The Tea Party Right Turns on Palin (Allen West Is a Jerk)


It’s too bad the Men of the Tea Party don’t have the class and decency that John McCain does.

Have you noticed how Tim Pawlenty is having a melt-down?  There is talk about Newt sandbagging his own campaign, but T-Paw is hurting himself, and getting a pass at it.  The man is showing what a thin-skinned jerk he is.

Something strange is going on here.  Then again it may simply be an indication that last week’s New York Magazine piece on Roger Ailes might be true after all.  He’s mad at Sarah Palin.  Ergo, Palin must be destroyed.

Political Wire

What you need to know is that the person who did the most complaining at Rolling Thunder, Ted Shpak is a big Democrat.   Very few people have bothered mentioning this.  Of course Allen West had to pander to the Dem instead of sticking up for someone who is responsible for him getting where he is today.

The Pink Flamingo seems to remember that Sarah Palin did a tremendous amount to help Allen West.  Forget that. Once again he proves that men of the tea party are nothing but he man woman using jerks.

“…Right here, the talk is about Memorial Day, the talk is about like I said those people who have given that ultimate sacrifice,” West said.

“After you served 22 years in the United States Army, what brings me out today is there are people here that I served with, there are people here who served with my older brother in Vietnam,” West, who rented a bike because getting his own up from Florida was too much trouble, told TPM. “And this is the right thing, for us to always remember those who had given their lives in the ultimate sacrifice and to never forget our POWs and MIAs.”…”

Palin was far more gracious than West, to had to publicize the fact that he was there.

‘…“I’m thankful Rolling Thunder keeps the mission of honoring our vets alive! For in doing so, they remind us what is good and free and worthy in America,” she wrote. “So roll on, Rolling Thunder! Like Martin Luther King, Jr. said about the great struggle for civil rights, ‘we will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream…'”

Palin said she met with Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.), a Tea Party-backed freshman lawmaker who was also in attendance at the rally. West is a retired Army officer, having served in the Iraq War….”

The worst thing, oh the horror – she was riding a Hog with a Bush sticker on it!

“…It also overwhelmed Rolling Thunder’s security capabilities and strained organizers’ patience as photographers, journalists and admirers swarmed the former Alaska governor after she hopped off the back of a black bike in the parking lot of the Pentagon (the AP reported her bike a likeness of President George W. Bush on the windshield with the words “Miss Me?” written on it). Attendees worried the “paparazzi” would knock over their expensive bikes and shouted at photographers and journalists scrambling to ask Palin a question….”

To put things into perspective, this is called “chaotic”.  Looks to me like some of the organizers are jerks.  It also looked like she was very well received, contrary to the liberals and Allen West being such a jerk.

Didn’t Palin go the distance helping West?  Now, please explain why it was acceptable for him to pander to the press, but wrong for her?  What about her son who served in Iraq?

“...Rep. Allen West (R-FL) was also in attendance at the rally, and seemed to agree with Shpak’s “distraction” analysis.

“I don’t think any talk about Palin coming here is right. Here, the talk is about Memorial Day, the talk is about, like I said, those people who have given that ultimate sacrifice,” West told Talking Points Memo. “After you served 22 years in the United States Army, what brings me out today is there are people here that I served with, there are people here who served with my older brother in Vietnam.”…”

Hot Air

The far right, far left, and tea party FOX press is having a difficult time trying to figure out what Sarah Palin is going to do.

Good for her!

It is quite obvious there is this template that one must follow in all things political, FOX, MSM, and POTUS Wannabe.  It is about time someone thumbs their nose at them and does it her way.

Do you really think a man would have the courage to do this?

It doesn’t matter if she does or does not run.  What matters is that Sarah Palin knows how to drive just about everyone crazy.  Maybe that’s her whole plan.  She is exposing numerous far right tea party stalwarts as pure jerks.

Good for her!


8 thoughts on “The Tea Party Right Turns on Palin (Allen West Is a Jerk)

  1. Well this is what happens when you DEIFY* mere human beings and then expect them to be your SAVIOR. The Left and the Right are both guilty of this.

    Salvation does not come from thee Palin or from thee Obama. Praying to the “PAULBOT GOD” cannot fix the Economy. Herman Cain cannot destroy all your enemies (at the IRS). They are only humans! They are NOT Gods.

    So it is no wonder that the Peoples of Tea™ ® are having seconds thoughts about their chosen Messiahs.

    The same thing happened when the Prophet Elijah challenged the Prophets of Baal and Asherah. The false Gods could not end the drought (or fix the ancient economy) in Israel.

    If the Palin-ites and the Paulbot-oids and the other Peoples of Tea™ ® spent as much time and energy on praying (to the real God) and begging for forgiveness for their many sins, GOD (the real God) might restore America’s prosperity.

    Also if the RIGHT honestly tried to save a few fellow humans from the fires of hell (even if they were sinful liberal democrats) there just might not be as many OBAMUNITES to contend with. Think about it.

    *DEIFY: 1. To make a god of; raise to the condition of a god. 2. To worship or revere as a god.

  2. It is becoming more and more obvious to me that the whole Obama presidency is a PUNISHMENT for Pagan Ayn Randian-ist/Libertarian-ist/PaulBot Peoples of Tea™® that slandered George W. Bush, his father and Ronald Reagan. Obama is THEIR punishment not mine.

