The Cruelty of Pandering to Sarah Palin’s “All About Me”


“…Baroness Thatcher had to stop making public appearances years ago because of ill health and is seldom at home for guests. A reception hosted by David Cameron in Downing Street to celebrate her 85th birthday had to go ahead without her.

An aide said: “Nowadays, the Lady rarely meets people at all. If a meeting went ahead it would be very much low-key, and would very much depend on how things were on the day. We don’t make firm appointments for this sort of meeting.”…”

This is NOT about Sarah Palin.  Not everything in the world is about Sarah Palin.  This is about the far right’s inability to comprehend that there are circumstances beyond our control.

Rush doesn’t understand that the story is NOT about the liberal news taking pot-shots at Palin, but about the tone-deaf inability of Sarah Palin to admit that she has made a mistake.    He does, though go to lengths to explain that Baroness Thatcher is not what she once was.

Margaret Thatcher’s aids will not allow Sarah Palin to meet with a very great woman who is suffering from either Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease.  That is their business.  If I were her daughter, I’m not quite sure what I would do.  I do find it rather sad that the family has decided to hid this great woman away in her final years, not confirming the infirmity.

The Pink Flamingo made the mistake of making a comment on Conservatives 4Palin.  They are vile, nasty, and rude.  I can’t get over how rude. Liberals are no better:

“…As awful as she is, old battle axe Thatcher won’t give credibility to young(ish) charlatan Palin. I suppose you can file this under “even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in awhile” or “still the Greeks to our Romans”…”

Neither group seems to understand this is NOT about them.

The far right is rushing to protect Sarah Palin.  While they are doing so, they are completely missing the point.  They are so self-centered that they cannot comprehend that other people have lives and have problems.  It is why Sarah Palin will NEVER have the greatness of Ronald Reagan or Margaret Thatcher.

There are two things going on here.  First, Sarah Palin’s supporters have become as rancid and repulsive and those who follow Ron Paul.  A friend had warned me about their viciousness.  She is right.  They are horrid.  They make me regret the role The Pink Flamingo played in bringing Palin to the attention of people who don’t reside in Alaska.

There is something else at play here.  Since my family began dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease, we have discovered that people have a tendency to hide their afflicted love ones.  There is still this stigma with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, or any malady that effects the brain of a previously brilliant individual.  This has been brought home because of the way friends are handling Alzheimer’s in their family.

We have made the decision to keep my father out in public as long as possible.  His date for retiring is when he starts drooling.  Until then he wants to be active.  He wants to travel, to meet with friends, and live as positive a life as he so able.

Do you hide away someone who had terminal cancer?

My family is fighting this vile disease.  I don’t think you can fight it if you do not admit that it exists.

One of the things that truly disturbs me is the way the right has responded to this incident.  When I first began researching I thought Rush Limbaugh was guilty of the same lack of kindness and compassion that has overcome the far right.  Thankfully, that is not the case.  He fully understands the physical problems Baroness Thatcher is experiencing.  I do think he was guilty of the same knee-jerk rush to defend someone that we all have had over the years.

There are times when conservatives deserve to be held up to ridicule.  As far as I am concerned, Sarah Palin is deserving of the nasty comments that are coming her way.  If she had any intellectual honesty, she would speak out and pull in her nasty and irresponsible supporters.  That is not the case.

I expected more of Sarah Palin.  I am quite pleased that Rush comprehends the situation with Margaret Thatcher.  It’s too bad Sarah Palin does not.  It is one of the reasons she will never, ever be great, nor ever be anything more than she currently is.  It is all about her.

Over the years, I’ve known people like this.  They are exhausting. Nothing matters but their family and promoting their family.  NOTHING else matters.  I don’t like being around these people.  They have no compassion or understanding of the human condition.  They only care about themselves and their families.   No matter how hard you might try, you can never truly be friends with them.  They don’t allow it.

It appears to The Pink Flamingo that Sarah Palin is like this.  Expect no compassion and understanding unless it relates to her.  That is the great sadness of it all.

All of this is very disconcerting to someone in my position.  I am putting myself in the shoes of Margaret Thatcher’s daughter and the people around her.  They are dealing with someone who is tone deaf.  These people don’t want to come out and say, keep the heck away from Baroness Thatcher because she is no longer the person she once was.  One would expect that someone as capable of using a computer as Sarah Palin, with an army of handlers could do a quick Google and find out that they are dealing with a serious family problem here.

I would be furious.

There is coming a time, and it won’t be long, when my father won’t be able to meet with people.  Just the thought of what is coming is heart-breaking.  I want to sit here and cry while I am writing this.  To think that someone as self-promoting as Sarah Palin would put herself above the feelings and wishes of the family is well – it’s “Nuts”.

