Why We’re Doomed


Why are we doomed?

It’s quite simple.  Republicans and conservatives are stupid.  We’re stupid, stupid, stupid!  We’re as gullible as dirt and just about as bright.

Why are we doomed?

You just can’t sit back and play sweetness and light and listen to conservatives.  You need to hear what the rest of the world is saying to get a real view of what is going on out there.

Are you as tired of being manipulated as The Pink Flamingo is?

There would be no Tea Party movement without FOX.

“…Fox’s record ratings during the beginning of Obama’s presidency quickly put an end to Ailes’s fears that he would be bad for business. The network’s audience hit stratospheric levels as the tea-party rebellion provided a powerful story line that ran through Fox’s coverage. Sometimes Fox personalities took an active role in building the movement, something that Ailes was careful to check if it became too overt. In April 2010, Fox barred Hannity from broadcasting his show at a Cincinnati tea-party rally. “There would not have been a tea party without Fox,” Sal Russo, a former Reagan gubernatorial aide and the founder of the national Tea Party Express tour, told me….”

The past few days, The Pink Flamingo and my brother have been going back and forth on why the GOP is doomed this upcoming election.   We are in terrible trouble, primarily because of the tea parties.

“…Some leading Republicans are trying to entice a more established candidate to jump into the presidential race, a courtship that’s aggravating tensions between tea partyers and the GOP’s traditional business wing, a deep-pocketed source of financial support in the campaign.

Influential GOP donors have sought to coax Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush or New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to run. The goal is to find a contender with a strong record as a fiscal conservative and the political stature to challenge President Barack Obama.

The behind-the-scenes efforts have been taken as a snub by some tea party organizers who favor the anti-establishment messages of Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, businessman Herman Cain and Texas Rep. Ron Paul, who are in the race or are considering it. New contenders could undermine their chances for donors and for success.

“It’s extremely upsetting to hear that the establishment is courting their own candidate when Michele Bachmann, the gold standard, has been in the fight, bucking the establishment that got us in this mess,” said Katrina Pierson, a Dallas tea party leader and emerging national figure for the movement….”

Huff Post

The way the GOP is going these days, we’re going to lose a major GOP seat in NY.

“…Republicans shouldn’t blame the Tea Party candidate for their woes. This isn’t a Tea Party problem. This is a Republican problem. Republicans need an actual plan to bring real economic growth back to America. Republicans need to be able to explain to voters that globalization isn’t just inevitable, it’s here, and that America will only succeed if it learns to compete and win in a global economy, not by reverting to the 1950s. Republicans who ignore the issue of jobs because they don’t have an answer, or because their answer is to pretend this is 1981 and that they can run on marginal income tax rates, or because they think that the Democrats will implode on the economy on their own are missing the bigger picture. Americans want solutions on the economy and they aren’t convinced that the Republicans are going to be any better than the Democrats on this issue. If a Democrat wins in NY-26, it will be a wake-up call to Republicans not to abandon Ryanomics, but to focus on the thing that the average American wants most: a job…”


Suppose they gave a tea party and no one came?

Washington Monthly

Why are we doomed?

It’s quite simple.  It’s about money and ratings.  It is about the duplicity of talk radio, FOX, and conservative pundits and the stupidity of conservatives who believe all the you know what they are told by all of the above.

“…It was, more than anything, a business decision. “It would be easy to look at Fox and think it’s conservative because Rupert and Roger are conservative and they program it the way they like. And to a degree, that’s true. But it’s also a business,” a person close to Ailes explained. “And the way the business works is, they control conservative commentary the way ESPN controls the market for sports rights. If you have a league, you have a meeting with ESPN, you find out how much they’re willing to pay, and then everyone else agrees to pay the same amount if they want it … It’s sort of the same at Fox. I was surprised at some of what was being paid until I processed it that way. If you’re ABC and you don’t have Newt Gingrich on a particular morning, you can put someone else on. But if you’re Fox, and Newt is moving and talking today, you got to have him. Otherwise, your people are like, ‘Where’s Newt? Why isn’t he on my channel?’ ”…”

It’s all about money and the ELITE like Rush Limbaugh in a smoke filled room deciding just who should be POTUS.

Why are we doomed?

If we do not come up with a rational Republican nominee who can appeal beyond the “base” just hand it to the Dems on a silver platter.

Right now, according to Larry Sabato, this is where things stand.

We’re doomed.

Larry Sabato's Crystal Ball

The truly tragic thing here is there is more to this than just political parties, red states, and blue states.  If you truly care about the fate of the country, it seems to me that a person will put aside their prejudices and biases and do what is right.

The problem is, now the extremes are so empowered and people are so filled with anger and ire that we may have past the point of  no return.  Just don’t blame only the liberals for such an event.  Conservatives are just as guilty.

Evidently no one is really interested in the good of the nation.  All they care about is having their point of view heard.  They forget that other people have opinions and ideas. The truly sad thing is when people begin acting this way, their worst fears are rewarded.  In this case, when you refuse to allow the other side to have a say, when you refuse to allow other opinions, and refuse to acknowledge that other people with other ideas have the same right to express them and have them brought to fruition as do you, then you are creating a dictatorship of one party.