Tea In Space (Rather Like Pigs in Space)


These people are insidious, like roaches.  They come out at night, spread their nastiness, then can’t stand the light of day.  They worship Ayn Rand.  They are strange little creatures who are becoming a bit silly.  All a bunch of little twits need is to call themselves a tea party group, link up with others of their ilk, and voila.  They are narcissistic and arrogant enough to think they can truly force everyone in the world to change.

There are so many of these twits that they are starting to show their liberal tendencies.  They want to get involved in every area of our lives.  This is NOT about less government.  This is about people who will never amount to more than a hill of beans trying to take control of the country.


Remember the Muppets and Pigs in Space?  Well, that was my first thought when I heard there was a tea party group out to kill our space program.

“…On Thursday, TEA Party in Space (TPIS) unveiled its “TEA Party Space Platform.”

The group, which is affiliated with the Tea Party Patriots, hopes NASA will return “to its roots as [a research and development] agency instead of serving as a slush fund for a few influential members of Congress,” TPIS President Andrew Gasser said in a Thursday press release.

Just like a political party’s platform, this agenda is made up of specific issues. Among the fourteen calls to action is for Congress to pass legislation to cap liability for commercial human spaceflight.

Another of the tenets calls for a “Zero-G means Zero-Tax” arrangement, which would establish tax exemptions for business activities related to human spaceflight.

Additionally, the group wants for Congress to allow NASA to cancel all existing Shuttle, Ares and Space Launch System contracts in order to force the termination of an $11 billion earmark included in the 2010 NASA Authorization Law and for NASA to “competitively bid the development of human exploration transportation capabilities.”…”

Tea in Space

It makes you wonder who these people are and who is promoting them.  Something’s getting a little weird out there.  Issac Mooers, who is “Director of Operations” is a Ron Paul Bot.

Tea in Space

The Pink Flamingo has been all about the private sector in space since the Reagan Administration.  Unfortunately what this hand full of arrogant little jerks doesn’t understand is that their ill-advised platform is a joke.  They want all shuttle missions canceled – there is one remaining mission.

They don’t know what they are doing.

Tea In Space

I thought the tea parties wanted to get rid of the DOE.  Unfortunately, what they are advocating is, currently, nothing more than science fiction fantasy.  I wish it were not, but these people are out of their league.  One wonders what is going on here.

It makes me wonder who is fronting this.

Also – there are only about 80 “likes” on facebook.  This says more than anything else.  The Pink Flamingo has been telling you that there is very little real interest in the tea parties.


4 thoughts on “Tea In Space (Rather Like Pigs in Space)

  1. I would just like to personally thank you for your write up on the TEA Party Space Platform. While very little was actually correct.

    You incorrectly stated “They want all shuttle missions canceled – there is one remaining mission.” Here is the plank in which you incorrectly correlated cancellation.

    Plank – Congress shall allow NASA to cancel all existing Shuttle, Ares, and Space Launch System contracts terminating the $11 billion dollar earmark in 2010 NASA Authorization Law (Public Law 111-267). In addition, NASA shall competitively bid the development of any and all human exploration transportation capabilities.

    This is to say, no more SD-HLV. Its an 11 billion dollar earmark to a few districts and states from powerful members of congress. Wouldn’t competition be better? We think so.

    In conclusion, you find none of the vitriol on http://www.teapartyinspace.com like you do here.

    Pot… meet kettle.

    Andrew Gasser
    President, TEA Party in Space

  2. I have spent much of my life working to save NASA and humanity by promoting the exploration of space. You do not know what you are doing. You may be a tea partier and that allows you to think that your agenda is superior to everyone else, but it is idiotic. I’m sorry. Do you know that NASA is one of the few government agencies where every dollar spent on it goes back into the community and makes anywhere from $10 to $25 depending on which study you use? Of course not, or you would not be advocating the destruction of our manned space program. Also – the agenda you are advocating, space tugs, etc, is a wonderful idea, but right now it is science fiction and nothing more. I’ve been down that road and done that.

