Lindsey on the Problems of the Middle East


Lindsey stirred up a hornet’s next Sunday morning on Face the Nation.  Lindsey is probably the strongest advocate of continuing the War on Terror than anyone in Washington.  Naturally he is not recognized for his efforts.

Over the years, no one has been more consistent about protecting this nation than Lindsey.

Now that the GOP seems to be increasingly libertarian and tea party, one can only wonder how much longer such sentiment can last.

I don’t know if I agree about Syria.  I am of the mind that a country needs to do its own over-throwing without much help.  If people want freedom, they need to fight for it.  They need to be encouraged.  Maybe someone needs to slip them what they need, but they need to take the lead.

The Hill Briefing Room

We have a very real problem

“…Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., appeared on “Face the Nation” after just coming back from his trip to Afghanistan. The lawmaker had much to say about Afghanistan as well as Syria, a nation that has highlighted news reports in recent days. “We ought to put everything on the table,” Graham said, “it has gotten to the point [Syrian President Bashad] Assad and [Libya President Moammar] Gadhaf’s behavior are indistinguishable.” Graham argued that Syria is nearing a point similar to when Gadhafi surrounded Libyan rebels in Benghazi before coalition forces intervened, turning Gadhafi back.

Graham brought back positive news from the Afghanistan front, where he serves as a Colonel in the Reserves. “We are now on offense,” he reported, the “Afghan people and security forces are getting bolder.” His trip also comes less than a month before the U.S. is due to withdraw forces from the troubled region. In July,

President Barack Obama is expected to receive proposals from the Commander of the U.S. Forces in Afghanistan, General David Petraeus, as to how the U.S. can begin to withdraw from Afghanistan. “This is turning around very dramatically,” said Graham of the Afghanistan war, “by reducing security forces from 30,000 to 3-5,000, we could stay on track.”

The South Carolinian also urged to keep a watchful eye on Pakistan. “The biggest threat is Pakistan,” he said, “I’m tired of telling South Carolina families ‘Sorry for losing your son after being killed in Afghanistan by Pakistani-made IED’… if this doesn’t change soon, I would ask the president to use more aggressive military forces in Pakistan.”…”




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  1. We would intervene in Syria for the same reason we got involved in Libya – to keep people from being slaughtered. It is going to be interesting to see how the Obama administration handles this one for humanitarian reasons. Libya has oil, Syria does not. Too bad so many people do not like Lindsey. I, for one, appreciate his service to his country.

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