BREAKING: The Bachmann Disaster (or) Dem Tempest in a Cornfield?


Did Michele Bachmann just sorta phone home in Iowa, and make a mess of things?  Or, did something else happen?

Or, is this about Iowa?

The Pink Flamingo has made no secret of my dislike of the early primaries, Iowa being the worst.  I think the voters in Iowa are spoiled, vile, nasty brats who have no connection to the real world.  They are there to force candidates to pander to their pathetic whims.  It is the only time Iowa is ever noticed, so they make the most of it.

It is about grubbing money, attention, and power.

They rarely select the winners for the GOP.  Four years ago, the way the Obama people pushed caucus goers was like an insulting circus, and Iowa loves it.

The Pink Flamingo thinks there should be a handful of regional caucus on different Tuesdays.  It would pull the power from petty little party tyrants like those who exist in Iowa.

I live in New Mexico.  By the time we get to vote in a primary, it’s all over but the national convention.  I am loath to mention it, but those of us who live in New Mexico have just as much right to have our say as the brats in Iowa.  But, we don’t even get candidates to come here and campaign.  We’re not just that important.

Neither are Iowans.  They need to get over themselves.  This is one time I must stick up for the fact that Bachmann had better things to do.   This is a crock.

According to a liberal site, she did.  The link to the Iowa Republican that was “quote” does not exist.

Crooks and Liars

Interesting, either way.  I suspect the Dems are trying to make something out of the story.  Again, to be fair to Bachmann, this sort of thing happens all the time.  Any real political wonk knows it, and understands that the job comes first.

“…In what prominent Iowa Republicans are calling an “embarrassment” and a “disaster,” undeclared GOP presidential hopeful Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) canceled a keynote appearance at a fundraiser, appearing instead via a “fuzzy Skype-style” video link. While some attendees were understanding, the Iowa Republican was brutal in their review of Bachmann’s appearance, and her chances in Iowa. (h/t C&L)

Bachmann missed the event in order to vote on the extension of The Patriot Act, but as the local news notes, the measure passed the House by a wide margin, so her vote was far from essential…”

To be fair to Bachmann, The Pink Flamingo can see how this story could go either way.  I would not have though much of it, had it not been scrubbed from the Iowa Republican.


Minn Post

But – the Iowa Republican has deleted the information.

To The Pink Flamingo, it just proves how vile the whole early primary system is.  Iowa has way too much power.  It’s time to pull the plug.