Ron Paul Bot, Tea Party, Libertarian Demands Not Compatible With Winning


Jack Davis is a three time Dem loser.  But – the real story is how Davis was used, manipulated, and how he used the idiotic Ron Paul Bots.

This is not a Republican loss.

It is not a Dem victory.

This is a losertarian debacle.

Every one of the people involved in the story are big time Ron Paul Bot, Lew Rockwell, Tea Party Slurping losertarians.

This is more than a cautionary tale.  It is a flashing red stop sign, a nuclear warning sign, a the end is near bumper sticker.

Much has been said about the Mediscare defeat in NY.  Trust me, The Pink Flamingo has been doing my share of complaining.  (That is another post, all together).  Yes, I think Paul Ryan’s plan is so-so.  It is being arrogantly promoted by Ryan and the House, terribly arrogant.  The truth of the matter is, they are acting as bad as the Dems were acting.

That is not the story here.  The real story is the terrible disaster the tea party libertarians who are attempting to hijack the GOP and who have hijacked it, are proving to be.

This is a cautionary tale, not for the faint of heart, nor weak of mind.  You need to open your eyes and see the problem the GOP is going to face.  If the Ron Paul Bots can’t get their candidate on the ballot, they are going to destroy that person and let a Dem win.

Libertarian Republican

“…On the other hand, Ron Paul, his supporters, and those libertarians seeking to “reshape” the GOP, find purpose in their willful and intentional election spoiler status. It’s all part of the “attempted coup” process, and a badge of honor.

Jack Davis is, actually, a perfect fit for the flip-flopper Independents and Ron Paul/Libertarian Tea Partiers. A party hopper extraordinaire, Davis was at one time a Republican before becoming a Democrat, and for politically expedient purposes is running as an Independent on the Tea Party ballot line at the urging of Ron Paul/Libertarians/Tea Party supporters and organizers; Tony Matuszak (Tony M) and James (Jim) Ostrowski. Davis has run as a Democrat for Congress three times. But, that’s no problem for his Ron Paul and Libertarian supporters/organizers. They are, after all, not Republicans either. Davis’ campaign manager, Curtis Ellis, is a self-described “progressive,” and many of the same Ron Paul/Libertarian cast of characters, er Davis “campaign volunteers” are making repeat appearances on behalf of Jack Davis.

For example, note the name, “Tony M,” and his comments at this Daily Paul article explaining their position. Then, go to this article and scroll down to find Tony M’s name again. Note his name again here at this 2010 Naples Tea Party site in support of Dave DiPietro, along with the names of fellow Ron Paul supporters and Jack Davis “campaign volunteers”:  Sandra Barille and Jim Ostrowski. Ron Paul’s “grassroots” Tea Party volunteers certainly make the rounds in support of candidates who cannot and do not win elections….”

So, what the Dems are going to do is use the tea parties and the Ron Paul Bot freaks to beat the GOP in 2012.  I keep telling you we are doomed.

In NY, the Jane Corwin loss was due, not to the Mediscare disaster, but the lying, cheating duplicity of the tea parties, Ron Paul Bots, and Jack Davis.

Political Class Dismissed
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Eric Dondero has done the real work here.

Libertarian Republican

Jack Davis is no different than Giggles O’Donnell.  They are three time losers who are using and manipulating the tea parties and the libertarians to get on the ballot.  Libertarians and tea partiers are such fools that they keep falling for this stuff.

Political Panderings
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This is about Dems making problems for the GOP. It is about using three time losers to beat Republican candidates.  It is about libertarians lying and cheating their way to destroy another GOP candidate.

This is about Ron Paul Bots taking out a Republican House Seat.


Well, this is why The Pink Flamingo keeps saying we’re doomed.

The worst of it is there is nothing we can do about it.


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  1. Really? Rand Paul won in Kentucky and when they polled Texas for the Senate race, Ron Paul was statistically tied for first place, and he wasn’t even running.

    This race, this candidate, this location, this time.

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