Is Lindsey the Only Republican Not Running for the GOP Nomination?


Is Lindsey the ONLY Republican in Washington who is NOT running for the 2012 Nomination?

Rush Limbaugh and his little followers have this fetish about what they call “Ruling Class” and “Country Class” which is code hogwash for rancid tea based class warfare. These idiots like to refer to Lindsey as “Ruling Class” when nothing could be farther from the truth.

Lindsey hits ’em right between the eyes, basically stating that the current crop of POTUS wannabes are NOT Reagan Republicans!

In Anderson, on Friday, he gave a speech to SC’s Boy’s State. In it, he reveals some of his background. You want a real Horatio Alger story, just check out Lindsey.

“...U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham provided encouraging words of advice Friday to hundreds of young men on the last full day of Palmetto Boys State at Anderson University.

Graham began his speech by recounting his childhood in Central, where his parents owned a restaurant and liquor store.

“I never dreamed that I would be a senator,” he told the rising high school seniors attending a banquet at the university’s Abney Athletic Center.

Graham also recalled his less-than-stellar performance on the SAT exam. “I made 800 — that was both parts,” said the Republican senator. “Me and standardized testing never got along very well.” After high school, Graham enrolled at the University of South Carolina, where he enjoyed academic success until an unexpected death in the family.

“My junior year my mom got diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease and six months later she had passed. She was 52 when she died,” Graham said.

He said his father died 15 months later.

“So when I was a senior in college, my life had turned upside down,” Graham said.

“My only message to you is that whatever ambition you have — and I hope it is plentiful — don’t get too far ahead of yourself,” Graham said. “Don’t let your ambition take you away from the very basics of life — what makes live worth living — and that is the love of family and friends and walking in faith.”…

…“We are about to pass on to your generation some really difficult problems and I apologize that Congress is so screwed up. I apologize that we are have a national debt that is beyond imagination that’s going to fall on your shoulders soon if we don’t do something about it,” he said. “I am sorry that we have been in wars that have gone along so long.”

Graham was more upbeat in his assessment of the nation’s younger generation.

“Any time I get down about the condition of the country, I try to take some time to go to a military base or go to a college or a high school and I am inevitably cheered up by the enthusiasm of young people, their fearless nature, their optimism,” he said….

He is so honest and honorable he’s probably the only Republican NOT running for POTUS, or teasing about it.


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