The Minority Maker Threatens to Destroy Republicans Who Disagree With Him (Including Those of Us in New Mexico)



“…If Standard & Poor’s lowered the nation’s credit rating to double-A, the interest rate on Treasury bonds would increase by roughly 23.2 basis points, or 0.232 percent. If it were to fall all the way to single-A, the cost of borrowing would climb by about 37.5 basis points.
That change might seem paltry, but when dealing with a deficit of over $1 trillion, those small boosts can add up. By the firm’s math, that shift would mean an additional $2.32 to $3.75 billion a year just in additional interest.

Thompson pointed out that there is a snowball effect as well. If the nation’s credit rating is downgraded due to the inability to deal with the deficit, the added interest costs will make it that much harder to rein it in going forward.

“You think the deficit’s bad now? Wait until you actually have to pay real interest on your debt,” he said…”

Jim DeMint needs to get his nasty PAC the heck out of New Mexico.  He’s going to oppose Heather Wilson because she is not pure enough.  In other words, he doesn’t give a rip about an actual GOP majority in the Senate.  What the heck goes on in this man’s arrogant brain.  Wilson is the ONLY Republican who can win here in NM for the Senate.

“…DeMint said he plans to get involved, once again, in Republican primaries for the 2012 elections. One race he has his eye on is the open Senate seat in New Mexico, which is being vacated by retiring Democratic Sen. Jeff Bingaman. Republican leaders have recruited former Rep. Heather Wilson to run, but she faces a challenge against the more conservative John Sanchez, New Mexico’s lieutenant governor.

“She’s a friend, but we’ve talked to her and I don’t think Heather’s going to be thought of as a conservative, and she’s got a good opponent,” DeMint said. “We may get involved with that race, but we haven’t made a final decision. I won’t commit, at this point, but I think we’re going to have a strong conservative there.”…”

What Jim DeMint doesn’t know, and really doesn’t care is that John Sanchez is now in such disrepute here that he can’t get elected dog-catcher.  There are rumors that Susana Martinez, one of the Glam Girls of the GOP would like to dump him as Lt. Gov. because he is such a jerk.  Then again, Jim DeMint is the one who pushed Giggles O’Donnell.

The Pink Flamingo doesn’t like constantly harping on Jim DeMint, but there are times when I simply do not understand  him and his motivations.  Evidently he isn’t all that concerned about the full faith and credit of our financial reputation, nor the Constitution.  If he were, he would not be threatening any Republican who is not trying to see it his way.

There is also something a bit disconcerting about someone who claims to be a true believer who must always have his way.  If it were on a single issue, I could go along with it.  The problem is, it really doesn’t matter.  If someone disagrees with him in the GOP, they are threatened with political ruin.


The debt ceiling is one of his latest demands.

“...Conservative firebrand Sen. Jim DeMint has a message to fellow Republicans in Congress: If you support increasing the debt ceiling without first passing a balanced budget amendment and massive across-the-board spending cuts, you’re gone — destined to be swept out of Congress by a wave of voter anger.

“Based on what I can see around the country,” DeMint, R-S.C., said in an interview for the ABC News Subway Series, “not only are those individuals gone, but I would suspect the Republican Party would be set back many years.

“It would be the most toxic vote,” DeMint said. “I can tell you if you look at the polls, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, they do not think we should increase the debt limit.”

DeMint is not just talking political analysis here. He has a significant fundraising base and has shown a willingness to use his campaign money to support or oppose fellow Republicans….”

Washington Monthly