What’s a Republican To Do?


We have Michele Bachmann, who professes to be a Christian refusing to forgive Chris Wallace.

What kind of people set out to destroy Republican candidates?  We know some, like Jim DeMint, do it for purity.  Then there are others who do it out of spite.  Then again there are those who are at it to destroy the entire GOP and put in a wacky John Birch, Ron Paul agenda.   Unfortunately, there are indications that we are starting to see Freedom Works, the John Birchers, 912ers, and the Ron Paul Bots merge into something truly nasty.

The Pink Flamingo told you so.  On Monday, Darcy Van Orden was one of the leaders of the group who came close to assaulting Orin Hatch and the NRSC over the demands they NOT back Hatch.  Evidently, like all the other little tea partiers, these people don’t know much about the Constitution.  Van Orden was joined by David Kirkham who is a Glen Beck John Bircher fan.  In this NY Times article, he says he never heard of Glenn Beck, but he’s part of his 912 Meetup group.


He is out to get Orin Hatch.  And – just read this….  Typical Tea Party Sleeze

Deseret News

Another person at the assault was Jacqueline Smith.  She’s a Glenn Beck, Ron Paul Bot.

Meet Up

These are not NORMAL Republicans.  How dare they push their extreme agenda?

Meet Up

“…A woman named Darcy Van Orden finally set me straight. Darcy is a 30-year-old married mother of one who lives in Layton and works for a construction company by day.

By night, she is a political activist who isn’t a member of any particular political party. Instead, she affiliates with a number of groups, such as the Davis County 9/12 Project, which is dedicated to studying the Constitution and working with local lawmakers to bring government back in line with basic constitutional principles.

She’s happy to call herself a Tea Party patriot, but that’s it.

“We’re a grass-roots movement of ordinary citizens who are fed up with all the corruption and overspending in Washington and want to do something about it,” said Darcy. “We’re not affiliated with any political party, and we’re nondenominational. We believe in states’ rights and pursuing bills and action without our individual states.

“Like-minded citizen groups are springing up like this all over,” she continued. “We are organizing but not in a third-party way. We’re ordinary citizens who feel betrayed by the politicians we’ve voted for. We are not a party, although if all our efforts to work within the existing parties aren’t successful, then I think down the road you can fully expect a third party will emerge out of all this.”

No one person or group can be pointed to as the catalyst for this activism, Darcy explained. “There are a lot of Ron Paul supporters involved, and Glenn Beck inspired our 9/12 Project,” she said. “But you can’t point to just one person or thing.”

So that’s that. The Tea Party, or make that the non-Tea Party, is about as easy to define as Glenn Beck’s popularity….

On Monday Freedom Works activists a mob from Freedom Works crashed the NRSC office to demand to blackmail, bully, harass, suggest that the NRSC no longer assist Orin Hatch against their irrational demands that he is not conservative, not pure, and not one of them.

“…On Monday, leaders and supporters of FreedomWorks – a major tea party sponsor – will make an unscheduled visit to the offices of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the group that helps elect Republicans to the Senate. And the activists will deliver a message to the NRSC: butt out of the Utah senate race.

At issue: Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch’s re-election to a seventh term in 2012. As FreedomWorks works to deny Hatch an eighth term, the group is infuriated that the NRSC will work to keep Hatch in office. Adam Brandon, a national spokesman for FreedomWorks, laid out to CNN what activists intend to do during their Monday visit.

“At about 12:30 p.m. [EST] today, our Utah [members,] probably about 15 of them, will be joined by about 30 others of the tea party activists and they’re going to storm the [National] Republican Senatorial Committee and ask them to stay out of Utah,” Brandon said. He added: “Because they’ve thrown in with Hatch.”

FreedomWorks’ Washington office is just blocks away from those of the NRSC. And the NRSC has said that Sen. John Cornyn does support Hatch’s re-election.

When asked if he expects any altercation during the visit, Brandon said, “I wouldn’t call it an altercation. But usually when you do something like this, they don’t want to talk. And our guys will get a little steamed that someone won’t come down and talk with us. Then eventually someone will.”

“One thing that this movement does is, we travel where the battle is. We run to the sound of the gun,” Brandon added. “This is probably Orrin Hatch’s worst nightmare. This race is probably going to get nationalized.”…”

Someone needs to tell the tea party “patriots” that they are NOT the only show in town.  They are simply the loudest, rudest, nastiest, and best funded.  They are also NOT REPUBLICANS.  How long are we going to let this bunch of John Birchers dominate the story and bully our spineless Republicans?


The Frum Forum links to a piece in the Daily Telegraph that suggests the entire GOP wannabe bunch is not really out to get Obama, but Romney.  They smell Obama’s blood in the water, and like the land sharks that they are, (rather like the old SNL skit) the are not going after Obama, they are going after Romney.  Now, the most fun of this will be if Bachmann keeps doing well in the polls.  Do they go after her or ignore her.  Cain keeps playing third fiddle, but word is, he’s letting some of his staff go.

