Why the Right Defends Some Republicans and Tries to Destroy Others


Many of those on the  ultra right have absolutely NO intellectual honesty.  There are the “select” and those they wish to hate.  In order to perpetuate their eternal hate, they will do and say ANYTHING, and promote anyone, even someone who is not conservative.  This is one of those posts that The Pink Flamingo has been working on for weeks.  There’s not much rhyme nor reason to it, just pointing out the idiocy of those who will do anything to destroy the men and women they consider less pure.

(When you see the term “less pure” try replacing it with the term “non-pandering” and you get the picture).

It is not about being conservative.  It’s about the hate, baby.

The Pink Flamingo decided Donald Trump was not a serious candidate when he delivered his infamous “F-bomb” speech.  I detest that word, and do not use it.  I do not allow people around me to use it.  I consider the word “trash” and people who use it are just that.   All that matters is the far right criticizing Lindsey for speaking out against Trump.

The Pink Flamingo

It’s funny how the dishonest tea partiers of the far right do things.  One of the worst offenders, recently, is “Cabachi”, another member of the right who doesn’t have the courage to use their own name, but doesn’t mind destroying others who aren’t pure.

Want an example of how these people work:


Wow, it’s all about Nikki and DeMint.  No Lindsey Graham, anywhere, right?  There’s just one little problem with the way this was reported.

“...Haley was joined at the news conference by her state’s two Republican Senators, Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint, as well as South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson and state Attorney General Alan Wilson….”

Why not be honest?

These people truly detest Lindsey.  They will do just about anything to destroy him, take that back, they will do anything, honest or not, to destroy him.

Gateway Pundit

The irony here is that Lindsey is far, far more conservative than Donald Trump will ever be.  But, that isn’t important.  What is important is the the libertarian leaning far right must destroy him.  While the Trump stuff is old news, The Pink Flamingo is using it as an example of how the far right and their libertarian masters will grasp onto anyone who panders to them.

From what I gather, Stuart Schwartz is a libertarian.  Stuart Schwartz wrote one of the nastiest, most pathetic, juvenile attack on Lindsey that I’ve seen – to date.   The attack came on Tuesday, at American Thinker.  I am not linking to it.  There is a beautiful irony here.  Schwartz is one of the most vocal defenders of Sarah Palin when the left attacks her.   I don’t have a problem with that.

“…Sarah Palin loves God. God loves Sarah Palin.

And that is why they hate her…and Him.

And why she — and He — will be back.

That love, an essential part of her everyday life, holds out the hope of a return to the nation envisioned by the unapologetically spiritual generation that birthed the U.S. Like Ronald Reagan, of whom it was said that his relationship with God “had a profound affect on how he lived, on what he did, and on those around him,” Sarah Palin’s spirituality has affected every part of her life, allowing her to clearly recognize the evil that has leached into our political and media culture….”

Sarah Palin is both usual and unusual. She is usual in that she is in the main

Evidently he’s quite religious. He loves Glenn Beck.

He praises Michael Savage.

“…The Michael Savage show is the stuff of Old Testament.  Listening to him is like reading the Psalms, all anger and angst and despair.  Sure, he intones, “I believe in the Bible” but when is God going to do something?  “I pray four of five times a day” but sometimes I feel like “Mother Theresa near the end.  Mother Theresa said He (God) doesn’t write, doesn’t call, what’s the point of this?”  The point, of course, is also contained in the Psalms, which mixes despair with hope.

And this hope resonates with ordinary citizens, even in places like New York City where his ratings are soaring and people realize…Michael Savage is right.  Our leaders are not only incompetent, they are immoral.  In New York, a Democrat-turned-Republican mayor has loosed a virulent political correctness that, outside of Upper Manhattan, has left the city in ruins.  “New York burns while he fiddles,” was the way one New York post columnist put it.  And in the portions of the city where Savage grew up, more and more respond to his Biblical message: Turn back to God, rediscover our Judeo-Christian traditions, and rid this land of those who seek to destroy it…and you….”

