How Ron Paul Bots Manipulate for Their Demigod


The Ron Paul Bots disrupted the Republican Leadership Conference the same way they did CPAC.

“...Day two of the 2011 Republican Leadership Conference marked the arrival of fresh blood in the form of younger (and older) supporters of Texas Rep. Ron Paul, in town to support their candidate by voting in the conference’s presidential straw poll.

Their presence was evident during the speech by former Godfather’s Pizza CEO and presidential candidate Herman Cain, who immediately preceded Paul. Cain opened by needling media bigwigs such as Bill O’Reilly, and Karl Rove by telling them, “I didn’t get the memo that I’m not supposed to run! I’m running!”

Cain was generally well-received. But when he moved on to foreign policy and told the audience that, “When you mess with Israel you are messing with the United States of America!,” Paul’s dovish supporters made their presence known by breaking up the applause with just as many boos….”

Ron Paul.Com

Want to know the real reason Mitt Romney has had the good sense not to participate in these straw polls?  They are rigged.  If John Huntsman came in 2nd at the Republican Leadership Conference then we all know they are rigged.

The Daily Beast

Huntsman learned how to play the Ron Paul game.

“…Huntsman, though, came down with a last minute cold this week and decided to skip the event. He dispatched his wife, Mary Kaye, to greet conference-goers in his stead.And his strong finish in the straw poll might have gotten a boost from some behind-the-scenes work by his political team. Several of his political advisers, including John Weaver, Chris Allen, John Yob and Jake Suski, made the trip to New Orleans and were seen huddling with delegates at the riverfront hotel where the conference was held….”

The Pink Flamingo has wondered just why John Huntsman is in this race.  With his Ron Paul Bot antics, it makes me think he is up to no good.

CBS News

You want to know how those pointy headed little creeps do it?

The Daily Paul

My father has a story about someone in his family running for city council in Minneapolis.  It could have been his father, but I think it was an uncle.  He was doing okay until the opposition (a Democrat) began giving away free beer in the saloons.

There’s not much difference then …. and how the Ron Paul Bots manipulate things.

Need to know where to register to vote for Ron Paul?


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Want to know how they do it?

The Daily Paul

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