BREAKING: Update on San Patricio Murder


A Pink Flamingo Correction:  The two girls who allegedly murdered Lincoln County native Evelyn Miranda were not sisters as I had previously stated.  They were both fifteen years old.  Alexis Shields and Desiree Linares were on probation for for recent battery charges.  They were required to stay for a time in a specialized treatment foster situation that Miranda could provide.

Late Wednesday evening the two teens, who allegedly murdered a very well respected and beloved member of the San Patricio community, were arrested in Carlsbad.

Kids sought in foster mom’s death found:

The Pink Flamingo has learned that Evelyn Miranda had repeatedly called local child services asking them to remove the two girls from her foster care.  She was terrified of them.  She had good reason to be terrified of them.  According to the information I have received, the officials at Mesilla Valley Therapeutic Foster Care allegedly refused to come to her aid.  Within hours of her last frantic call for help, she was dead.

The girls had been in her care less than a week, perhaps five days at the most.  It was long enough for them to bind her and murder her.  The official cause of death is asphyxiation.  It is assumed the girls smothered her to death.

The officials at Mesilla Valley Therapeutic Foster Care, who allegedly refused to remove the two teens, are now refusing to speak.  The girls have their rights due to patient confidentiality laws.

Evelyn Miranda has no rights.  She no longer needs them.  Due to the alleged refusal of the social worker assigned to the allegedly murderous teens, Evelyn Miranda is dead.  The fifteen year old girls who allegedly killed her have each been charged with one count of murder.  Because they are over 14 they can be tried as adults.

The Pink Flamingo makes it a policy not to advocate for trying anyone under 18 as adults.  I suspect these two teenagers might be one of those exceptions.  If there was any justice in the world, the social workers at Mesilla Valley Therapeutic Foster Care who allegedly refused to remove the girls should also be tried for murder.

The entire community is in shock.  This is the kind of thing you do not expect to see in rural New Mexico.  People are kind.  They are generous, and they care for one another.  It is one of the reasons I moved here – because of the people.  Everywhere I went today, that’s all anyone asked about.  My parents live about a mile and a half or so from where the murder occurred.



3 thoughts on “BREAKING: Update on San Patricio Murder

  1. Am reading your report stating that MVH’s treatment foster care agency did NOT respond to Evelyn’s calls before she was murdered; please send me the SOURCE of that information; I cannot imagine that if it is true Evelyn pleaded for help, that the agency did not respond. That is very unlikely that this is true! They are as grief stricken/shocked as are so many who knew Evelyn and of her great work as a resource for troubled teens. We who are following updates re. this tragedy with interest are seeking reliable information; I would not quote your report to anyone without your stating some source or a hint of how you obtained the information. Too many lives are affected by this murder for the public to be reading comments insinuating that MVH was unresponsive to Evelyn’s concerns re. these two placements. Thanks.

  2. Don’t worry, I will be working on the story. I am extremely careful about what I write. If I can get the sourcing on the record, you will know about it.


  3. I think that if the workers had had the training to be licensed social workers that they might have had the tools to manage this case (somewhat) better. As I stated before, with out bening nationally credentialed and state licensed the only accountability we can hold them to is as employee of CYFD. We can not discipline their license (if it turns out to be warranted) nor can we expect them to carry appropriate malpractice insurance. To make this worse these kids were being managed by a private contractor who is in it to make money. The state in its infinite wisdom the state contracts out the care of the most difficult cases.

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