The Ron Paul Game Plan


So you don’t think those scary little Ron Paul Bots are not out to destroy the GOP and see their demigod nominated?


“...At the National Republican Convention, the presidential candidate is chosen from among those legally eligible and registered Republican. This person must obviously be Ron Paul.

From my own experience in 2007:

I was the “captain” of my precinct in 2007. I think that was automatic simply by asking because no one else in my precinct wanted to do it. I asked to go, and was sent to both the District and the County Republican Conventions in 2007. It was exciting to see the number of RRRPS at these conventions was proportionally HIGHER than, say, in real life. But, it was not enough. I think we probably focused too much on precincts in-town and didn’t win enough of the precincts outside of town.

To say it another way, you might have 500 houses in your precinct registered Republican, 499 of which like John McCain, and 1 of which likes Ron Paul. BUT, IF THAT ONE RRRPS GOES TO THE COUNTY CONVENTION and voices support for Ron Paul (by appointing a RRRPS to the next convention) THEN IT IS AS IF ALL 500 ARE FOR RON PAUL. Because the only voice that matters in the whole precinct is that ONE PERSON who goes to the County convention….”


The Pink Flamingo has been telling you for ages what these pointy little heads are up to.   Now that their game plan is exposed, how are we going to fight their planned coup?

The Daily Paul

They are the brainwashed.

The Daily Paul

They are the libertarians…

How long are we Republicans going to be forced to put up with their S*@T?

“…While libertarianism informs a lot of the Republican party platform and the views of Republican party candidates and is more popular today than 10 years ago, Grayson says the reality of the Republican primary process is that Paul’s brand of pure libertarianism just doesn’t play on a national level. While Grayson acknowledges that a lot of Republicans might want to dismantle certain functions of government, Paul’s desire to eliminate the Department of Energy, Department of Commerce, Department of Education, Federal Reserve and other government elements is too much for most mainstream Republicans and even his tea party-friendly son.

“They’re both out of the mainstream, but the way Rand markets it may be a little bit softer and sounds more mainstream even if it’s in line with his father,” Grayson says. “I don’t think Rand would say anything about heroin users like his dad said in the debate last week — he might have the same view, but he’ll never say it.”…”


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    Constitutionally, legislatively, and morally, Ron Paul has no equal. His 22 year voting record speaks for itself. The World is watching. Ron Paul for President in 2012.

    Thank You

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