You Know That “Growing” Libertarian Wave? (It’s a Lie)


What is wrong with these people?

There’s a war brewing between libertarians and normal people.  Libertarians are pretending to be normal, helpful people who just want to get the government of the backs of the American people.  That’s fine.  Then again, John Stossel wants to get rid of charitable donations, traffic lights, and labeling on the back of food.

Libertarians don’t comprehend the fact that there are times when laws are needed and new laws are required to meet the changing times.

Too much government is bad.  Too little government is also bad.  Perhaps they should also consider that too much theoretical financial reading is bad.  Too much Ayn Rand is bad.  Too much Ron Paul will fry your brain.  Normal people not even don’t know the difference between Keynesian financial theory and Ron Paul Financial doomsday.  We don’t care. If you have a little commons sense and some wisdom you don’t need theory.

They don’t comprehend that their constant discussions of theoretical financial practices are taking up so much time, they’re allowing the world to fall down around our feet. They are no different than the medieval theologians who would sit for hours, days, weeks on end arguing how many angels could dance on the head of a pin.

It doesn’t matter.

Instead of being theological, they could actually attempt to do something reasonable and logical.  Help ferret out government waste.  Gary Johnson, former Governor of New Mexico balanced the budget here by cutting out waste and corruption.  Try doing a little real work, finding where money is being flushed away in duplicate programs.  Quit being jerks about government helping people who truly need it, and figure out how to get rid of waste.

(You can start on the hills outside my condo where the forest service is spending millions dropping grass seed from choppers.  They are dropping it during a massive drought.  They are dropping it on the mountains burned out from the White Fire.  They are dropping it on mountains where grass has never grown).

It is one reasons libertarians will never truly be successful.  They are not practical.  They know only theory and Ayn Rand.  They don’t bother with reality.

They can’t do that.  It is far too practical.  There is nothing practical about a good libertarian.  There’s a heck of alot of self-righteous indignation and political and ideological narcissism, but do they ever come up with concrete ideas  – other than audit the Fed?

The Pink Flamingo’s problem with libertarians is the fact that they are so darn intellectually dishonest – to themselves.  They are idealists on a damn fool idealistic crusade, thinking they are Obi Wan out to take down the Evil Empire.

The problem is libertarians are far too idealistic for their own good.  They think all libertarians are good.  They think all business is good. All government is bad. All billionaire businessmen (emphasis on the “men”) are the Second Coming.  The only exception to this is George Soros who must be destroyed.  They worship at the altar of Wal-Mart using Atlas Shrugged as their Bible.  Their deacons are the Koch Brothers and Lew Rockwell.  Their TV Preacher is Ron Paul, with Michele Bachmann doing the whole Tammy Fay thing, looking at him with abject adoration as her mascara runs down her glittering cheeks.

Stephen Metcalf has upset all the little libertarians everywhere by offending them.

“…Calling yourself a libertarian is another way of saying you believe power should be held continuously answerable to the individual’s capacity for creativity and free choice. By that standard, Thomas Jefferson, John Ruskin, George Orwell, Isaiah Berlin, Noam Chomsky, Michel Foucault, and even John Maynard Keynes are libertarians. (Orwell: “The real division is not between conservatives and revolutionaries but between authoritarians and libertarians.” Keynes: “But above all, individualism … is the best safeguard of personal liberty in the sense that, compared with any other system, it greatly widens the field for the exercise of personal choice.”) Every thinking person is to some degree a libertarian, and it is this part of all of us that is bullied or manipulated when liberty is invoked to silence our doubts about the free market. The ploy is to take libertarianism as Orwell meant it and confuse it with libertarianism as Hayek meant it; to take a faith in the individual as an irreducible unit of moral worth, and turn it into a weapon in favor of predation….”

None of this makes sense.  Then again libertarians don’t make sense.

The much vaunted CNN poll proclaiming that the US was becoming a libertarian nation is a crock. It is a bad poll. There are no internals. It is a fantasy spun by CNN.



Opinion Research Corp is NOT a polling group. They are a PR firm.


From Hot Air:

“…The CNN poll in question has pegged a new high in libertarian responses, with 63% taking that route in the first question and one half (50%) choosing the second answer to the last question. (Up from 41% in 2008.)

