The FOX Love Affair with Russell Pearce


A PINK FLAMINGO MEMORIAL DAY VERY LONG READ:  The Great Russell Pearce local FOX expose!  It is long, and takes at least an hour if you watch all the videos.  So, in breaking with my usual practice, this is my primary holiday weekend post.


Why doesn’t FOX News use the investigation reports done by their local stations?

The week started off with a fascinating little expose in New York Magazine about Roger Ailes.  There’s another piece coming out in Rolling Stone.  A book is coming out on the subject. According to all sources Roger Ailes micro-manages FOX.

Why then, does a man who is, according to all sources, an honorable and decent person, allow someone like Russell Pearce (tea party stalwart) to be given so much cache on FOX?

On Friday, about 7:45 in the morning, once again Pearce was given credibility. He is basking in a SCOTUS victory over his employer sanctions law.  (Even The Pink Flamingo agrees with the basics of the blasted law).

The Feathered Bastard


Russell Pearce: Pioneer Against Illegal Immigration or Racist?:

If FOX News did not ignore the work of their local stations, they would have a powerful story about an evil man.  Instead, they ignore him, and use him as a source.

My Fox Phoenix

Russell Pearce: Pioneer Against Illegal Immigration or Racist?:

The President of the AZ Senate, Pearce rules by threats and intimidation.

“…When asked if he believes Russell Pearce is a racist, former state legislator Bill Konopnicki (R) — who feels that he was bullied by Pearce for voting against one of his immigration bills in 2007 — stated, “My personal opinion is I hope not, but some of the things that he has said would lead one to that conclusion.”…”

Too bad FOX News is ignoring what is being exposed on their stations in Arizona.  The interview with J. T. Ready is damning.

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Russell Pearce Bans Public from Senate Building:


My Fox Phoenix

Russell Pearce Blocks Media from Senate Chamber:


Russell Pearce is the great tea party leader of Arizona.

Arizona Tea Party


“...MESA, Ariz. — A leader of a recall campaign targeting Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce says the effort may use all the time possible to collect voter signatures prior to a May 31 deadline to submit petitions.

The campaign had said a week ago that it might submit petitions early in order to have the recall election scheduled for November instead of March.

Citizens for a Better Arizona co-founder Randy Parraz now says the group may need every day possible to make the drive a success.

Parraz says the group collected 600 additional signatures over the weekend.

The group needs to submit 7,756 voter signatures to force a recall of Pearce. It said May 10 it had 7,200 validated signatures but wanted to submit a sizable cushion above the minimum….”

Movement to Recall Sen. Russell Pearce Gains Momentum:



AZ Central

“…The recall campaign said they initially believed a November election was likely if they used the full 120 days to gather signatures. Bennett acknowledged his office mistakenly told the group that a November election was possible if the group filed by May 25. The office later realized May 10 is the correct date if every step of the process takes the maximum time required by law. His office notified the group when the error was identified last week, Bennett said.

If signatures are submitted, Bennett’s office reviews them first. They then go to the Maricopa County Recorders office and are returned to Bennett for further action. If everything checks out, Gov. Jan Brewer would then have 15 days to call an election.Bennett and Brewer, like Pearce, are Republicans. Bennett said he won’t let politics interfere with the process.
“I don’t think the governor is going to play politics in this either,” Bennett said.
A recall would require 7,756 valid signatures from residents of the heavily Republican legislative District 18, which covers west Mesa. Backers said they plan to submit 17,553 signatures, which is one more than the number of votes Pearce got in 2010.

If Pearce were recalled in a November election, he’d be out of office before the next legislative session starts in January. A March election would come in the middle of the session – and at about the time lawmakers would start their campaign for November’s legislative elections.

Also Wednesday, the group announced it’s retained the law firm of Perkins & Coie, whose specialties include election law.

Pearce opponents began gathering signatures in January, targeting the lawmaker in large part for creating SB 1070 last year and additional immigration bills this year. Backers also cite Pearce’s role in hundreds of millions in budget cuts that affect education, health care, organ transplants and more. Organizers said some Pearce supporters turned on him when the Fiesta Bowl investigation revealed he was one of many elected officials told to repay the bowl for taking free trips to various games….”

AZ Central

Citizens Still Gathering Signatures to Recall Pearce:

From The Pink Flamingo’s favorite liberal blog, The Feathered Bastard:

“…But Fox breaks some new ground. It questions the tattoo on Pearce’s criminal son Joshua’s chest, which could be a Nazi war eagle. (The subject of much speculation by commenters to this blog.)

Pearce admits that his son’s tattoo was inappropriate and that his son had it covered up, though you can plainly see the eagle’s head poking out in Joshua’s mug shot.

Also, Fox gets into the threats received by former state House Representative Bill Konopnicki after defying Pearce. Pearce sicked his wingnut supporters on Konopnicki (a Republican, BTW), who received a death threat at his home. A classic tale of Pearce’s intimidation of his fellow legislators.

Other than being warned about Ready in 2006 by Bill Straus of the ADL, there was also a seminar at the legislature given in early 2007, moderated by Straus and sponsored by then House Representative and now state Senator Kyrsten Sinema. The event spotlighted Ready’s extremist affiliations.

I once asked Sinema if Pearce could have not known about the seminar. She wasn’t buying.

“I find that very hard to believe,” Sinema told me. “The entire Legislature was invited to the event. The whole thing was videotaped, and you can watch it on our archive. And I reported it on the floor [of the state House].”

So Pearce knew about Ready and didn’t care. Ready calls Pearce a liar during the broadcast. Can’t say that I demur, considering Pearce’s sordid record….”

If you listen to the 30 minute FOX interview with Pearce, he sounds like a saint.  Or – is he a smooth liar?

The Feathered Bastard

Russell Pearce: Pioneer Against Illegal Immigration or Racist?:


The Feathered Bastard

It is so fascinating the way Pearce denies much of a relationship with Ready.

Tuscon Citizen

There is this classic gold Russell Pearce. It should tell you everything you need to know.

The Pink Flamingo

He’s not exactly the humble little Republican you think he is.  He is a vicious foul mouth bigot.