The Appeasement Tea Party “Conservative” Anti-War Doves


“…“If you think the pathway to the GOP nomination in 2012 is to get to Barack Obama’s left on Libya, Afghanistan, and Iraq, you’re going to meet a lot of headwinds.  This is not a war of Afghan independence, from my point of view. This is the center of gravity against the war on terror, radical Islam. It is in our national security interests to make sure the Taliban never come back.”  Lindsey Graham

“…From the party’s point of view, the biggest disaster would be to let Barack Obama become Ronald Reagan and our people become Jimmy Carter.”…”

I guess we now know who the real “RINO”s are.  Lindsey Graham, James Inhofe, and John McCain are not among them.

When The Pink Flamingo was still in high school (I went to Seneca, Lindsey went to Daniel) I won the DAR Good Citizen Award for my stand on national security.  I have friends who have gone over to the dark side (tea party) who accuse me of no longer being “conservative”, but I think we all know who the true Reagan Conservatives are these days.  They sure aren’t the tea parties, that’s for sure.

It’s a good thing the Cold War is officially over or this current crop of libertarian leaning, Tea Party “patriot” Republicans would be selling us out to the USSR the same way the far left did!  Thank heavens for REAL Republicans like Lindsey Graham and John McCain, who are not Tea Party appeasers.

The Extreme libertarian tea party right likes to denigrate good patriots like Lindsey, James Inhofe, and John McCain, by referring to them as Republicans in Name Only, but it looks to The Pink Flamingo like Lindsey and Inhofe, and  McCain are some of the only real Republicans left in Washington.


“…Other Republican figures have begun pushing back, criticizing what they see as a growing “isolationist” agenda within the party. The result is that Republicans, once relatively unified on foreign policy issues, now have a division that parallels the long-standing split in Democratic ranks.

The debate was on public display Sunday as two of the GOP’s leading figures on defense and foreign policy, Sens. John McCain of Arizona and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, sharply criticized Republican presidential hopefuls and congressional leaders who question the country’s military intervention around the world.

“There has always been an isolationist strain in the Republican Party,” McCain said on ABC’s “This Week,” “but now it seems to have moved more center stage…. That is not the Republican Party that has been willing to stand up for freedom for people all over the world.”

National Journal

Graham said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that any debate over cutting funding for the Libya war would encourage resistance by Libyan leader Moammar Kadafi. “Congress should sort of shut up,” he said.

McCain and Graham also criticized former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who’s leading in the polls for the party’s presidential nomination, for referring to the fighting in Afghanistan as a “war for independence” that the U.S. should leave to others.

“I wish that candidate Romney and all the others would sit down” with U.S. commanders “and understand how this counterinsurgency is working and succeeding,” McCain said.

Romney was one of several presidential hopefuls who, in last week’s Republican candidate debate, focused criticism on U.S. military operations in Libya and Afghanistan. None took the sort of hawkish positions that McCain advocated during his presidential run in 2008.

Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-Minn.), for example, questioned what U.S. interest is at stake in Libya. “We were not attacked,” Bachmann said. “We were not threatened with attack. There was no vital national interest.”…”

I like Lindsey’s idea.  Someone needs to tell Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul to shut up about the War on Terror.

The Politico

Would someone please explain to The Pink Flamingo just why these self-righteous tea party zealots who are nothing but warmed-over libertarian doves who don’t give a damn about national security or our country are considered so very heroic?  Why are these people celebrated as “patriots” and men like Lindsey Graham, who are trying to protect our nation are denigrated and slandered by a bunch of sophomoric irrational idiots?

“…McCain said if former President Ronald Reagan were still alive he would have been disappointed in last week’s Republican presidential debate in which candidates voiced impatience with U.S. military efforts in Afghanistan, Iraq and now Libya. “He would be saying: That’s not the Republican Party of the 20th century, and now the 21st century. That is not the Republican Party that has been willing to stand up for freedom for people for all over the world,” McCain said. McCain made the comments in an interview with ABC’s “This Week” program that was broadcast on Sunday.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who was one of McCain’s top advisers in the 2008 campaign, echoed McCain’s concerns. Asked on NBC’s “Meet the Press” if he’s fearful “that there is an isolationist streak now running now through the Republican Party, Graham said, “Yes.” “If you think the pathway to the GOP (Republican) nomination in 2012 is to get to Barack Obama’s left on Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq, you are going to meet a lot of headwinds,” Graham said….”

