Sheriff Joe’s Goons Did What?


So, you think Sheriff Joe is next to God because he is so adorably conservative.  He is the scourge of illegals.  He stands up for Truth, Justice, and the American Way…. right?

That’s fine, as long you are not a kid who has been molested and live in Maricopa County, or a woman who has been raped.  In that case, just forget about any sort of “justice”.  It ain’t a gonna’  happen.

“…An ABC15 investigation reveals children who had the courage to come forward and say they were molested, raped or abused were simply ignored by Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office detectives.

These are the worst of the worst cases — children brutally victimized by sex offenders — monsters still on the loose.

According to police reports we’ve obtained, victims were denied justice when Maricopa County sex crimes detectives never even bothered to investigate dozens of cases. Of those cases, we found the following:

The children who were victimized were never interviewed.
Witnesses were never questioned.
Evidence was never collected.
Child sex offenders were never arrested.
This is a story about young victims who may still be in danger. According to MCSO’s own internal investigation, as many as 400 sex crimes cases countywide may have been botched.

The detectives responsible were never held accountable.  Their boss has declined to answer questions about what happened and why….”

It seems Sheriff Joe’s goons (read Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office) did not properly investigate more than 400 sex crimes over a two year period.  One reason is lack of oversight, and the other is that the former chief investigator was protecting another investigator from bad publicity.

In El Mirage, AZ over 50 cases of sex crimes against children went uninvestigated.




Remember when Pinal County FOX suck-up sheriff Paul Babeu was assigned to investigate Sheriff Joe’s Goons?  Yea, it was rather like the fox guarding the chicken-house, considering Babeu’s own little problems in Pinal County, but the Babeu investigation was screwed by Chief Deputy David Hendershott protecting Sgt. Kim Seagraves.  (Hendershott was protecting Seagraves because she was going to allegedly testify in a corruption case he was working on at the time),

In Maricopa County you need a scorecard, or something.  Sheriff Joe recently fired Hendershott, but not for not allowing investigations of at least 50 molested minors to go forward.  Instead, Hendershott was canned for screwing one of Sheriff Joe’s big donors and friends.  He was put on administrative leave back in 2010, but wasn’t fired for ages.


It’s not what you know, but who you sleep with, even in Sheriff Joeland.

“…Sgt. Seagraves was promoted to Lieutenant in 2008.

In March of 2008, Seagraves married Terry Young who at the time was Deputy Chief of Internal Affairs.

The ABC15 Investigators obtained her personnel file.

Seagraves was never disciplined for how she managed MCSO’s Special Victims Unit. In fact, she received glowing recommendations for her work.

This includes the time period of April 2007 to April of 2008 when she was head of the SVU.

Her bosses said that, “Sergeant Seagraves does an outstanding job multi-tasking.”

The evaluation stated that “her work product as well as the supervision of her subordinates is very thorough and complete…” and that “her performance is nothing but highly commendable.”

In the spring of 2009, around the time when Hendershott closed the internal affairs investigation that had singled Seagraves out as an investigative lead into the mismanagement of the Special Victims Unit, Seagraves received the “Chief’s Award for Outstanding Service.”…”

It is amazing how the far right gives this man a pass.

Valley Fever

Arpaio gets a pass…. after this….

“…What she found to be most egregious is what she read in a 2008 letter written by El Mirage Police Chief Michael Frazier to Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Frazier wrote to Arpaio to call the Sheriff’s attention to MCSO’s total failure to work dozens of cases.

Frazier told Arpaio, “Review of the 51 reports assigned to the SVU revealed that 43 of them had not been worked at all, or had minimal follow up conducted.”

Many of the cases had known suspects, more than 90 percent had workable leads and the majority involved small children and young teens.

“The solvability of most of the cases has dwindled as the months and years have passed since the crimes were first reported,” said Frazier.

As an advocate for victims of violence, Ditlevson has seen a lot in her career. When we showed her the letter from Frazier to Arpaio she said, “I mean that’s hard to hear. It was obvious that there was something that could have been done, these weren’t vague reports.”

The letter Frazier wrote to Arpaio also sparked an MCSO Internal Affairs investigation and that’s when it became clear, the problem was much bigger than what happened in El Mirage.

A Pinal County Sheriff’s Office investigation revealed the “failure to conduct investigation” into sex crimes cases didn’t just impact El Mirage, it was countywide and for a short time MCSO considered re-opening more than 400 sex crimes cases.

The report states, “The inadequate investigations has taken place over a period of approximately three or four years, and was not exclusive to El Mirage cases.”

Investigators learned one detective took a box of “50 or 60 cases home with him in his garage, and they sat there for a year”.