What the heck is wrong with this woman?  Even more, what the heck is wrong with the people who are promoting and supporting her?  Have they lost all compassion?

Evidently they have none.



5 thoughts on “The Cruelty of Pandering to Sarah Palin’s “All About Me”

  1. actually, rush was criticizing people on the right that are criticizing palin – people like you – people that have diagnosed her as being defective but can’t see the irrationality of their own derangement about palin – and grasping at straws to criticize her

    i have not followed the story because its stoopid – i see that of all the issues, this seems to be important to you – however – i will say that thatcher had dignity – whoever issued the statement does not have it – why was any statement called for? i assure you, if thatcher said anything like that it would be out of character for her

    i am not a palintard and i do agree that they are as vile as paultardz – i have commented on what makes me cringe about her – her speaking manner – mark levin asked a question that put my criticism in perspective – ‘what issue do i disagree with palin on?’

    you should answer that question too – because you sound every bit as stoopid as a palintard and paultard

    has the press reported thatcher’s condition?

  2. I loath to mention this, but Baroness Thatcher’s condition has been widely reported in the British press for several years. If it had not been, I wouldn’t have mentioned it and would not have bothered with the story. Unfortunately, Thatcher’s condition is very well known. To me it reeks of the abject lack of planning by SP’s staff and being abjectly tone deaf.

    I don’t care if Palin meets with her or not. My complaint is with the extreme right who pile on, without doing their research. All a person needs to do is a simple google on Thatcher and all the information is there. Her family does not wish to have her exposed to the public, nor anyone else. If the problems associated with Alzheimer’s and dementia had not been brought home last week with my father’s diagnosis, I probably would have ignored the story.

    I am as critical of Thatcher’s family for not simply being upfront about her condition. To me it is as if they are ashamed of what she is facing. It is no different from cancer. You deal with it. My father has made his wishes known, as to when he wants to withdraw from the world. I suspect this is what is going on with Thatcher.

    I can’t comprehend why Palin would not respect the woman’s wishes. I can’t get over how idiotic people on both the right and left are acting about this – and I criticized both, if you had read my full piece.

    If you think I enjoy going after SP like this, you are wrong. I gather you also don’t know how much I supported her. After the first national piece Fred Barnes did in 2006 or so, mine were the first national profiles published about her (on Blogcritics). I was onto the story a full year – almost to the day – promoting her- before anyone else, save for two colleagues.

    If you think I have a palin-derangement, then you’ve not read much of The Pink Flamingo. My split with her came over her promotion of the tea parties over the GOP, and her willingness to consider third parties. I have avoided anything personal. This is the first time I’ve even mentioned anything, but you’re not reading my blog. I think I was the first person to defend her bus trip, and take on the people in DC during Memorial Day. You might want to go back and find that piece before you toss poorly spelled epitaphs into the wind.

    I have one of the first hand written thank you notes SP sent out over her legal defense fund. It is framed, hanging on my wall.


  3. thankz for approving and responding to my post, pank

    its true – i don’t read your blog – i saw the link to this on facebook

    now i’d hella heart having a bigo debate here – but i have not read anything about the story – my assumption was that palin said ‘ima drop in on maggie’ publicly without having someone contact the thatcher family – i don’t see that as something to get riled about – not smart to announce that you invited yourself

    however – why would the thatcher family find it necessary to make a statement? i question their motivation, IF my assumption is correct

    sorry to hear about your father

  4. If it hadn’t been for my father, I would have left it alone, I think. Thank you for your comments.

    I just don’t understand why both the right and the left have their undies in a wad over this. They are pelting one another, rather like the classic Trek episode, Let This Be Your Last Battlefield – with as much success.


  5. Oh Poor Sarah. They are so mean to her. Its so unfair!! The cruel hand of fate hath delt her a vicious blow… blah blah blah!!

    But this is also the woman who just might get her way and turn the GOP into the party of the Whigs! In fact she has threatened to destroy the GOP while her bizarre maniacal PaulBot Tea Party Kook fans chant KILL THE RINOS, KILL THE RINOS, KILL THE RINOS

    Unfortueantly for us all Sarah Palin has the power to totally destroy the GOP by going rogue! If she goes third party she will take enough votes with her to cause a real Civil War in the GOP and DOOM us for decades.

    Personally I consider Palin the most dangerous person alive. Ann Coulter is correct. Sarah Palin should not run for President.

    But all things happen for a reason. Maybe it is destiny that Palin sets into motion the things that finally destroy the GOP (and the USA). Maybe that wasn’t just an idol threat but a self-fullfilling prophecy.

    I mean the Barrackalypse “is” just around the corner. Obamageddon “is” almost here.
    Palin’s destiny might be to drive the final NAIL into that coffin we once called America

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