You Know a Candidate Has a Fatal Flaw When….


The Pink Flamingo has a fantasy.  I want to see Newt Gingrich clean Michele Bachmann’s clock during a debate when a history question is asked.

The Pink Flamingo also wants to go up front to say that I think the Stephanopolous threat to investigate Bachmann’s foster children is just plain dirty.  These people have no reason to be harassed, their lives torn apart, and perhaps destroyed in order to see if a candidate did something wrong.  I may think that Michele Bachmann is a dingbat but I admire the fact that she took in a number of them over the years.  It is one of the few things I find admirable about her.


You Know a Candidate Has a Fatal Flaw When….

10. Hannity does a montage of every gaff Joe Biden ever did because you can’t pass a fact check but you do…sparkle

9.  Instead of being commanding during a debate, you… sparkle

8. Your fans rewrite history to cover your gaffs while you ….sparkle

7.  Your former chief of staff endorses your opponent maybe because you….sparkle

6.  You  have the highest turnover of any Congressional office on the Hill.  It’s okay because you…sparkle

5.  You are so disorganized your Congressional staff doesn’t even open envelopes that contain campaign contributions so you…sparkle

4.  You don’t  know much about history but you….sparkle

3.  You’ve never had a bill you’ve sponsored signed into law but you do ….. sparkle

2.  You claim left wing gender bias when criticized and you …. sparkle

1.  You can’t tell the difference between New Hampshire and Massachusetts, but you do …..sparkle

Once again, we don’t know much about history. The Pink Flamingo doesn’t give a rip about Michele Bachmann and her abject ignorance of American History.  The woman is not a flake, she’s a dingbat!

What I do find objectionable is the fact that everyone is taking up for her, and letting the flub go.  She has a history of making serious history gaffs that would cause the far right to call down the wrath of hell when it comes to a Dem.  I expect the same treatment for a Glam Girl of the GOP.

I find objectionable that her Ron Paul Bot supporters are defending her by editing history.  Are that they abjectly stupid that if they think they change an entry in Wikipedia they are actually changing the historical record?  I don’t know which is more pathetic and which is more laughable the gaff prone candidate who can’t open her mouth without making a factual inaccuracy or her followers who are lying to cover up for her.

“…The Founding Fathers of the United States of America were political leaders and statesmen who participated in the American Revolution by signing the United States Declaration of Independence, taking part in the American Revolutionary War, establishing the United States Constitution, or by some other key contribution. Within the large group known as the “Founding Fathers”, there are two key subsets: the “Signers of the Declaration of Independence” (who signed the United States Declaration of Independence in 1776) and the Framers of the Constitution (who were delegates to the Federal Convention and took part in framing or drafting the proposed Constitution of the United States)….”

If you do not know this back and forth and inside out, you have no business running for President of the United States of America.  It is that simple.

Someone running for POTUS needs to comprehend the fact that the average person who was working on the Declaration of Independence did not give a damn about slavery, one way or another.  They did not care.  There were exceptions, but those are emphasized, while ignoring the fact that there were just as many people who were for slavery as against it.

The Pink Flamingo is going on record that this is one person I will never never never never never vote for – in any capacity. It’s not the flaws, nor the fact that she is incapable of opening her mouth and spewing factual accuracy, but her libertarian ideology and her association with Ron Paul.  Because she is glam, pretty, charming and … sparkles, she is getting a pass from the far right.

She is against a minimum wage, as is Herman Cain.

“…Stephanopoulos went on to ask Bachmann to back up her claim that “taking away the minimum wage” could eliminate all unemployment. Bachmann couldn’t provide any evidence — she tried three times to dodge the question — but Bachmann did suggest she would consider eliminating the minimum wage if elected president.

The problem for the congresswoman is that this seems unlikely to go away. If Bachmann is going to be a top-tier candidate for president — yes, of the United States — and an arguable frontrunner in the Iowa caucuses, reporters are probably going to ask about some of her more colorful claims. She’ll struggle to explain them away, as she did this morning, because there are no credible explanations for madness….”