Two Detectives deemed the “worst offenders” in the report both quit their jobs with the Maricopa County Sheriff, but ABC15 has confirmed they are still working in law enforcement in the Valley….”

The far right always defends Sheriff Joe.  It is amazing how conservatives give people a pass because they say the right things and know the secret handshake.  As a conservative Republican, The Pink Flamingo finds this sort of thing disgusting and vile.

There is no excuse.

AZ Criminal Law and Sex Crimes

Evidently, in Maricopa County, if a child is molested or a woman raped, it has best by an illegal immigrant from Mexico.  Then, Sheriff Joe might do something about it.

“…Arpaio’s office provided commanders and about a dozen deputies, who were initially greeted as a stop-gap measure to help the city establish a more seasoned police force. Later, El Mirage signed a $3.6 million contract for patrol, supervision and investigative services, though some El Mirage officers continued to work in the city.

The Sheriff’s Office provided 15 deputies, two detectives, three sergeants and administrative staff during the first year in El Mirage; six deputies, two detectives, five sergeants, two lieutenants and two captains in the second year.

El Mirage residents soon began to question the quality of Arpaio’s police force. A group of parishioners at Santa Teresita Catholic Church became frustrated with hundreds of emergency calls placed to the Sheriff’s Office that went unanswered or were dropped. They took the issue to the City Council in early 2007.

Sheriff’s officials at the time blamed faulty equipment and staff shortages. While fielding complaints from El Mirage, sheriff’s officials were also pushing the city to make the Sheriff’s Office its full-time police force, a contract that could be worth millions of dollars annually.
Faced with an all-or-nothing ultimatum, El Mirage decided to re-form its own police agency in summer 2007. Arpaio’s last act was to do an immigration sweep in a city where nearly half of the residents identify themselves as Hispanic.

That event, which sent nearly 100 deputies and posse members to El Mirage in October 2007, was likely the largest police presence Arpaio ever provided the city….”

There is a major recall effort going on now, but it will go nowhere.  The people doing it are “liberal” and we all know liberals don’t like Sheriff Joe and have no respect for the rule of law.

“…This is a very complicated and sensitive issue and it would not be appropriate for me to comment at this time.” However Mook goes on to say, “I strongly encourage any potential victims and witnesses remaining in El Mirage who might have been involved with these cases to come forward to the El Mirage Police Department. From what I understand, there is no statute of limitations on these types of cases. Our Police Chief is committed to providing the highest level of public safety services to our residents and will investigate any new information with extreme diligence.”

The ABC15 Investigators then uncovered problems beyond El Mirage; they surfaced after the city complained to MCSO, launching an internal affairs investigation back in 2008.

MCSO told us they re-opened more than 500 cases across the county dating back to 2005.

Officials said of those 500 they found that around 400 lacked what they called investigative work.

Now the community group Living United for Change in Arizona, better known as LUCHA, has launched an online petition calling for the Maricopa County Attorney to investigate and Sheriff Joe Arpaio to resign.

The petition states: “$100 Million ‘Misspent’ and 400 Uninvestigated Sex Crimes…End the Corruption and Abuses Now!”

In the body of the petition it reads, “On Sheriff Joe’s watch, 400 sex crimes against CHILDREN went uninvestigated. Victims—children from 2 to 16 years old—were not helped and sexual predators were left unchecked, free to abuse more children.”…”

If you really want to know why the state of Arizona is broke, just take a look at Russell Pearce, Sheriff Joe, and Jan Brewer. The worst of it is they are “Republicans”.  Sheriff Joe has cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars.  Russell Pearce has caused an unknown amount of damage to the state.  Jan Brewer is an idiot.

But – they are beloved by FOX and the ill-informed who watch it.


Just how much more will it take for the far right to realize Sheriff Joe is a very bad man?  Then again, maybe they don’t care.  That’s the worst of it.  Evidently all a person needs to do is show up at the right time.  They say the right things, do the “right” things, and pander to the right crowd.  They are honored as heroic.  THEY are good conservatives.  If anyone dares say something against them, they are slammed as liberals.

There are a heck of a lot of conservatives who have stopped being intellectually honest about what is going on in the world.  If they were to do so, they may be forced to retreat and take a new position on some things.  Standing up for honor and honesty is not liberal or conservative, it is a virtue. It appears to be a virtue that is now sorely lacking among many of the right.

The question is why?

Why do conservatives ignore the following?  Is the far right so poorly lacking in wisdom and judgment they cannot see what is going on in the world?   This is not about liberal or conservative.  It is about right and wrong.

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