Ron Paul (and His Bots) Cheating All the Way To Ames


The Pink Flamingo is a bit impressed with Mitt Romney’s decision to skip Ames this year.  It proves that he is bright enough to learn from his past mistakes.

“…In his 2008 White House bid, Romney won the Iowa Straw Poll but was largely criticized for millions of dollars spent to attract voters to the event. Despite the money he spent on the event, Romney later came in second-place in the 2008 Iowa caucuses to Arkansas Republican Mike Huckabee in 2008. So far this campaign Romney has made several remarks indicating that his campaign will use their resources more sparingly….”

The Ron Paul Bots place this massive emphasis on winning every straw poll in existence.  They lie and they cheat to get results, that cannot possibly be accurate because they are literally rigged.

If this is the case, why would any self-respecting candidate even bother participating in them?

“…Romney Campaign Statement: “Our campaign has made the decision to not participate in any straw polls, whether it’s in Florida, Iowa, Michigan or someplace else. We respect the straw poll process. In the last presidential campaign we were both strengthened as an organization and learned some important lessons by participating in them. This time we will focus our energies and resources on winning primaries and caucuses. We look forward to bringing Mitt Romney’s strong pro-jobs message to every part of the country.” – Matt Rhoades, campaign manager…”


It sure proves to The Pink Flamingo that Mitt Romney is not only pragmatic and practical, but knows the score.

The Politico

For your edification, I present the following:

The Daily Paul


The Ron Paul Bots are planning to hijack the Ames Straw Poll.  Why should anyone bother with it?

The Daily Paul

Why bother?

Iowa For Ron Paul

You can ride for free, by bus, to Ames, but you MUST vote for Ron Paul, who is buying your vote!

Iowa For Ron Paul

Wait, there’s more!

Iowa For Ron Paul

The Pink Flamingo wants to know who is paying for this S#IT?

Then again, why would anyone even bother with a straw poll, the way the Ron Paul Bots are cheating?

This is a reflection of Ron Paul, the candidate.  The whole idea is to game the system to make Ron Paul look more important then the petty little twerp actually is.  It’s about cheating.  It’s about promoting a pathetic excuse of a human being who should be put out to pasture.


4 thoughts on “Ron Paul (and His Bots) Cheating All the Way To Ames

  1. What utter nonsense. To win a straw poll, your supporters have to show up. Ron Paul’s do. That is not cheating. Whether it is ‘representative of the larger population’ is something you can argue; cheating it is not. And in a caucus state where caucuses are also a matter of getting your supporters to the event, a straw poll is more relevant than other times.

    What are straw polls? Typically they are revenue makers for the organization organizing them, in this case the Iowa GOP as I understand it. These organizers set rules. Ron Paul supporters do not violate them.

    Sour grapes, much?

  2. props to our friends from Oskaloosa, Iowa
    stand tall for Ron Paul

    Dust In The Wind

  3. Wow, Angry much? You declare all that cannot even begun to be proven or relevant to any of the problems in America today. Keep typing your little articles and putting up your silly pictures of people who actually put themselves forward to address and fix issues with our Country.

    Shame one You.

    Thank You for Your time.

    Ron Paul for 2012 Please

  4. The people making calls for Ron Paul are volunteers. When did phone banking become cheating? Romney dropped out because he knew he would lose. He would not be able to make any tough decisions for America if he were elected because he would be worried about losing the next election. He spent millions in 08 trying to win,I guess that makes him a cheater also.

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