We’re Doomed


One of the really bad movies of all time, The Fall of the Roman Empire, had a final scene where the “empire” was being sold to the highest bidder.  No one wanted to be the emperor. Is this where the GOP is today?  No one wants to be POTUS.  Do we auction it to the highest bidder?

The Pink Flamingo is going to go on record stating that Barack Obama will be re-elected.  It will have nothing to do with his charm, charisma, or down right corrupt campaign machine.  He will be re-elected because the far right.  Don’t even worry about the far left, just sit back and watch the right ruin everything – like they did in 2006.

The worst offenders, the ones who will seal the fate of the GOP, re-elect Barack Obama, and swing the House and Senate back to him – in order.

  1. The Tea Parties
  2. FOX News
  3. Rush Limbaugh
  4. Laura Ingraham
  5. Sean Hannity
  6. Libertarians
  7. Americans for Prosperity
  8. Koch Brothers
  9. Rupert Murdock
  10. Club for Growth
  11. Cato Institute
  12. Freedom Works
  13. Ron Paul
  14. Ron Paul Bots
  15. Michele Bachmann
  16. Michelle Malkin
  17. Misc. anti-immigration groups
  18. Rick Santorum
  19. Herman Cain
  20. Libertarian fringe groups

I don’t even included the Mainstream Media or George Soros on the list.  With friends like the above, who needs them?  They’re simply redundant.

Glenn Beck is not on the list because he’s lost his job.

The very real problem the GOP faces is the tea parties.

Huffington Post

The Pink Flamingo sent the following as part of an email.

Pawlenty can’t do it.  No name recognition.
Mitch Daniels can’t pull it off.
Huntsman is in it to screw Mitt, and not much else.
Mitt is raising huge amounts of money.
Santorum is an idiot.
Bachmann is in it for the $$$$$ and for Bachmann.
The Demigod is in it for himself and his disciples. (and the little people)
Cain is interesting, but will be taken out later on.
Newt is being Newt.
There’s talk about Perry.  Last time we had a Gov from TX he wasn’t bad!

Bottom line, if we don’t get Jeb or Rudy, we’re so screwed….!  None of the above can win.  There’s no “presence”.   I talked to a friend yesterday, she was lamenting that there was no single candidate with McCain’s stature.  That’s what she wants.

We are so screwed.

From the Washington Monthly:

Washington Monthly

Don’t go around blaming the MSM for the problems the GOP is facing.  We are our own worst enemy.  Right now, there doesn’t appear to be much of anyone who who can win this thing.  No one is very inspiring.

Looking at this from a cold blooded frame of mind, if the economy is still the issue, Mitt probably has the best chance.

I want to defeat Barack Obama.  I want to keep the House and regain the Senate.  If the tea parties do not shut the heck up and sit back and go suck their thumbs like the babies they are, then we are simply handing this thing back to the Dems.

To quote C3Po, “We’re doomed.”