Why The Pink Flamingo Detests the Early Primary States


The Pink Flamingo has a commentary on Blogcritics.  This is the extended version that is based on an article first published as It Is Time to Change Those Early Primary States on Blogcritics.

Why are Republicans in Iowa more important than those of us say in…New Mexico, or Texas, or Oklahoma, or Georgia, of New Jersey?

“…Winning over the voters in early primary states, particularly flinty New Hampshire requires an incredible amount of work. A candidate can’t just land in Manchester, go out on the tarmac, make a five minute speech, and then jet off to the next location. It simply doesn’t work like that. In fact, one of the arguments in favor of keeping New Hampshire and Iowa as early states in the calendar is because of that attitude. Being small states both Iowa and New Hampshire force candidates to campaign like they’re running for Mayor. That type of campaigning can’t be done statewide in a place like Texas or California or Florida; these states are simply too big, with too many people. What this also means is that candidates can’t just burst onto the scene, give a good speech, and hope to win….”

This is insanity.

Why do we allow it to continue?

When the RNC gets together, do our state delegates not have the courage to pull the plug on this pandering which is an insult to the rest of the nation?

Why are some voters more important than others?

Why are the people in Iowa and New Hampshire more important that anyone else?

There were some recent alleged remarks by alleged Iowa Republicans who were annoyed that Michele Bachmann was actually doing her job as a member of Congress.  She was unable to meet with a select group of them to pander to them.  There were snarky comments that she would need to do better if she wanted their votes?

What are candidates to do in Iowa and New Hampshire, move in with voters, do their dishes, empty their cat boxes, walk their dogs?  It sure sounds like that is what the spoiled brats are once again crying about, as usual.

By constantly pandering to Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and then the Super Tuesday states, those of us who live in the later primary states get zilch.  We are nothing but chopped liver.  Our votes don’t count.

All the snotty little towns in Iowa get everyone to visit, and scarf up vile food at their nasty little diners.  For those of us who live in places like Ruidoso, fat chance anyone is ever going to campaign here.  You see, in the grand scheme of things, we don’t count.  We are not important.  We mean absolutely nothing to the people running for POTUS.

Either end the early primaries and do a huge Super Tuesday, or break the primaries up into maybe 5 Not So Super Tuesdays.  Have a mix of big and little states so that those of us in “little” states like New Mexico get to have a chance.  Let us vote along with the Dakotas, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Arkansas, Delaware, Rhode Island.

Let us go first.

A couple weeks later add another ten states, and so on.  Maybe let Oregon, Arizona, Kansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Alaska, Maine, Connecticut, and Wisconsin go next.

Then, Colorado, New Jersey, Hawaii, Mississippi, California, North Carolina, West Virginia, Alabama, Nebraska, and Vermont vote in the third round.

You know what you get?  For the GOP there would be a completely different front runner, someone far less conservative, far less libertarian, more normal.  You would also get a less liberal Democrat.

This will never work.

What would be terribly fair, and a heck of a lot more fun would divide the primaries up into five mini-super Tuesdays and have a drawing to see what state votes when.  It would be much fairer.  The rest of the country would get a chance to get in on the excitement.

The candidates themselves will never go for it.  The entire process would either cost way too much, setting up expensive operations in the states they never bother with (ever) or it would cost less.

Then again the POTUS candidates would not like being forced to campaign in a bunch of states they never bother with – like New Mexico, the Dakotas, Montana, Iowa, Wyoming.  You know the states.  We’re the ones everyone forgets about because we have no clout.

The one thing I think almost every voter in 48 states will agree with is a simple little rule of thumb.  Make Iowa and New Hampshire vote last!

It’s too bad our national parties don’t have the courage to do something different and give other people in the late primaries a chance to be part of the process.  Of course, you can’t blame just the national organizations.  The states are just as much to blame.  If enough places like New Mexico would begin protesting, something would be changed.

I’m not holding my breath.  Thanks to the bully tactics of the Tea Parties and the far left organizations, our candidates and office holders are so whipped, so lacking in courage, they they are never going to stand up and do something original and creative.

That would take courage.   The last thing I expect out of elected officials, Democrat or Republican, or potential candidates is actual courage.  They have none.  They do, though, know how to pander to the special interest groups who make the most noise and are the most obnoxious.


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