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Flamingo Photo of the Week

Please, explain Global Warming to me.  They’ve had so much snow in Yellowstone, that they are having to clear the campgrounds for people!

I want Rudy to run!   The problem is Rudy doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance getting through the extreme right, Ron Paul rigged, primary season.

I caught Hannity’s interrogation of Gary Johnson.  The more I listen to him, the more I like him.  I could easily vote for him.  He’s honest.

Something not being mentioned about the new Duchess of Cambridge is that she’s almost a throw-back to her new royal grandmother, and great-grandmother.  There are so many tales of how thrifty she and her family were during World War II.

Has anyone noticed that certain minions of the extreme tea party racist right are NOT gentlemen?

R. S. McCain is obsessed with Meghan McCain.  That is the only possible explanation of his constant spew of insults aimed at her.  The other possibility is that he is just a jerk.  She’s the age of my niece, Rachel.  I see the same kind of things coming from Rach.  Too bad he can’t pick on someone his own intellectual equal, but then I guess David Duke doesn’t make good press.

David Frum is beginning to wonder if the GOP shouldn’t nominate Ron Paul and let the libertarians and tea partiers ruin everything.  It would get them out of our system and shut them up, once and for all.  Something needs to happen to stop these people before they ruin everything.  Then again, they are nothing but spoilers.

T-Paw has proved that he is not worthy of running for POTUS.  He’s bellyaching about SP‘s bus tour.  Man up.  If you can’t handle the girls getting into the fight, then skulk home.  Pawlenty just completely diminished himself.

The Rolling Thunder folks in DC appeared to welcome SP, save for a few widely quite Dems and Allen West trying to grab headlines.


Did you see the one about Blackbeard’s anchor surfacing?  It’s cool.  You sorta expect Dirk Pitt to be hanging around there, somewhere.

News Observer

Isn’t Italy the same country that treated Galileo like dirt?  Evidently they’ve not progressed all that much.


When The Pink Flamingo first began blogging, I would do a link to stuff I thought was interesting, doing a wrap-up post for the day. It was fun. I miss doing it, so I’m going to try to get in the swing of things and do it once again.

Regular Pink Flamingo readers have probably noticed a major difference in the quality of my posts. Quite a bit has been going on and the blog suffers. I’ve noticed there is no longer any fun. I’ve been taking the cats for granted, and just leaving out the personal life.

I’m finally getting over nearly a year battling chronic fatigue. I won’t make fun of that disease again, nor the people who have it. I will do a snark about people who resort to doctors and drugs. Then again I don’t believe in much of either. All you can do is make yourself do things. There were days when I would simply start crying because I was so tired. Then, all of a sudden, it starts going away, in the same weird way it begins. I still get tired, but now it’s stress.

The stress? I’m going to refer readers to a blog I’ve set up detailing what is going on with my father. Naturally I’ve called it The Pink Flamingo’s Father. Instead of going into details here, just go to the other blog and read what is going on. We don’t think we’re dealing with Alzheimer’s, but it’s almost as bad. I’m fighting for patience. My mother finally broke down and began crying about it last night.

We have a tendency to drive down to Las Cruces at least once a week for medical appointments. By the time I do that, and get him, I don’t feel like doing much of anything. I’ve also begun keeping back posts so I can quickly schedule something if there is a family emergency (like we had 2 weeks ago).

Did you know there are some geographers who think the reason Al Gore lost was because of air-conditioning and people moving to Florida? Then again, the same people who voted for GWB in Florida would have voted for him elsewhere. Knowing Florida and the people moving in, it may have been easier for GWB to win without air conditioning.


My Carport Calico has decided she wants to come in and visit.  Friday was the first time she has come in without being coaxes.  Yesterday she came in for nearly an hour, visited with everyone, and managed to get along with Rums.  I still think it is the Fancy Feast.  I do wish I could get her inside on a full-time basis.  We need to go have a complete physical, and maybe an extreme manicure.  Can’t do that though, because she might get out.  She came in again on Sunday, visited, ate Fancy Feast, and left.

It’s a Fancy Feast thing, I fear.

Rumsfeld and Bat (Brat) Masterson have been feuding.  Bat has been beating the stuffings out of the little guy.  It’s a good thing that Bat has been declawed or Rums would be in serious danger from him. Bat is at least twice his weight.  Rums is all fluff and bark – typical bully.

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