American Thinker

What always bothers me is no one on the right will dare even touch the problems with the Pauls.

Chasing Evil

The Pink Flamingo agrees that Republicans who are wrongly attacked need to be defended. I see nothing wrong with vigorously defending Sarah Palin.  It may take years, but Joy Behar was finally given a set-down.

“…The unexpected reversal began when Behar cited President Barack Obama’s Ivy League education as a reason for his intelligence. “President Obama went to Harvard Law School and Columbia University, okay? He is a very intelligent guy,” said Behar

Then, Hasselbeck saw an opportunity to spring a trap and promote Bush, who Behar has been openly critical of in the past. “Well, doesn’t that make President Bush very smart as well then? Yeah?” she asked, tacitly referring to Bush’s Ivy League eduction at Yale University and Harvard Business School.

Behar blinked, paused reflectively, then admitted, “You got me! She got me on that one!”…”

If you are one of the select, you are exempt from far right criticism, even if you are the one who is responsible for the very thing the far right is hang-ringing, and screaming that the end is near.


Michelle Malkin doesn’t approve.

Hot Air

The libertarians think it is terrible.

Weasel Zippers think it is very bad.  They don’t mention it was created by their darling, Jim DeMint.  They adore DeMint.  Wonder what would be said if Lindsey had sponsored the legislation?  They would try to destroy  him, as they do on a regular basis.

A person must be one of the select, then it matters not what they do.

No one bothers to mention that Jim DeMint is responsible for this!

Gateway Pundit

Well…. it seems like Jim DeMint is responsible for this horrible encroachment by the Obama Administration!

Media Matters

Limbaugh put forth the following crap about Michele Bachmann and how the “elites” are against her. Let’s put it this way, anyone with half a brain tied behind their back should be against her. She’s a joke.

“...I think that’s where the establishment Republicans are. They’re trying to get back in charge of spending the money. They don’t see the threat. They don’t believe the country is threatened, as founded. They drive around and go to Denver. They don’t see the strip mall that’s there ceasing to exist. They don’t see the destruction of the country taking place. They just don’t see it. They don’t think anything is that bad. It’s nowhere near that dire. “Yeah, we gotta get a handle on our spending. It’s a little out of control. We gotta do something here on the debt. Yeah, we gotta solve health care but, no, no, no, no, this is not about turning this place into the Soviet Union or any of that,” and I think that’s the divide. That’s my guess, anyway, and that’s what it is: A guess….”

This is nothing but a bunch of pathetic lies. The GOP did NOT put forth the budgets in 2007 and 2008. Those happened when the idiots on the right listened to the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, and Ingraham and decided to “teach the GOP a lesson”. Problem is we’re dealing with a bunch of out of control talking heads who would much rather the GOP lose to the Dems than win.

It’s about ratings, not patriotism for these folks.

It’s not about the country, it’s about them.

They will do anything, destroy anyone, and stoop to any low to denigrate anyone who does not agree with their agenda.

They are the ones who will manage to get Barack Obama re-elected.



2 thoughts on “Why the Right Defends Some Republicans and Tries to Destroy Others

  1. Why does the “Right” defend some Republicans and then try to destroy other Republicans? Why?

    because the Right routinely breaks the 1st Commandment
    (they worship the Political Gods)

    and they break the 9th Commandment (they lie about others
    to justify worshiping the Political Gods).

    Basically it is IDOLATRY. Ron Paul, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, ect. are todays false GODS!!

    On top of that Ron Paul appears to worships Jesus “CASH”.
    Glenn Beck worships Jesus “KOLOB” (from the planet Kolob).
    And Sarah Palin… I have no idea what she worships! But she sure doesn’t behave (or talk) like a good Christian woman.

    Don’t get me wrong. The “LEFT” is even worse. The “LEFT” is pure EVIL. But the Lesser of 2 Evils is still EVIL.

  2. You know, I do believe you have it in a nutshell! It does get old, though. The Right is alleged to know better, or they talk a good game.


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