I am fairly confident that if 3,400 square miles of Northern Virginia or New Jersey went up in flames, a federal emergency would be proclaimed. I am 100 percent confident that if the font size is one point off on your federally mandated Hmong-language minimum-wage poster, you can be sure that the Department of Labor will be airlifting a team of federal busybodies to be on your case most pronto; if you’re on fire, you get a nice speech.

In Texas, President Obama has more important things to do, such as raising money and pandering to Hispanic voters by dangling the promise of “comprehensive” immigration reform before them, knowing that it’s a go-nowhere proposition. He’ll visit a city on a border that his government controls about as well as President Zardari controls his, and which is at times about as dangerous.

To its credit, the Obama administration has dispatched aircraft to help with the firefighting . . . in Mexico…”

You see, there’s something Williamson missed when he wrote this great column.  I doubt if he realizes that there is a very big reason President Screw-Up visited El Paso.  While there are some enclaves in and around Austin which some native Texans call ‘Berkley East’, and a few districts around Houston, El Paso is the MOST Democratic city in all of Texas.

“…President Obama speaks this afternoon on immigration reform in El Paso, Texas, followed by two DNC events in Austin. But while the president fundraises and talks about immigration, Republicans are countering on a different front: why is the President focusing on these things while Texas is literally burning?

The Texas Forest Service reports this morning that there are currently 10 major fires across the state covering 599,405 acres of land. Since November, 9,000 fires have burned across 2.2 million acres of land in Texas.

Last week, FEMA denied a request from Texas Governor Rick Perry for a declaration of emergency, which would have given the state access to certain recovery loans, grants and response assistance from the federal government.

Freshman Congressman Quico Canseco (TX-23), whose district includes part of El Paso, where the President is speaking this afternoon, yesterday issued a video criticizing the President for his response to the wildfires….”

It is amazing how clueless these people are.

“…Q   The Texas governor is upset that there hasn’t been a disaster declaration covering the wildfires there.  Some Republicans have suggested that perhaps politics is playing a role in there, and one has even said it’s inappropriate for him to be raising funds in the state without such a declaration.  How do you answer that?

MR. CARNEY:  I would love to answer that.  I think it’s important for everyone to know that this administration has been extremely responsive to the state of Texas’ requests for wildfire management assisting grants — 25 of them at last count.  All that have been requested had been, as far as I know it, have been provided.  And that — in each case, because wildfires are different from other natural disasters — they are ongoing.  And in each case the federal government, the federal taxpayer, is paying 75 percent of the costs of fighting these fires of Texas — 75 percent.  So there is plenty, considerable federal assistance flowing to Texas to deal with these serious wildfires.  We take this very seriously.

And the fact is, is that because wildfires are the kind of natural disaster that they are and fighting them is a major cost here, the federal government is picking up a substantial portion of that cost.

Q    Why is the President —

MR. CARNEY:  And I would say — can I just point out that the suggestion that you are raising that some I guess some Republicans think that this is political, I would just point to the disaster declarations that the President has designated from across the country, and I think there was no discrimination here between red and blue states.

Q    Why is the President not meeting with Governor Perry?

MR. CARNEY:  Governor Perry turned down our invitation to meet the President at the airport.

Q    He wanted a more substantial meeting and didn’t want to have to go 800 miles all the way to El Paso to discuss the wildfires and border security and all that.

MR. CARNEY:  Again, we invited him to meet with the President and he declined the invitation.  We have also in the past offered him a National Security Council briefing on immigration; he declined that as well….”


This is what Dinan wrote:

“…The flag literally hung over Mr. Obama’s visit to this border city: It was in the background as he toured a cargo-inspection facility, and could be seen poking out over the top of the backdrop as he spoke to hundreds of supporters, urging them to pressure Congress to legalize illegal immigrants.

Locals said it can be seen throughout much of the rest of town, and is a stark reminder of the city’s location on the border.

“It hits you from every angle,” Rick Melendrez, an El Paso resident who years ago led a campaign to erect an American flag to compete with the Mexican banner, told The Washington Times in a telephone interview.

Mr. Melendrez, a Democratic activist here, said he thought a competing American flag would be a source of pride for El Paso residents. But enthusiasm for his project petered out years ago in the face of the $300,000 price tag.

Still, he said he wishes he could get the campaign going again, and even has a location in mind: one of the Franklin Mountain peaks that jut up north of the city.

One American park ranger said the Mexican flag appears during holidays and major events. Soon after Mr. Obama departed El Paso, the flag came down — suggesting Mexican officials had raised it just to provide a backdrop for the president’s visit.

The Mexican flag, one of a number of “banderas monumentales,” or big flags, that Mexican officials have erected in cities along the border, sits in a park in Juarez, the Mexican city mirroring El Paso….”

Why would Mr. Dinan lie about this?  The Pink Flamingo did a quick Google search and came up with these three photos.

Google 3D

President Screw-Up flew over the Mississippi and did not bother asking for a fly-over of the flooding. The Pink Flamingo can’t get over the fact that the man did not possess the intellectual curiosity to even bother looking at it.

The right is not using this as a major issue.

It is HUGE, instead, we have the most idiotic reporting The Pink Flamingo has EVER seen! From the W. Times, Stephen Dinan writes the biggest piece of do-do I’ve yet to see. For some reason Mexico is to blame for flying a huge Mexican flag at the port of entry in Juarez, Mexico. Is there some part of this that The Pink Flamingo is missing? Is there something wrong with a country flying a large flag? In the US, the far right wackos at the WTimes consider it patriotic. Guess when Mexicans feel patriotic and fly a Mexican flag, it is a symbol of their …. duplicity….?

Contrary to the idiotic story Dinan has filed, the large flag flies all the time. At night it is illuminated by spotlights.

Please explain the point of the lies Dinan is spreading?

Instead of pointing out President Screw-Up and his major blunder, Dinan is typical of the anti-immigration right.  They will do anything, say anything, and spread any lie as long as it suits the Puppetmaster.