Frum Forum

On the left we have George Soros.  The Libertarians have the Koch brothers.  The point is to assemble a strong group on line to counter the liberals.  That’s nice, but what about those who treasure our independence and refuse to be herded into one big group.

ARRA News Service

Then there is the problem of purity.

“…But however you choose to interpret the impact of the electability issue for Mitt Romney, the broader argument that the rightward lurch of the GOP since 2008 is a mirage or a tactic, soon to be abandoned for the sake of pragmatism or swing-voter opinion, is extremely dubious. In the wake of the 2008 debacle, to an astonishingly overwhelming degree, Republicans concluded that a more rigorous conservative message and a highly confrontational attitude towards Democrats were not only essential to the demands of their principles, but represented the only path to electoral victory. This has, of course, been a staple of movement-conservative belief ever since Phyllis Schlafly published A Choice Not an Echo back in 1964, but it has rarely secured the kind of apparent vindication among Republicans as it did in 2010. To the extent that conservatives worry about electability going into 2012, they are as likely to fear a nominee who is too moderate to one who is too conservative.

Palmetto Morning

The best example of the enduring nature of the GOP’s rightward trajectory is, ironically, Mitt Romney himself. He ran as the true conservative alternative to Rudy Giuliani and John McCain in 2008, and is running as the establishment pragmatist candidate today. But in every significant respect, he’s much more conservative now than he was then. He certainly didn’t feel the need to explain away his Massachusetts health plan in 2008, and also would have never suggested a federal debt default might be necessary if draconian cuts in federal domestic spending were not enacted. It’s a sign of the times that the more conservative Romney 2.0 is having to defend his ideological bona fides….”

There are the threats from the far right, libertarians, Ron Paul Bots, and John Birchers, determined to control the story and not all those who are not “pure” to even be nominated.  This bunch has a sorry record when it comes to their nominees, that’s for sure.  No self-respecting Republican will vote for them.

NM Watchdog

But…. wait…. the NM tea parties have already endorsed Heather!

Joe Monahan's NM Politics


Is it fair to comment on the link between Freedom Works and the John Birch Society?  Is it a symbiotic relationship that has gone under reported, or is there something more nefarious afoot.  It is damaging to the GOP as see Freedom Works employ the bully tactics the John Birchers and Ron Paul Bots use on a daily basis.



The Pink Flamingo presents for your edification the following:

Meetup.com Darc Van Orden

Orden is a Ron Paul Bot, and the 912 project works hand in glove with John Birchers.  Perhaps it is fair of The Pink Flamingo to point out the GROWING link between the two groups.


Is there a tie between Freedom Works and the John Birch Society or is it simply coincidence. They are like maggots, swarming everywhere. They are trying to take over, and very few Republicans have the courage to stop them.

We all know the John Birchers worship Ron Paul. There are a few of us who are theorizing that they are soon going to switch their loyalty to Michele Bachmann.

What I do know is Freedom Works does NOT like Mitt Romney.

We know that Fred Koch was one of the founding members of the John Birch Society as well as one of their patron saints. We know that Freedom Works is funded by various Koch donations.

Is there a connection?

“…As described in IREHR‘s October 2010 special report, Tea Party Nationalism: A Critical Examination of the Size, Scope, and Focus of the Tea Party Movement and Its National Factions, FreedomWorks successfully turned Tea Party energy into additional political influence inside the Beltway. Nevertheless, the organization had lagged behind other national Tea Party factions when trying to harness the social networking power of the movement. At the end of 2010, FreedomWorks still had the second smallest online Tea Party membership, with only 19,274 members.

To remedy this failure and expand their membership, bolster their online street credibility, and compete with the more successful Tea Party factions, FreedomWorks hired the web development firm TerraEclipse. A new site, FreedomConnector, resulted, which used geo-targeting to help Tea Party activists identify nearby activists, groups and events. It also allows members to connect their FreedomConnector account to popular social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter. Quietly the site went live in January 2011.

Then in February, FreedomWorks staged an elaborate public relations campaign to promote the site. They had a splashy roll-out event for the new site at the Conservative Political Action Committee conference. They sent emails to local Tea Party groups promoting site membership. And far-right commentator Glenn Beck featured it on his Fox News program.

In one respect, the results have been remarkable. FreedomWorks online membership has shot up from 19,529 on February 9, the day before the CPAC launch, to 94,308 members as of June 1. Such a marked growth rate in membership levels has not been seen since the earliest days of the movement. In fact, the rate for all the other factions has tended to slow down recently, although all groups are continuing to growing.

To attain this rapid expansion, however, FreedomWorks took down what little firewall it had constructed between itself and the farthest edges of the far-right. Indeed, they’ve left a gaping hole allowing the easy access for groups like the Birch Society to the FreedomWorks membership.

