Day Two of Our Siege


Another day fire watching.  Tiffanie Owen is calling it the Hondo Ring of Fire  I think that is appropriate.  It is possible we may be on our own when it comes to saving my parents’ home, because resources are so limited with this horrible fire season.  I hope with the change to a Type II crew, we may have the resources these guys need.   They are doing their very best to save homes and livestock.  From what I gather, it is more a mission to save homes than to attempt to stop this monster.  It makes me realize that there are no libertarians in foxholes.  Is this horrible fire season made worse by liberals and their insane policies?

It makes a person wonder what you do.  Libertarians would say you are on your own.  That’s fine if you don’t have a wild fire topping a ridge near your elderly parents’ home.  Liberals would give all the funds to insane environmental policies that have created many of the problems we have experienced here in the Southwest this summer.

It seems to The Pink Flamingo, that there must be a happy medium.  If we were to return to old fashioned forest management.  You watch the men and women who put their lives on the line to fight these fires and you are filled with a sense of awe and humility.  Watching them in the Hondo Valley, where they are stretched almost to the breaking point, with limited resources and you realize how incredible these people are.  I don’t think we will ever be able to do enough to thank them!

It is up to 80,000 acres and 10% contained.   The worst of it, is everything is up in Los Alamos.  It is possible, as the flames get close to my parents, they are not going to be able to come save the house.  They also may not have enough slurry.  It’s being used elsewhere – Los Alamos.

“...The fire has burned six outbuildings and one home, but there has been no loss of life or serious injuries.

Eddie Tudor, incident commander for the Pecos Zone Type III Interagency Incident Management Team, told the hushed audience in the community center that firefighters have tentatively “stopped forward progress” of the Donaldson Fire, but candidly admitted with heavy thunderstorms in the forecast for Thursday night, the likelihood for more lightning strikes, and strong winds, was high.

Tudor said crews “thought it was looking better” Wednesday before the winds picked up “brought the fire up over a ridge and down into Alamo Canyon,” prompting the evacuations.

Tudor also apologized to the gathering for available fire crews “being spread thin,” given other fires across the state, including the Las Conchas Fire near the Los Alamos National Lab, which is considered the No. 1 priority fire in the entire nation.

Fighting the Donaldson, Tudor said, “is not that simple because of all the urban interface.” Adding to the difficulty is steep, inaccessible terrain and the grassy fuel that was allowing the fire to “run.”

But, Tudor stressed, “We’re stretched too thin. This is a big fire and there’s a lot of ground to cover.”

“Structure protection units” have been assigned patrol areas from Alamo Canyon to Coe Canyon, Tudor said, but warning residents there simply were not enough units available to provide individual protection for every home.

“We’re patrolling and monitoring,” Tudor said.

Tudor said assets, such as fire retardant, were assigned “based on priorities” statewide, essentially apologizing for the not having all the tools that would otherwise normally be available, and asking the audience to “understand.

Read more: Ruidoso Free Press – Donaldson Fire at 80 000 acres 10 percent contained…”

The local news report has 300 homes up in Alamo Canyon.  I think that’s a huge over-estimate.

The Pink Flamingo has spent another long day at the parents’ home.  This is what is going on with the fire.

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There are some very good things that have already come out of this.  You learn the value of true friends, and the humility of calling them friends.  I have a friend (who will remain nameless) who prayed that my parents would see a special little blessing today to know that God was there, taking care of them.

Today was the day the parents’ received their irrigation water.  The ditch whatever did not work.  At noon, after 6 hours, the orchard was quite dry, with no water.  After someone (who shall remain nameless) prayed, I was out moving the sprinkler, when realized the orchard was full of bright, new, perfect green grass!  When the fire comes up from the river if it jumps the river, the new green grass will protect the house!

God is in His Heaven!

The parents’ are exhausted.  My father’s new medication for Alzheimer’s is working!  My friend Pat reminds me that it is simply borrowed time, but I’ll take every minute of it.  I can’t get over how well he does in a crises.   Alicia spent the night, and went back to town around noon, in her jammies (she forgot her clothes!).  I took lunch out to the parents’.  During lunch my father discussed the upcoming 60th anniversary – August 29.  What plans had my sister and I made?  I just couldn’t get over how well he did.  He even remembered the channel number of the local station with the best coverage of the fire!

When I left, Alicia was spending the night again.  She gets a birthday party for every night she spends.  I’m taking her a birthday cake from Wallyworld tomorrow.  Just gotta do it.   The ridge about a mile or so was being topped by flames.  We also saw the headlights from a fire crew on the ridge – starting a burn line!  They battle has been enjoined.

Tomorrow is going to be a rough day.  We’re expecting the flames to start heading toward the river late tomorrow evening.  Please pray!

This was the scene from my parents’ back yard as I left the house.