Not to Russell Pearce: Howz That Anti-Immigration Thing Working Out for You?


The Pink Flamingo is constantly amazed that reputable organizations, publications, and individuals still give credibility to Russell Pearce.

One wonders just what it will take for them to realize what this person is?

The Feathered Bastard, our favorite liberal blog, has covered the checkered career of Russell Pearce.

“…Perhaps that’s why only about three percent of his 2010 campaign contributions came from within LD18.

To rebut Pearce’s contention that it’s people outside of LD18 who support the recall, we need only look at the current count from the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office of those signatures that have been validated or invalidated.

As of this morning, of the 16,949 signatures forwarded to the county by the Secretary of State, 9,414 are valid, according to county elections spokeswoman Yvonne Reed.

Reed said 6,195 sigs have been deemed invalid. There are 1,340 left to review. If this current rate of 55 percent validation continues, the final count may top 10,000.

That’s 10,000 residents of LD18, qualified voters who “know” Pearce all too well.

Cataloging and refuting each whopper Pearce lays on Simons during his appearance would probably take another couple of blog posts, so I’ll just pick some highlights.

Regarding former Senate Majority Leader Scott Bundgaard, Pearce’s one-time right-hand man, who now faces charges of reckless assault and endangerment in a February freeway-side fracas with his then girlfriend, Pearce claimed that he waited until all the information was in before supporting his pal publicly.

Wrong again, Senator.

Less than a week after the incident, and before he’d read the police report, Pearce had this to say of his lieutenant:

“I know what is going on…I think he is a victim of this whole thing. I feel bad for him. He certainly has paid the price.”

Simons and Pearce also go over the Fiesta Bowl scandal. The bottom line here is Pearce took free football tickets and trips to Chicago and Boston with members of his family, all on the Fiesta Bowl’s dime….”

Russell Pearce, who is one of the authors of some of the most racist anti-Hispanic legislation in the country is facing a recall petition. Unfortunate, Pearce is one of the bad Republicans.  He has been known to hang out with J. T. Ready, an known neo-Nazi.  He and the adorable minutemen are claiming that the only people involved in the recall are liberals, etc.

Nothing can be farther from the truth, then again these people don’t know the truth if it hit them in the face.

Minuteman PAC

“…The very same socialist thugs who carry swastikas and call ALL conservatives “Hitler” for wanting America’s borders secure are now uniting behind a dangerous political ploy to RECALL Senator Pearce prior to the 2012 general elections.  It’s a last-ditch, desperate political scam and we MUST join together to protect this important Patriot who never stops working for us or our families.…”

The problem is, the minutemen and Pearce are lying about just who is “recalling” him.

“…Also, mindful of the ever Mormon Community in the East Valley and Greater Arizona, we’re working with Somos Republicans to appeal to the LDS community’s unwaivering patriotic support of our Constitution.  Russell Pearce has violated two principles that Mormons hold near and dear to their hearts: 1)  What the Mormon Prophet says, and 2) Upholding our Constitution.

Somos Republicans recognize the powerful stronghold the Mormon Community has in Mesa, Arizona.  To fully win the recall efforts, the change in Mesa will have to be from within the LDS community.  This is the time for Mesa’s Mormon leaders to change the image Russell Pearce has helped to destroy.  It will take the courageous and bold steps of LDS members to follow Utah’s lead and what the Mormon prophet has embraced.  The Mormon prophet has embraced the Utah Compact and the healthy discussion of immigration — Russell Pearce has not.  We have schedule a series of lectures titled “A Fire Side on Immigration”.  We want to be a strong catalyst to remind the Mesa community to follow in the footsteps of the Mormon Prophet.  Without the LDS community support of our efforts, our Recall of Russell Pearce will ultimately fail.  Building upon the connections within the LDS community we’ve made so far, we look forward to our series of Fireside Lectures by a prominent Mormon Community Member and anticipate positive reception.

Perhaps the best outcome after successfully completing this recall signature drive would be for these dialogues to inspire a brave, patriotic, and virtuous Mormon to heed the call for a new conservative leader in LD 18 to fill the shoes of an oft disappointing Russell Pearce in representing the Mesa Community.

The Immigrant Justice and Individual Rights movements are vibrant and headed towards many a victory and we look forward to working together cohesively to accomplish important goals including the successful recall of Senate President Russell Pearce.  Everyone brings something unique to this fight and we look forward to experiencing everyone’s continued positive contributions of hard work, passion, and cooperation….”


AZ Central

(Hat tip to SV for forwarding information to me)