Raw Story

The Pink Flamingo has a problem with the fact that Michele Bachmann is far closer to Ron Paul than she is Ronald Reagan.  Chris Wallace had it right when he asked if she was a flake.  Everyone is terribly upset over the question.  She is a flake. If you say stupid, flaky things and can’t back them up with documentation, I call that a flake.

She also shares the same bunch of vile, horrible Bots.  It is apparent that the Ron Paul Bots are propping her up, defending her, and trying to destroy, in true John Birch fashion, anyone who dares not ask questions to make her look good.  She is nothing more than Ron Paul in a skirt.

You don’t hear the far right defending Mitt Romney.  You really don’t hear them defending Tim Pawlenty.  They don’t even speak of John Huntsman.   They tried to destroy Newt Gingrich when he suggested that the Ryan plan might not be good for the GOP.

The Pink Flamingo has no intention of voting for any candidate who panders to the Tea Parties or wears the Tea Party mantle.  This said, I want our Republican candidates treated fairly.  I want them dissected, eviscerated, vetted, and taken apart.  If they survive, so be it.  If they do not, they do not deserve to be POTUS.  We are currently stuck with a Democrat who was not vetted, dissected, eviscerated, and taken apart.  He was handled with kid gloves.   I don’t care what their race or gender.  If they cannot survive the process then they do not survive the process.  To require that a person be treated differently because of gender or race is doing a disservice to all of us.

If Michele Bachmann cannot stand on her own two feet and explain her pathetic gaffs on history and be called to task for her very serious problem with factual accuracy then she had no business running for POTUS.    The far right is harming her candidacy by protecting her.  She’s a big girl. She can take care of herself.  If not, she has no business running for office.

There are those who say that the way Chris Wallace attacked Michele Bachmann on Sunday was an attack on all women.


One of the problems with these Tea Party Glam Girls of the GOP is they are demanding a different standard be applied to them.  One should not criticize them or hurt their feelings.


If you are going to play hard ball in the big leagues with the big boys, you learn to take a brush back pitch, get up, dust yourself off, and hit it out of the park.  You don’t go crying that someone wanted to hurt you.  The Glam Girls of the GOP want to play soft-ball, and get the same perks the big boys do.

Sorry, but the world doesn’t work that way.

Eventually they are going to be laughed out of office.  When they do, they are going to do great harm to the role of women in the GOP.  If you aren’t cute, glamorous, attractive, and sparkle, you need not bother running for office as a Republican.




2 thoughts on “You Know a Candidate Has a Fatal Flaw When….

  1. Well I would like to see Newt shine again too but I fear that his days of glory are gone. And he has alot of enemies in the Libertarian camp. They really hate Gingrich. And he has made a few too many mistakes.

    On the otherhand, when speaking of Michelle Bachmann, who is the new Queen Bee of the Libertarian “Tea” movement, I can’t help but “see” in her younger days. I’m guessing that she was a Dingbat Punk Rocker or at least friendly to the Anti-Establishment, down all Governemnt, down with Nixon, down with the Pigs (aka cops), Anarchist Punk Rock phase that many young American’s went through in the late 1970’s.

    The “Root of the PaulBot Movement” stems from that short lived period in Rock-n-Roll history that we call angry PUNK ROCK. And without all that Pro-Anarchy punk rock (as an agent of radical social and political change) there might not be a Ron Paul! In fact without Punk Rock there would be no PaulBots.

    The PaulBots are the children (or product) of the angry pothead Punk Rockers!
    The Punk Rockers (I mean the angry activist types) were pre-Paulonian PaulBots.
    Basically, they were the PaulBots before there was a Paul.

    Below is a link to (what I assume to be a) “Ron Paul” event where a Drug Addicted Transvestite gives (his, her or its) testimony. Don’t hurt yourself laughing!!
    or a better audio version

    That is what I “see” when I “see” Bachmann. Libertarian Pro-Drugs Anarchy.

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