Sometimes Being Too Cheap Costs More $$$ in the Long Run


There ARE times when you must spend money to save money.  I know, it isn’t Tea Party, but it is one of those strange truths in life.  It reminds me of the wise man who built his house on the rocks, and the foolish one who built his on the sand.

Karoli at Crooks and Liars asks if Rand Paul spends money to have his car serviced, thereby saving a fortune later on?

The Pink Flamingo doesn’t really like Bernie Sanders.  He is a socialist.  I think Al Franken is a fool.  But -Rand Paul makes them look good.

“…Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), labeled “America’s Dumbest Senator” by some, was flabbergasted. “It’s curious that only in Washington can you spend $2 billion and claim that you’re saving money,” he said. “The idea or notion that spending money in Washington somehow is saving money really flies past most of the taxpayers.”…”

It is called penny wise and pound foolish.  If you want the perfect picture of someone like this, I could show you one of my father.  We can’t blame his Alzheimer’s on the things that he did in the past – to save a buck.  Instead of getting decent life insurance, he purchased a term life plan for $25,000.  The problem is that he forgot all about it.  When I took  over the finances I found it.  He’s paid over $55,000 into the plan.

Being too Rand Paul cheap, even though it sounds good – and we can’t afford it – will cost billions more in the long run.  But, try and get the far right and the tea parties to understand it.

“...Understanding this just requires a little bit of thought. If we cut spending on volcano monitoring and tsunami warnings, we save a little money on maintenance, but pay a lot of money on damage repairs after disaster strikes. If we cut spending on food safety, we save a little money on inspection, but pay a lot of money on health care costs when consumers get sick. If we cut spending for the Securities and Exchange Commission, as Republicans are desperate to do, we save a little money on enforcement, but pay a lot of money to clean up financial catastrophes….”

Somewhere in this world, there needs to be a wise and reasonable medium.

There is a video going around that makes Rand Paul look like a fool, ergo, making conservatives look like fools.  The Pink Flamingo is a big believer in helping seniors who are in need.  There are a heck of a lot of senior citizens are going hungry.  One of the reasons you do have these assistance programs for seniors is EXACTLY what Bernie Sanders says it is.

Booman Tribune

The Pink Flamingo DOES NOT believe in nursing homes.  They cost people a fortune.  The cost that goes back to Medicare is terribly experience.

If we spend two billion dollars to help seniors who need it, they do stay healthier and do stay out of nursing homes.

“..As Sanders and Franken explain: If we make sure old folks have money for and access to adequate nutrition, fewer of them will need to be hospitalized or placed in nursing homes. Because Medicare would pay a lot more money for hospitalization or nursing home care than it would cost to make sure these old folks don’t go hungry to begin with, this program is cost-effective in addition to being humane…”

Sorry, but I happen to agree with Al Franken and Bernie Sanders on this one. (durn it all). Rand Paul looks and sounds like a complete and total abject fool.  Alex Pareene in Salon uses Ron Paul as a way to attack all conservatives.  He makes us look bad.

“…Rand Paul is either presenting a misleadingly simplistic argument because he knows it will appeal to dumb conservatives (only a big-city liberal would think you could save money in the future by spending it wisely in the present!) or he’s actually as dumb as I have always said he is. He’s obviously some combination of willfully obtuse and dimwitted, but how much of his dimwitted is calculated?…”

There is something else going on here. The seniors they are now discussing are part of The Greatest Generation. These are the men and women who fought and won World War II. I think we owe something to these people, the majority of whom are Republican and do not believe in pubic assistance.

From Crooks and Liars comes the transcript.  Do you realize how dumb you must be to make Al Franken look bright?

Crooks and Liars

In the Bible, we Christians who are NOT devotees of Rand understand that we are our brother’s keeper and we are required to render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar.  I will repeat again, it is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE for a person to follow both Christ and Rand.

The Pink Flamingo fears Rand Paul is now going to give the left more ammunition to use against the GOP.  I can see the headline now:

GOP Wants to Kill Seniors

There is a direct cause and effect between senior citizens, nutrition, illness, broken bones, depression, and death.  I’ve seen it twice in the past three months.  When a senior gets down and stops eating, they will not survive.  If they are in decent health, and can remain at home, well fed, and cared for, it is a heck of a lot less expensive than a costly nursing home.

Then again, the cheapest way to get out of paying all that medicare and save money is to let them go hungry, break a hip, get sent to a nursing home, and die.

This nation is losing its soul to expediency, Randian theology, and a lack of basic human decency.  What good is it if you balance the budget and lose your soul?