The Great Big Libertarian/Tea Party Mess


It is more and more obvious that by embracing a stark libertarian (read heartless, brainless, witless) agenda, the GOP is put in an increasingly losing position.  There is a very real reason why libertarians are only a very small majority of the voting population.   Their extreme agenda is a loser.  People don’t like it, and will not vote for it.  People will not vote for libertarians.  If you keep an eye on opinion polls, it looks like they don’t want to vote for Republicans who pander to libertarians.

It is all about my way or the highway.

Fortunately there are some in the GOP who are getting wise to these blackmailing third party tea party people.

“…Some Republican senators, however, view the spoiler role Tea Party candidate Jack Davis played in that race with more alarm. Tea Party activists say Davis was an “impostor candidate,” because he ran for office several times as a Democrat before claiming the Tea Party mantle. He still managed to win 8 percent of the vote, and Republicans claim he deprived Jane Corwin, the GOP nominee, of the win.

For Republican senators, it’s conjured the memory of H. Ross Perot splitting center-right voters in 1992 and 1996, ensuring the election and reelection of former President Clinton. Some worry third-party candidates could cause similar havoc in 2012.

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), a member of the Tea Party Caucus, said it’s likely a Tea Party presidential candidate would run in the 2012 general election if Republicans nominated a centrist to challenge President Obama.

“It’s a real danger if we nominate someone who is clearly moderate and not espousing conservative views — it’s a real danger,” said DeMint.

He said Republican presidential candidates should all endorse plans to cut Medicare spending significantly to address the program’s looming insolvency.

“What we need candidates to do is to endorse plans that will save Medicare; if they don’t like Ryan’s, they should have their own,” DeMint said.

Several GOP senators said there is a danger that Tea Party voters may defect to third-party candidates in next year’s general election.

“I think it’s a very real possibility,” said Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), who lost to a Tea Party candidate in the 2010 GOP primary but won in the general election. “We’ve seen it in many races, and I think the example in New York is just one of them. Whether or not we see it in the presidential level remains to be seen. But I don’t think we can count that out as a prospect.”

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), a member of the Senate Tea Party Caucus, said the lesson the GOP should take away is that it needs to inspire its base….”

This week Eric Cantor put the GOP cause back to the stone age with his, reasonable demands to off-set aid to storm victims.  It was not the offsets that are the problem.  It is the arrogant and idiotic way he did it.

“…GOP leaders are signaling they will push to come up with offsets to pay for such a package, which could cost billions of dollars and has been proposed in response to a week of tornadoes and floods that have decimated areas of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri. The federal government typically foots the bill when it comes to responding to natural disasters, but Republicans in charge of the House say they plan to keep their message of fiscal discipline in line with their actions.

“There’s not a question that there are going to be offsets if there is a request for a supplemental,” House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) told The Huffington Post.

Cantor said it is important that people “reach out in their hearts for the people who suffer,” and emphasized that he believes the federal government should play a role in responding to natural disasters. But at the same time, he said, “We can find things we don’t need to spend on to pay for it.”

“I also think there’s trillions of dollars of spending in Washington,” Cantor added. “So it’s about priorities.”

Republicans have already identified potential offsets, Cantor said, referencing a draft Homeland Security bill that the Appropriations Committee approving on Tuesday that includes $1 billion for disaster relief. But their proposal — drawing funds from unused money in an Energy Department advanced car technology program — has only a slim chance of advancing beyond the House, given the program’s priority ranking among Democrats and the White House. Critics also argue that $1 billion won’t be nearly enough in aid to help disaster-stricken states….”

Let me state up front that

  1. I agree with the draconian budget cuts
  2. Merritt based pay for educators
  3. I agree with union busting
  4. I agree that medicare and social security need to be drastically changed
  5. I would take the budget back to 2006
  6. I would push the retirement age up to 70
  7. I would make medicare optional and allow anyone over age 70 to have the option of purchasing health insurance and not having to be a gov’t dependent

Where I think the tea parties and libertarians have truly hurt the GOP

  1. Attacks on pensions
  2. Attacks on teacher pensions and salaries
  3. Being too wonkish
  4. Completely lacking in wisdom and judgement
  5. Abject arrogance
  6. Acting like their ideas are the only acceptable ones

The result is abject disaster for the GOP. First, the libertarian tea parties are an off-shoot of the Ron Paul Bot crowd. They are rude. They are bullies. They threaten. They lie. They cheat. They lie some more. They will do anything to win. If they cannot win they destroy.

The worst part is their candidates.

  1. They are not vetted
  2. They are NOT Republicans
  3. They are rude, arrogant, and think they are superior
  4. They lie
  5. They cheat
  6. They manipulate
  7. When they do win, they prove to be abject disaster

Want proof?

