The Coming Ice Age?


Once in awhile something really big happens in New Mexico.  Today, in Las Cruces, the biggest science announcement in ages was made.

Ice Ages are caused by several things.

  1. Solar activity – sunspots
  2. Volcanic activity
  3. Collision with an asteroid or comet

“…Although it might be a mystery, we have possibly experienced this phenomenon before. Beginning in 1645, astronomers monitoring the sun observed no sunspots for 70 years. This period is known as the “Maunder Minimum,” and it is thought to be tied into a long-term cycle where the sun’s magnetic activity shuts down.

On Earth the “Little Ice Age” froze Europe around the same time, and a growing body of evidence suggests the sun’s slowdown may have caused the climate to cool. Over the coming months and years, solar physicists will be watching the sun very closely, waiting to see if sunspot activity picks up or shuts down completely. So enjoy the current rash of solar flares and beautiful coronal mass ejections; it might be some time before we see a solar cycle like this again….”

No one is paying attention to what may be the most important news of the week.  Is it possible that we are heading into a mini-Ice Age in less than a decade?…”


It’s all about the sunspots, NOT global warming.

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