    You don’t get it. This is one thing that the federal government does correctly.

    The Pink Flamingo

  3. I would completely disagree. This is the establishment point of view… “Only NASA” can do HSF. This is false.

    ITAR is killing America to engage in commerce with the global market. They paper work takes months to complete and costs millions of dollars to comply with.

    Plutonium enrichment is another plank that MANY scientists at SMD would like to see started. It would have made Juno so much easier.

    “You don’t get it. This is one thing that the federal government does correctly.” You mean like JWST, MSL, and Constellation? Billions of dollars spent and nothing to show for it but piles of power points, amazing CGI videos, and the world’s largest model rocket test (Ares Ix)?

    Meanwhile, for $390 MILLION dollars a small company develops two families of rockets and five engines working with NASA. No, I get it just fine. It is all the GS types who are scared. Who died and made NASA God?

    You don’t need NASA to control space exploration and settlement. You need a partnership with less regulation and over site.

    Andrew Gasser
    President, TEA Party in Space

  4. What is your background in space policy other than as a tea drinking libertarian?

    Sorry, but there are some things that are simply not practical for private industry to do. R&D, the kind that has gone into getting us where were before Obama, is ONLY possible on a large scale basis. We don’t need NASA to control space exploration. We do need regulations to keep people from doing truly stupid things. The regulations were put into place years ago – and are designed to make life a living hell, but there are reasons for it.

    Plutonium? I don’t want anyone dealing with it but a federal agency. Lord have mercy! Do you know what happens with a launch failure and the stuff blows up?

    Small dollar companies can’t do some things. It is impossible. There is basic research that can go into putting a private company into low earth orbit.

    But – do you comprehend the concept that you must blow things up to get them into orbit? I was at the very first national policy briefing Deke Slayton did after the first successful private launch. That was nearly 30 years ago. It takes that long for R&D to get things done – unfortunately. Yes, you can get something into orbit, but can you get it home, safe? That’s the ticket.

    How are you going to get a heavy payload into orbit? Got anything to do it, now? Got any company who is willing to spend the very big bucks necessary to get the blasted thing built and launched?

    This is not playtime. This is serious stuff. There is nothing I would love than to see Joe’s Bar and Grill on the Moon. One day it is going to happen. Right now we don’t have all the technology we need to do it private. Sure, you have access to Apollo, but that was 40 years ago.

    There are many things that can be privatized. I think the tourism angle is an excellent idea – but it is low earth up and down. There isn’t even an orbit.

    I want this stuff to work, but I also know there is a very big role for government. You never did respond to the fact that NASA is one of the few federal agencies that actually generates money back into the community.

    You do realize you don’t build a real rocket until you build a test version. To think you can just go all blond and say “Golly gee, i’m a libertarian so I want to have my own space program, and golly we don’t need NASA, is just plain foolish. Even Rush Limbaugh agrees that NASA is one thing we need to keep. You just can’t go out and start putting a bunch of legos together and come up with a launch vehicle. You get people killed. You get people killed and we get no Buck Rogers.

    I truly detest the tea parties because they are so unreasonable. If I could find one person in a tea party who could discuss something without going all Ron Paul it would be amazing.

    Look I want private and I want massive Star Trek style exploration. I see a place for both. I don’t have government. I happen to know my history and the fact that the very first person to embrace BIG GOVERNMENT SCIENCE was Thomas Jefferson. Space is one thing I want the government involved in – big time.

    I want space telescopes. I want Mars probes. Do you not comprehend we cannot settle the moon without some exploration – and it needs to be done by probes? How are you doing to do it without Big Science? I am just thankful Thomas Jefferson was not a tea partier and had the good sense to invest in big science and exploration. Too bad the tea slurpers who pretend to think they know something about our founding and history don’t really know something about history. There is a Jeffersonian precedent for all of this.


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