BREAKING: Just How Vindictive Is SC’s Glam Girl of the GOP?


Ages ago, The Pink Flamingo said that if primaries are not held in the states, the Ron Paul Bots would end up pushing out NORMAL Republicans.  Rick Scott’s train wreck in Florida may also cost the GOP a primary there.

Something is up – and it stinks.  Nikki is threatening to veto the possibility of SC having it’s very important POTUS primary.  If it becomes a caucus, it is a joke.  The state loses a fortune.  Then gain, Nikki is beginning to look a lot like her mentor, Mark Sanford.

So, why is she doing it?

According to FTS, the Bad Boy of the SC, she is doing it because she is a vindictive you know what, who did not want Connelly elected to as the state GOP chair.   The Pink Flamingo has been on record that the Glam Girls of the GOP are an abject disaster for the GOP.  It looks like Nikki is proving my point.

The Pink Flamingo thinks there is more to it.  If there is a primary, Nikki might be forced to make a decision and back someone.  If they caucus she can piddle, twiddle, and resolve and not a damn thing will she solve.   Nikki is basically a losertarian.  If SC is thrown into a caucus, it will screw Romney and anyone else who is not a tea party Ron Paul Bot.  She would throw the state to either Ron Paul or Bachmann, which may be the whole idea.


“…Gov. Nikki Haley is expected to veto part of a state budget proposal, now on her desk, that could partially pay for that primary. Connelly is concerned that veto would mean the State Election Commission could not help run the GOP primary, forcing the party to opt for a caucus.

Switching to a caucus would end the state’s three-decade tradition of holding the first-in-the-South primary. That primary’s importance has been bolstered by state Republican voters’ record of picking the eventual GOP nominee in every race since Ronald Reagan in 1980. The state also would lose national exposure, prestige and millions of dollars that campaigns, media and others spend during the event.
The state GOP is just one of several groups anxiously awaiting Haley’s first vetoes as governor.

Before Wednesday, the new governor must sign off or issue vetoes for part or all of a $6 billion general fund budget plan for the state’s fiscal year, which starts July 1. Other Haley vetoes could target $2.1 million for the state Arts Commission and $56 million in unexpected revenue that state legislators added for K-12 education.

A two-thirds vote of both the S.C. House and state Senate would be required to override any vetoes. In the past, the Legislature routinely has overridden gubernatorial vetoes. But putting together the super-majorities needed to override vetoes this year could be difficult, legislative leaders say. During legislative debates, Tea Party-inclined Republicans, who say the state is spending too much, and Democrats, who say it is spending too little, frequently voted against budget items. As a result, the overwhelmingly Republican House only passed a budget by three votes….”

Brad Warthen in SC interviewed Chad Connelly, the new chairman of the SCGOP.  He disputes SC’s Glam Girl of the GOP’s determination not to have a primary.  4:30 into the video.   Connelly makes Nikki look like an abject fool.  They cannot legally have a primary unless the state runs the primary.

What is Nikki up to?   It is possible Connelly is a Romney person.

Brad Warthen

I think it is time to ask what this incompetent woman is trying to do?

“…Katon Dawson, who was chairman of the S.C. GOP until May, said running a caucus is not an option. Dawson noted that all three candidates to succeed him as party chairman, including Connelly, promised they would find a way to pay for the primary.

“Raise the money and partner with the Election Commission,” Dawson said, when asked what the S.C. GOP should do. “They’re going to have to man up and get the thing done.”

Only a primary – not a caucus – will draw national attention to South Carolina, said Dawson, who recently quit as an adviser to former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s GOP presidential campaign, and Richard Quinn, a Columbia-based GOP operative who is advising former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman’s Republican presidential campaign.

“It would be the death of a tradition that began after Reagan,” Quinn said of ending the primary, which developed the reputation as “the place where presidents are chosen. It would be a tragedy,” Quinn said.
Quinn added a caucus likely would not include the independent voters whose turnout built the GOP primary, which does not require voters be registered Republicans to vote.

Without a primary, Dawson said GOP candidates also will cut their spending in South Carolina.
“This state would lose 100 times the revenue that it costs to run a primary,” Quinn said….”

If the Daily Kos can see this is all about keeping Romney from winning the primary there, I wonder if anyone else can.

“…Who knows what’s going on behind the scenes, but if I were a GOP insider who wanted Mitt Romney to win, I’d be doing everything I could to shape the primary calendar to his advantage, and that includes minimizing the importance of places like South Carolina. I’d want New Hampshire, and probably Florida, to be what people focused on. Iowa and South Carolina, not so much.

Update: To be clear, I don’t think this makes it more likely that Romney wins South Carolina. I think there’s no way he wins it whether it’s a primary or a caucus. But I think turning it in to a caucus, particularly if it comes later in the cycle, will help Romney because it will downplay the historical importance of the state. South Carolina’s primary has historically been a must-win contest for Republican presidential candidates. If there isn’t a primary, I think that’s good for Romney. But even if that happens, I still wouldn’t bet on him winning the nomination….”

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