How Stupid Can Wisconsin Republicans Be?


What is wrong with idiots on the libertarian right?

They are going to cost the education system millions. But – it is about the private system and pandering to billionaires!

There is dumb, then there is stupid.  Wisconsin Republicans are making Republicans everywhere look bad with their irrational libertarian views and demands.  There is a time when too far is simply too far.

I guess the whole idea is to keep ignorant.  There are good uses for government funds.  This is one of them.

“…WiscNet provides Internet features to the UW, as well as 450 schools, libraries, tech colleges and local governments across the state.

The Madison Metropolitan School District has used WiscNet as a provider for all of its network services, including Internet, email and online teaching tools, for 17 years. For the last 12 years, the district has been required to bid out to private organizations to see what service was cheaper, and it said WiscNet has always been a better value.

“If we were to change to an alternative Internet service provider right now, my estimate is the immediate cost to the district would be approximately 70 percent higher right now, and that doesn’t count the services that WiscNet brings to the table for free,” said Mark Evans, director of technology services at the Madison Metropolitan School District.

State Superintendent Tony Evers blasted the decision, saying Tuesday schools and libraries would have to pay double or three times what they do now if WiscNet is no longer an option.
Telecommunications companies said it’s about competition, and they said WiscNet should only be allowed to continue without any connection — financial or otherwise — to the UW. “WiscNet can continue to offer services, but in the future they are just going to do that on a more level playing field with the private sector options that already exist,” said Bill Esbeck, executive director of the Wisconsin State Telecommunications Association.

UW-Madison said a switchover of Internet providers could cost millions. The university said it isn’t sure whether some nationwide collaboration networks would even allow a private provider to take part in the network. If it is not allowed, it could affect research and collaboration, Bazzell said.

“That’s really the crux of our concern, is really about that research enterprise and the fear that we would just be shut out,” said Bazzell. “If we weren’t shut out, it could cost us millions of dollars at a time when we are trying to manage multimillion dollar budget cuts.” A provision was also included in the budget bill saying that UW Extension should return about $39 million in federal money to extend broadband Internet access across the state….”

This is one of those.

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