National Journal

“…Graham said if Romney and other candidates aren’t willing to defend the mission in Afghanistan as crucial to U.S. national security interests, they risk invidious comparisons, such as with Carter, who was seen as weak in handling the Iran hostage crisis. Graham said he believes the GOP is at risk of ceding its ownership of national-security issues, adding, “I’m not going to let that happen without some speaking out.”

Inhofe backed up Graham, criticizing Romney’s implication that the conflict is an Afghan war for independence.

Mitt is — I’ll tell you the mistake he’s making — he’s trying the old big-tent routine; it never works,” Inhofe said. “He doesn’t understand the situation if he thinks that’s what this is about; this has nothing to do with independence.

Inhofe wasn’t happy with what he saw as a somewhat “bland” articulation of GOP national-security values in Monday’s debate.

“I didn’t see anyone really articulate the real sense of urgency and what Republicans stand for,” Inhofe said. “Republicans were tending to try to moderate and be everyone’s friend, with the exception of our friend from the pizza shop,” he said, referring to candidate Herman Cain.

Inhofe said he would support Texas Gov. Rick Perry jumping into the race.

Several conservatives have expressed unhappiness with the current crop of GOP presidential hopefuls, which has led to speculation that someone like Perry or New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie could jump into the race….”

The title for this post contains some of the vilest words worst profanity I have in my vocabulary:

  1. Tea Party
  2. Appeasement
  3. Anti-War
  4. Dove

I have another word for these people – traitors.  They are betrayers, pretending to be Republicans, denigrating REAL Republicans, all the while they are planning to sell our country out to Islamic radicalism.  The don’t have the courage to stand up and fight for our country.  None of them have the right to be called Republican.

It just makes me mad.

Ron Paul’s nasty and vile little brain-washed bots do nothing but slam people like “Lindsey” calling him a Republican in Name Only, but Ron Paul is nothing more than a libertarian shill.  Michele Bachmann is nothing more than Ron Paul in a Skirt.


4 thoughts on “The Appeasement Tea Party “Conservative” Anti-War Doves

  1. If the Tea Partiers were not so ignorant of history and World War Two, they would know that you can’t appease an aggressor. Why would anyone want Gadhafi to stay in power? The man is a murderer. I suppose they have already forgotten Lockerbie. I agree with the Pink Flamingo. They can’t be trusted to defend our country and they will sell us out to radical islam. They would like nothing better than to get rid of Lindsey in 2014 and I am so sick of reading their vile posts denigrating Lindsey, especially this Mark Steyn. What they are saying reveals more about themselves than about Lindsey. The vile things they say about Lindsey are really characterizations of themselves. At least Lindsey is not afraid to speak out regardless of the consequences. He seems absolutely fearless. If I were one of his constituents I would be proud of him.

  2. This was almost too painful to read but I did and now I’m even more depressed and less optimistic about our prospects in 2012.

    I read some unbelievably juvenile and hysterical things about Graham and McCain around Right Net today. Which of course shows that the crazies have no idea how to address the actual issue. The Limbaugh Geezers use derogatory nicknames that go back more than a decade. Utterly fossilized.

    It’s hard to know how deeply we’ve already drunk of the Hemlock Tea, but there are days like today when it seems the GOP has already turned into a giant Paul Pod.

    The sleight of hand being performed by FoxNews, the Fox Libertarian Business Network, a handful of loud ignorami with microphones, and a small but rabid group of perpetual malcontents is on par with the trickery that brought us president Obama. Poof! But the thing is, so many many Americans of all strata seem to flock to the loudest and craziest ideas from both Left and Right – the direction doesn’t matter much anymore.

  3. Some of them have become so anti American they should be put on the terrorist watch list.

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