The shift on the first question is easier to understand. When the government goes full bore busybody on us, as we’ve seen particularly these past couple of years, people tend to bristle and push back. But what accounts for the rise in the values question? It almost seems counter-intuitive. Nate attributes it to the rise of the Tea Party, but I’ll let you debate that part with him yourselves…”

This is the info that was crunched. This cannot be LIBERTARIAN.


Anyone who thinks this is a “real” poll is out of their mind.


This crock is from Volokh Conspiracy

Volokh Conspiracy

From Points and Figures

Points and Figures
The Corner

Bottom line – it doesn’t exist.


If you dig deep, you will find the whole libertarian movement is being promoted by the ultra ultra wealthy plutocrats who want to run the country.  The Koch Brothers are no different from George Soros.  They both are trying to control the country – molding it for their own PROFIT.

Nothing is wrong with profit.

“…The Koch brothers‘ echo chamber has successfully written the messaging for the AARP, a traditional defender of social security for all generations, which recently opened the door to cutting benefits. The Koch echo chamber begins with think tanks like the Cato Institute, Heritage Foundation and Mercatus Centre at George Mason University and the Reason Foundation, which owe their founding and achievements to Koch backing. These thinktanks take their $28.4m in Koch funding and produce hundreds of position papers distorting the long-term health of social security.

“The Koch brothers fund organisations, and you have economists and political scientists working there, and they are very, very good at getting on television,” says Sanders. “They are very effective in getting their positions out into the media.”

The authors of these hundreds of self-described policy studies, newsletters, commentaries and books are then paraded through television, print and online news media. Their distorted message is amplified through shows like Hannity, on Fox News, with its 3.3 million viewers per episode, or CNBC’s Kudlow Report and its roughly 300,000 viewers per episode, night after night after night. Gradually, influential opinion-formers in venerable news outlets will also react and have already begun to referee disputes on new “middle ground” that has, over time and through the actions of AARP and the Koch echo chamber, grown tolerant of the Koch brothers’ talking points. Eventually, elected officials react to the Koch echo chamber and typically shift their position for reelection or the next campaign.

Influential opinion-formers in venerable news outlets will react and have already begun to referee disputes on new “middle ground” that has, over time and through the actions of AARP and the Koch echo chamber, grown tolerant of the Koch brothers’ talking points.

The investigation revealed Koch-supported policy fixes, and specific language repeated across each document, such as raising the retirement age or eliminating cost of living adjustments for social security dependents and beneficiaries. These Koch ideas percolate through the echo chamber and into the mainstream. The frequency and repetition of the arguments supplant more popular policy recommendations like scrapping the social security tax cap, which would free individuals earning more than $106,800 annually to pay taxes on all of their wages, like everyone else.

Almost overnight, it seems, a historic and popular public service like social security faces extinction. But it’s no mystery how this has happened: behind that outcome, the Koch echo chamber has been churning for years….”



There is a bottom line here.  Anyone who does not admit that the Koch Brothers are funding this pending libertarian nightmare is delusional.  There is no difference between the Koch Brothers and George Soros.

The Pink Flamingo is a good Republican. This said, I am NOT a libertarian and NEVER will be one.  The reason i make this comment is because I see something strange going on here.  The more powerful libertarians become in this country, the worse off the average American is.

The last thing I want to do is sound like a populist.  But – I do believe in being fair.  I don’t like things, isms, and people who aren’t fair.  People deserve to be treated decently and be given a break.  We have enough problems with Obama and his liberal cronies pushing all manner of illegal rules and regulations on us without being forced to deal with the rank dishonesty of the libertarian fat cats and multi-billionaires who are intent on reshaping capitalism to into something they find more appealing for them. On the other hand, we must deal with the far left and the multi-billionaires who want to use the system to promote their version of what the world should be.

There is a bottom line here. We are dealing with a group of very powerful multi-billionaires who are gaming the system so they can become even wealthier.  They think the average American is so stupid we will go along with them.  I fear they are right.  Looking at the left, and looking at the libertarian right, they’re going along with both groups.  The rest of us are being squeezed like a tube of toothpaste.

We are no longer a Republic.  We are a plutocracy, brought to you by the likes of the Koch Brothers and George Soros.

I want new, very strict campaign finance laws.  I read somewhere that today, if Nixon were doing what he did in 1972, nothing he did would be illegal.  I sincerely hope that is not true.