Stupid Republicans Behaving Stupidly (once again)


The Pink Flamingo is beginning to think we should rename the Republicans in the US House, the Dead Elephant Society. If they keep this up, they are like Jacob Marley, dead as doornails come November 1212.

“…Finding offsetting spending cuts for the aid to Joplin may be hard in the current political climate.  The Democrats and Republicans just got done passing a very tough set of spending cuts which upset both sides.  Currently the Congress and White House is busy trying to negotiate a deal on the debt ceiling.  Finding cuts to offset aid to Joplin may take weeks if not months, and in the meantime the people of Joplin will be left waiting….”

The Pink Flamingo does not like Paul Ryan’s budget.  I don’t think it is draconian enough.  I think it is terribly weak in some areas, including not eliminating duplicate government services.  I agree with some of his medicare proposals.  I completely disagree with the dumb, stupid, pathetic and abjectly arrogant, self-righteous way it has been presented.

Oliver Willis


Then again, there are times when The Pink Flamingo thinks that the Republicans in the House are going to deserve all the bad things that are going to happen to them come November, 2012.  I fear it is the only way to stop the vileness that comes from the tea parties and the libertarians.  There are a heck of a lot of ways to cut the budget.  You don’t cut vital services or sciences.  Oh, wait, libertarians don’t give a damn about people, only themselves.

“…Meanwhile, as Climate Progress reports, the government’s tornado forecasting service faces cuts in the GOP Congress, including cuts to NOAA weather satellite that “could halve the accuracy of precipitation forecasts.” Accurate and early forecasting is tremendously important, as “tornado deaths in the United States have gone from 8 per 1 million people in 1925 to 0.11 per 1 million people today — a trend largely attributed to early-warning systems fed by advanced meteorology and the introduction of Doppler radar.”…”

Then there is this from Eric Cantor.

“…House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said Monday that if Congress passes an emergency spending bill to help Missouri’s tornado victims, the extra money will have to be cut from somewhere else.

“If there is support for a supplemental, it would be accompanied by support for having pay-fors to that supplemental,” Mr. Cantor, Virginia Republican, told reporters at the Capitol. The term “pay-fors” is used by lawmakers to signal cuts or tax increases used to pay for new spending….”


“…I’m glad Eric Cantor said aloud what we all now know:
Republicans don’t care about anything or anyone but themselves and their cronies. Women, minorities, the poor, the middle class, even their most strident constituents (Joplin is one of the reddest, if not the reddest county in Missourah) mean jackshit to them….”


And, thanks to Cantor’s arrogant stupidity, the liberals are already attacking. Just how stupid can the far right be?

“...Needless to say, many on Twitter reacted with horror. But I’m not sure why. This is the true heart of the Republican Party. The idea of the “compassionate conservative” went long ago, and the idea that we’re all in it together never arrived. On the same day that Cantor made this statement, the House Appropriations Committee revealed their plan to cut nutrition and food safety programs by 10-15%, including $832 million in cuts to the Women, Infants and Children food assistance program and $285 million to the FDA. They’re not really interested in helping people and they never were. Presumably the folks in Joplin should just pick themselves up by their bootstraps and rebuild their homes themselves.

This is just the conservative ethos: You’re on your own. It’s perhaps best expressed by this exchange with Rep. Rob Woodall, who asked a constituent “When do I decide I’m going to take care of me?” It’s just what they believe. Of course they wouldn’t want to spend a dime on relief efforts in Joplin. The people of Joplin should have expected that….”

Alan Colmes Liberalland



How Stupid Can Republicans Be?

It is not about off-setting costs right now, it is about the public relations disaster Cantor has created on top of the public relations disaster Ryan created with his budget.

“…Schumer is right that Republicans did this to themselves. But voting for the Ryan plan wasn’t the only way the GOP helped cause the Medicare backlash. During the ObamaCare debate and the 2010 election, the party’s loudest, most frequent criticism of last year’s health care overhaul was that it cut Medicare. That was an effective message, but also a short-sighted one. Now as Republicans look for ways to reform Medicare on their own, their own words are coming back to haunt them….”

Look at this.  There is NO WAY this sort of bad publicity can be retracted.  Instead of saying what Cantor did, you say that no matter what, we are going to find a way to help these people.  Then you slash Obama’s czars, and his liberal stuff.  Make him look bad.

It looks to me like the libertarian leaning Republicans are far too arrogant to be a little bit humble and a little bit disarming.  When I saw all the headlines this evening, I was sick.

Come 2012, the GOP in the House is going to have its clock cleaned.  If they keep up this stupid behavior, they deserve it.  It is disgusting, revolting, and makes the GOP look horrible.  I was in tears over it.

Crooks and Liars

I just can’t get over the stupid arrogance of these men.  Then again they reflect the tea parties and the libertarians who are behind them.  They are nothing but arrogant.

The Politico

We all know the money is going to be found to help people.  That is NOT the problem.  The problem is the fact that Eric Cantor, who I previously respected, is more interested in pandering to the tea party libertarians and doing soundbites than he is doing what is right, honorable, and decent.

“…Somebody tell all those good Republican voters in Missouri that they’re on their own after a tornado disaster because it is more important to give tax cuts to millionaires. The Midwest could get a tad bluer….”

Washington Monthly

I’m mad.  Right now I would love to be able to go to DC and bang heads together.  I am angry.  I am furious.

“...I don’t expect much from House Republicans, but this has managed to actually surprise me. When disaster strikes and there are deadly consequences, federal officials are expected to put aside politics and ideology, and commit whatever’s necessary to help.

Indeed, the far-right Washington Times noted* today that Tom DeLay, when he was the House Majority Leader, believed emergency disaster relief should be immediate, without regard for offsetting cuts. “It is right to borrow to pay for it,” DeLay said at the time, adding that cuts could undermine the economy.

Congratulations, Eric Cantor. You’ve made Tom DeLay look like a moderate, and created an environment in which Democrats wish he were back as Majority Leader….”

This is a public relations nightmare.

Daily Kos

NOTE TO THE DEAD ELEPHANT SOCIETY:  Enjoy your majority.  It will be gone in 2012, if you keep up this kind of of s@#t.  On the other hand, it will finally get rid of the tea party influence in the GOP.  It will be a very vile price to pay – turning things over to Obama.

So, when you start bitching about Obama destroying our country, go look in the mirror.  You are the real enemy – the enemy from within – the Dead Elephant Society.

Then again, stupid is as stupid does.