Has Jim DeMint Jumped the Shark?


Has Jim DeMint finally jumped the shark?

“…But DeMint did more than that: He also made the pledge a presidential litmus test. Any candidate who wants his presidential endorsement will have to agree to the RSC’s three-pronged mantra, he says.  “I’m telling every presidential candidate, if your name isn’t on this list, don’t come see me,” DeMint said….”

Does DeMint know how outlandish and egotistical this sounds?

What would possess a seated United States Senator to use one of these fake non-profit, political shake-down organizations to blackmail Republicans in the House and Senate?

Jim DeMint, the Minority Maker, is at it again. He’s now demanding those who are running for Senate and House, to sign a purity clause.  As Groucho once said, “There ain’t no sanity clause.”

His list of co-sponsors is there on the page with the pledge.  It is sponsored by Let Freedom Ring.  They’ve had other projects including “We Need a Fence“, which is one of those fake non-profit political organizations promoted by a “fake” conservative = Colin Hanna.  If this is true about DeMint, then he has sunk even lower than usual.  This is sleeze.

“…The conservative senator announced his support of the “Cut, Cap, and Balance” Pledge during a speech at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference on Friday and said a drive for support would begin in earnest next week.

The pledge, crafted by several conservative groups, would have signatories vow to oppose raising the debt limit unless three conditions are met: 1. Substantial cuts in spending (Cut), 2. Enforceable spending caps (Cap), and 3. Congressional passage of a balanced budget amendment (Balance).

“I’m telling every presidential candidate, if your name isn’t on this list, don’t come see me,” DeMint said.

Support from the South Carolina senator will be especially coveted by White House contenders, both for the boost in a key primary state and because of his status as a conservative icon within the GOP. DeMint challenged House and Senate candidates to sign the pledge, too….”

DeMint Sanity Pledge
Hotline On Call

“...Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour appealed to Republicans on Friday to put aside their ideological differences and rally around whichever candidate eventually wins the GOP nomination for president.

“We are not going to have a perfect candidate,” Barbour told the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, according to CNN. “There has only been one perfect person that has ever walked on this earth and there’s not going to be one who runs for president in 2012.”

Barbour urged Republicans not to “get hung up on purity.” Doing so, he said, would simply help President Barack Obama’s chances of re-election. “In politics, purity is a loser,” Barbour said.

Barbour may be right to worry about the ideological rifts within the Republican party. HuffPost’s Jon Ward reported this week on the rifts within the Tea Party over the prospective 2012 GOP nominees….”

Huff Post

If we don’t ditch Jim DeMint’s kind of purity – we lose.

It makes you wonder what the purists really want.

The real question is why someone with DeMint’s status would work with one of Colin Hanna’s fake organizations.  It is tawdry and has no class.



2 thoughts on “Has Jim DeMint Jumped the Shark?

  1. Looks like Sen DeMint is not paying attention to the President Reagan mantra that if you agree with a candidate 80% of the time, he is your candidate. If anyone wants to read a good article about the people like DeMint who go after “Rinos” a term which I hate, read this article at Nevada Review

    Who is DeMint to determine who is going to run and win? He is one Senator out of 100 not a king or dictator. Although he is sounding more like a dictator along with those groups he claims support him. This ‘pure’ and ‘true’ conservative is crap and always has been. Ronald Reagan wouldn’t be considered a conservative under their rules. They couldn’t get elected as libertarians and infiltrated the Republican Party and now want to call the shots. No thanks!

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