  1. Scott Walker, the tea party libertarian Governor of Wisconsin is in bad shape.
    “…This is important stuff. The Tea Party’s principles are being put into effect in the real world in the guise of a state Republican party that has fully embraced them. Suddenly, Wisconsin politicians are popping up on the national scene. Paul Ryan, the Republican congressman who is spearheading the budget-cutting drive in Washington, hails from Wisconsin’s first district. Reince Priebus is the new head of the Republican National Committee (RNC); he is also a former head of the Republican party of Wisconsin….”
  2. Rick Scott has approval ratings that are embarrassing. Scott is a tea party candidate, and panders to the libertarian party.
    “…Scott, a total political outsider, may ultimately not care about winning a second term — focusing instead on getting as many of his priorities passed as he can. Under that theory, even if he loses in 2016, he will have cut corporate taxes, rolled back regulations, and made a host of other changes that will be hard for Democrats to undo. But if Scott does want to get re-elected, he is going about it in a very odd way and needs a radical course correction — politically, at least — and fast….”
  3. Mark Sanford was an abject disaster in SC
  4. John Kasich is in trouble in Ohio.
    “...In the latest poll, only 33% of registered voters said they approve of Kasich’s job performance, compared to 56% who said the disapprove of it. That result ties Kasich with Florida’s Rick Scott (R) as the most unpopular of the 38 governors PPP has surveyed. The current TPM Poll Average shows that 52.5% of Ohioans disapprove of Kasich’s job performance, while 35.5% approve of it. Kasich is now so unpopular that in a hypothetical do-over election, PPP found him getting shellacked by Strickland 59% to 34%. Kasich eked out a win last year by just a two-point margin. Back in March, PPP also showed Kasich losing in a do-over contest. But in that poll, he lost by a relatively modest 15-point spread, 55% to 40%. Kasich’s union-busting bill is the driving force behind his falling approval rating. In the poll, 55% of voters said they would vote to repeal S.B. 5, while 35% said they would let it stand. A Quinnipiac poll released last week presented a similar finding, with a majority of registered voters in that survey also saying they would like to see the law repealed….”
  5. Paul Ryan is in trouble in Wisconsin
    “…Despite his comparatively decent numbers against Obama, Ryan’s image in the state has gone in the wrong direction as his national profile has increased over the course of the last six months. When we polled on Ryan in December his favorability was a positive 38/30 spread. Now it’s a negative 41/46 spread. That’s a 13 point net shift in the wrong direction for him over the last five months. He’s up up 10 points with Republicans from +55 (61/6) to +65 (77/12). But that’s more than outweighed by his being down 34 points with Democrats from -35 (16/51) to -69 (10/79). And he’s down 9 points with independents from +10 (39/29) to +1 (43/42). Ryan’s prudent not to run for the state’s open seat given his decline in popularity on the home front…”
The Politicus USA

When you go with a hard-line libertarian stand, even John Kasich is in trouble.

Political Wire

You cannot base a movement on a person’s who has a philosophy that is considered an inspiration for the Book of Satan and not suffer for it.

You lose your soul.

The way The Pink Flamingo sees it, the GOP is in danger of losing its very soul because of this obsessive devotion to Rand’s objectivism and her libertarian philosophy.

There was no kindness, no humanity, nor altruism in Rand, nor in her libertarian ideals. There is no kindness, humanity, no altruism in her followers, including the misc. Pauls, etc. There is only revolutionary terminology, and a pathetic mangling of the Constitution for their ambitious political ends.

It is insane.

When someone follows this irrational path, it makes them look terribly bad. The best example The Pink Flamingo can use is Herman Cain’s misguided and naive allegiance to a “fair tax”. Unfortunately, his idea of a 23% national sales tax is pathetic, counter-productive, and will eventually destroy the economy. He does not take into account the fact that, while it does away with all federal taxes, it does not do away with state and local sales taxes. So, if you live somewhere like Lincoln County, where we are being held hostage by high sales taxes. NM’s state sales tax is about 5%. Lincoln County has nearly an 8.5%. That’s a 15% sales tax.

Herman Cain is out of his libertarian mind. He forgets that added to his 23% would be another 15% for the state of NM. We would be paying sales tax of 38%. The political party that approves this will be forever ruined.



4 thoughts on “The Great Big Libertarian/Tea Party Mess

  1. So because we don’t want to vote the GOP establishment candidates, we’re extreme and evil. Got it.

    The GOP: “Hey, we know we’ve been fighting a losing idelogical battle since FDR, and are only slightly less socialist than those other guys, so where ya gonna go?”

    That’s your argument here. Thanks but no thanks. With that standard, better to have the Democrats win and have things crash sooner rather than later so we can start to rebuild.

  2. I don’t care who you vote for, just label a libertarian as a libertarian an tell the truth about political affiliation. It is about intellectual honesty. Show me an honest libertarian and I’ll show you a Republican who doesn’t know denile is a river in Egypt.


  3. Say what you like… Robert Taft and Barry Goldwater would stand with the paleoconservatives and libertarians in the GOP, not the establishment or the former Democrat “neoconservatives”. Only a small slice of those folks identify with the LP. That’s like saying all conservatives should join the Constitution party. In any case, THAT is the real strain of conservatism. Check Victor Gold’s “Invasion of The Part Snatchers” for some GOP political history on this.

  4. I don’t get any of this, I truly don’t. I don’t understand the vicious hatred of anyone who doesn’t agree with the extremes 100%. That is not democracy, that is a dictatorship. I find it ironic that the people who claim to worship the Constitution know so very little about what it really is.

    I am a Neocon like Reagan, Buckley, Bush, Cheney….etc.


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