The Media, Foster Care, and a Horrible Local Murder


On Wednesday evening, when I went down to pick up the parents, and drive back into town so they could pick up their car that was in the shop (my sister did it!) I noticed a satellite news truck just past the metropolitan San Patricio exit.   Later, at dinner at Comel (one of our two favorite eateries, the other being The Great Wall) my mother told me what was going on.

Evelen Miranda lived about a mile or so from The Pink Flamingo’s parents in San Patricio.  According to my friend, Maggie, the hairdresser was one of the good people of this world.  She spent her life taking in foster children, raising them, quite successfully.  On Tuesday night, two of the foster children she had recently taken in, murdered her.


THE LOCAL GOSSIP: The girls, according to my source were sisters.  They were 9 and 15 years old.  The were from the nearby Mescelero Reservation where violence and drug abuse is a daily ritual.  They tied their foster mother to a chair and horribly beat her to death.

My source on this is absolutely furious.  The girls were placed, according to Hondo Valley Rumor Mill, with Mrs. Miranda by the local CPS – New Mexico Children, Youth and Families.  The local branch, in Ruidoso did the placement.  They never informed Mrs. Miranda that the girls were violent and had recently been released from juvenile detention.  Allegedly they were trying to protect the “innocent” girls.

This is the same bunch were one of their employees was recently terminated because she had been beating her 5th grade son.  Previously she had been on something like a 3 month PAID leave when it was discovered that she had been abusing her child.  Only when a friend of mine forced the issue to protect the child, did the truth come out and the woman be fired.

This is also the same lovely group of experts who, in their infinite wisdom, took away the infant great-grandchild of a very good friend.  They said her grand-daughter was abusing the child, who was suffering from multiple broken bones.  Never mind that, on the baby’s father’s side, there is a specific bone disease.  Never mind that there are medical records indicating that the problem is hereditary and that several of his relatives have had children with the same disease.  Never mind that they REFUSED to allow an expert to come in to examine the child, put the parents in jail, and did nothing, even when the infant suffered several additional broken bones in foster care.

These same people kept the baby for nearly a year, until the family was able to bring in the medical evidence to prove the child had a hereditary bone disease. The entire family, who is very well known and very well respected, was put through hell.  No apology has been forthcoming.  I doubt if these people will even bother to express an apology to the Miranda family, either.

The Pink Flamingo has been told, from another source, that there is a bias against Hispanics within the system.  I know for a fact that within certain branches of the state social services network that Hispanic employees are routinely treated like abject dirt.  I am still trying to get someone to go on the record with this for an article.

I have also been told that there is a tremendous degree of anti-Hispanic bias in ABQ at the hospital where my friend’s great-granddaughter was taken.  The physicians and CPS assumed that because they were Hispanic they were into drugs and violence.  I have been given permission to tell the story, once the court cases have been resolved.

So, I have absolutely no doubt CPS did not bother telling Mrs. Miranda that the girls placed with her were violent.  I have no doubt they even cared.



The press is very annoyed because people in San Patricio are refusing to allow themselves to be interviewed.  They are to angry and too upset.


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  1. I have several comments to add to this story:
    1] Treatment foster care is contracted out and CYFD has a lessoned level of oversight for these cases. The contracting agency may or may not have appropriately educated supervisory staff and foster parents.
    2]Most of the CYFD workers are “underfills”, that is, they are not educated in social work, and they are not nationally qualified or licensable as Social Workers. July 29th the State Board of Social Work Examiners will be taking up this problem.
    3]Until CYFD workers are Licensed they can not be held accountable to the standards of Social Work. Until they are licensed they can not be disciplined outside of the agency and tort law. Until they have licenses they can not (and do not) carry appropriate malpractice insurance. I am sure a malpractice charge against the supervising workers would help the bereaved family bury their mother/sister/daughter and help the suspects’ families get them appropriate care.

  2. CYFD workers in Ruidoso placing children:
    Sandy Garrison and Rita Casuga (unknown licensure status)
    Lincoln and Otero County CYFD Placement specialists (575 434 5950):
    Anthony Beltran BSW (Has a license and can be disciplined by the board of social work)
    Denise Navarez is his supervisor (unlicensed – not accountable to the state board)
    Sharon Consentino in LC is her supervisor (unknown liscensure status.)
    L/O County Office Manager: Larry Wisecup

    As you see most of the workers are Spanish surnamed….I doubt that there is a bias against Hispanics….I think they are biased against anybody but their favorites! And they DO play favorites! (And they are not accountable for their actions!)

    Don’t Mourn…ORGANIZE!

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