As noted in Tea Party Nationalism, of all the national Tea Party factions, FreedomWorks had been the organization least entangled with overt bigotry. For instance, FreedomWorks was the only faction who did not have a “birther” as a national staff member. It was the only group that had not jumped on to the nativist bandwagon and supported Arizona’s controversial SB 1070. It had steered clear of most of the outlandish conspiracy theories and far-right machinations that have consumed other Tea Party groups. Now, that has changed….”


It is just amazing how all those little Dick Armey people are connected to the John Birchers.

Roll Call

“…David Kirkham, a trailblazer for the tea party in Utah, said there is no current candidate who actively defends the movement’s ideals. “It’s a very weak field,” Kirkham said, a sentiment echoed by FreedomWorks President and CEO Matt Kibbe and backed up by several recent polls among Republican voters. Kirkham continued: “Someone else needs to jump into the race right now, someone who is dedicated to freedom and prosperity. There is no current candidate out there who is really impressive.”

That feeling was not necessarily mutual among all the assembled activists. During an unofficial, informal straw poll held during the press conference, there was strong support for Republicans such as Minnesota Rep. Michelle Bachmann, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, and Texas Rep. Ron Paul. All three received substantial votes and shouts from the crowd.

Current GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, a frontrunner in some polls, received virtually no support from the activists…”


8 thoughts on “What’s a Republican To Do?

  1. What’s a Republican To Do?

    As painful as it sounds I see no choice but to just let Obama win. Sorry!

    We can try to ISOLATE and quarantine the PaulBot Ayn Randianites and hope that they go away, but they are too persistent. They are too infectious. Basically they are the Herpes of Politics. There is NO cure once a person becomes infected with Libertarianism. None that I know of.

    Now if we nominate the BIGGEST RINO that we can find the Lib-Tarians and the Tea People could go 3rd Party. They will go freaking insane if we do that! It would almost be a cruel and unusual punishment to do so, but in a way I think they deserve it. And it will be funny to watch them implode.

    The Tea People tried to ram Ron Paul down our throats and so, in return, they get a RINO horn in their backside. I call that justice. That would make a good cartoon. The Tea Party impaled on a RINO horn. Someone call SouthPark.

    What’s a Republican To Do? Nothing. Let Obama win
    and pray that the mentally diseased are cured.

    If GOD wants Barack Obama to lose then Obama will lose.
    If GOD wants Romney to be President then Romney will be President.
    Its just as simple as that. Our votes really don’t even count.

  2. I think we have a tendency to forget that God is in charge. We get who He wants us to have. If that is true, then perhaps we should complain less about who is in charge? I have a hard time with that one.


  3. Dr. Phil Johnson of Grace Community Church (John MacArthur’s Church) gave a great message at the Shepherds Conference a few years ago called “Politically Incorrect” where he analyses Politics, Political involvement and our Elections from a biblical Christian viewpoint.

    I printed out the text, studied it, and have listened to the Conference message several times because it is so full of truths about the Christian and his involvement in Politics that you could study it for a year (or longer).

    Another of Phil’s messages, “Salt, Light, and Politics” explains it further. Its shorter but more to the point on some issues. Those can be found at Grace Life, Grace Community Church or a GTY.org.

    John MacArthur has done a couple series on Politics. “A Christians Responsibility to Government” parts 1-4 is excellent!! He really puts alot into these messages. You could study these for months and never absorb all of it.

    “A Christians Responsibility in a Pagan Society” parts 1 & 2 (apx. 2hrs) is a must hear and MacArthur’s SERIES called “Can God Bless America” (3 hrs) should be heard by every American. All of those can be found at http://gty.org.

    John MacArthur rarely talks about Politics. The ones I mentioned (all 9) are the few times he has talked Politics in 40 years of preaching.

    And finally Dr. Gregg Frazer gave several important messages at John MacArthur’s Masters Seminary school on “The Religious Beliefs of America’s Founders” and “American Politics” which are VERY enlightening. He really dissects the Myths around our so-called Christian Founders.

    And none of the above mentioned men are Democrats or Liberals.

  4. Your welcome.

    I’ll give you a quick summary since you probably don’t have an extra 12 or more hours to listen to the messages.

    The bottom line is that “if” the so-called Religious Right Wing put more time into preaching Christ then there would not be as many liberals (and libertarians, homosexuals and criminals) that vote against them.

    Instead the Religious Right WASTES their time (and 100’s of millions of dollars per year) on a false Gospel (the gospel of politics) that saves no one from Hell. They also make enemies out of the very people we are supposed to be saving from eternal damnation and they trade spiritual truths for worldly wisdom.

    Of course this is not an endorsement of the Liberals who are in my estimation 1000’s of times worse. But that is no excuse for the Right changing the Gospel to fit a worldly political agenda.

  5. The John Birch Society are about the Constitution and keeping our country in line, with its founding principles. Why is that so radical, most are libertarian and love the freedom our country is meant to offer.

  6. The religious right are just a front group, for more power brokers, it’s not about religion; it’s about power.

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