    Why? Beacuse just about the only difference between the Paulbots and the occupants of Sodom (and Gomorrah) is that the Paulbots have IPOD’s and indoor plumbing. Politicaly and Religiously the differences are null.

    And don’t get me wrong. Obama is the Left’s punishment too. The left has murdered over 50 million innocent babies and they soon overtake Joseph Stalin as the biggest murderer in history. Barack is a bitter disapointment to the News Mafia that sponsored and lied for him.

    Obama is NOT my punishment! And quite frankly I think that both the left and the kooky Pagan Ayn Randian-ist/Libertarian-ist/PaulBot Peoples of Tea™® are getting exactly what they deserve. Obama is THEIR punishment not mine.

  3. The Rand thing bothers me, seriously. When one considers that her objectivism was used as one of the inspirations for the Book of Satan is utterly horrifying. It is as though to follow the libertarian path, one must literally sell one’s soul. To me there is something just plain evil about it.

    When you give in to the Dark Side – and the repudiation of the Sermon on the Mount, then please tell me what good are you? I would rather lose the world than my eternal soul. I don’t get these people. You have hit it, exactly.

    I’ve learned something about prayer. Since he was elected, i’ve been praying for Obama’s soul. I find I can’t go after him the way the Paul-Bots do. On the other hand, I have no problem referring to him as President Screw-Up.

    You base a philosophy on someone like Rand…. well, you become what she is. You might find this site interesting. There’s a piece on it about Randian studies at Clemson (where I went).


  4. I read something recently in a commentary by John MacArthur (Strength for Today – May_?) that made alot of sense to me. I’ll do my best to summarize it.

    Oh and by the way the commentary had nothing at all to do with Politics!

    from memory…
    It was about the difficulties, the trials and tribulations we face as Christians in a Post-Christian world. And how any TRIAL can be a JOYOUS experience if we look at it properly.

    Thats when I realized that I am not a part of the “World System” and that the bad economy, the Obama, the Palin, Glenn Beck and whole Pagan Tea Movement is just a BIG TEST of our (or my) ability to TRUST Gods plan.

    Do you trust Glenn Beck or God?
    Is Ron Paul your savior or is Jesus your savior?
    Is the US Constitution a Holy Document or is the Bible the word of God?

    I wonder how many Tea People actually pray for Obama so that he might be saved? Very few I’d bet. But they would pray for his death or pray that he loses to their Messiah.

    And I understand that this is Politics. It’s just NOT Christian politics carried out by Christian people. They are the People of Tea. Most are Pagans.

    I failed that “test” myself! I fell into the political trap too! I was in it right up to my neck and was just about to be drug under into Ron Paulollapalooza. Thank God I woke up before it was too late.

  5. It is frightening. We have a tendency to want to “follow” someone who appeals to us. I’m so darn nasty about things that I don’t do much following. I don’t mind admitting I have some of the same small gov’t., low taxes, less spending ideas. The problems I see with the extremes of the movement are the lack of reason and logic, along with a total lack of understand of the Constitution.

    If you want a really frightening one, these people, who worship the Constitution are the same ones promoting this whole debt ceiling thing, don’t raise it. Try Section 4 of the 14th Amendment. “…Section 4 confirmed the legitimacy of all United States public debt legislated by the Congress…” It has been upheld time and time again. Evidently part of it has to do with military spending and war debt.

    Guess they don’t know much about the Constitution.

    I don’t think these people understand that it is just politics. They have turned it into a cult. They don’t understand that you disagree with someone, vote differently, and still remain friends. Heck, one of my best friends is a Dem!


  6. Yes a Cult it is for sure. A Militant Cult.

    I bet the whole Bush family is very grateful that they didn’t have a pagan CULT fixated on worshipping them the way the Ron Paulonians worship his Royal Paulness.

    And I used to wonder why GW Bush didn’t fight back against the Pagan Liebertarian-ists in the News Mafia like Glenn Beck (when he was at CNN) and Lou Dobbs (CNN) and Pat Buchanon (MSNBC) and Dr. Michael Weenier (aka Michael Savage) and ect… It used to really make me mad! Fight back George, dammitt!

    But now I understand why GW Bush just ignored all of them.

    2 Corinthians 6:14
    Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for
    what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness?
    and what communion hath light with darkness?
    – KJV

    2 Corinthians 6:14
    Do not ye bear the yoke with unfaithful men. For what
    parting of rightwiseness with wickedness [Soothly what
    parting, or communing, of rightwiseness with wickedness]?
    or what fellowship of light to darknesses?
    – Wycliffe 1384

    No matter how you spell it or when it was written the meaning is still the same.
    DO NOT bond together with unbelievers!

    I’m starting to think that George Bush will be the last Christian President in America. In fact I am sure of it.

  7. I always wondered why he didn’t fight back. Now I realize he did not need to. He has been vindicated. Pure class act.

    I suspect there are more great men and women out there. Look at the drought with Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon. Carter believes, but is a fool. Clinton doesn’t but look at GWB.

    I think we need really lousy people in office to make us appreciate the good ones when we get them.


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