How’s All That Libertarian-Tea Party Hard Line Working for You?


The Pink Flamingo has a very bad habit of keeping an eye on a story line and collecting little snips of information that make one big story.  This is one of those.

It is obvious that the tea parties are hurting the GOP.  It turns out that, while Americans are a little tired of big government, they can’t stomach the libertarian ideas, either.  They are just too extreme.  The Pink Flamingo things the GOP has given in to the libertarians far too much.  If they don’t acquire the courage to be Republicans again, and not Ayn Rand Acolytes, they are going to pay the price in November, 2012.

When Newt criticized the Ryan plan, the entire conservative world declared him wrong.  It turns out Newt may be far more in touch with the American people than the talking heads and the losertarian tea party panderers.

Frum Forum

To top it off the latest polling from Florida suggests the tea party movement is on its way out.

“…Aligning yourself too closely to the tea party could be a great way to lose an election in Florida, apparently. So says a recent poll by Gainesville, Florida based polling firm War Room Logistics. In the poll, registered Florida voters said 2:1 that the tea party did not represent their views. War Room’s Alex Patton says this could pose “a real danger to Republican candidates”.

Democrats and independents both gave the tea party the thumbs down, with independent voters holding unfavorable views of the nascent far-right movement 3-to-1. Typically Florida elections are decided by independent voters, and the only constituency still in favor of the recent tide of tea party politicians elected in the Fall of 2010 are Republicans, 68 percent of whom view the tea party favorably.

Patton says the risk for the GOP lies in embracing the tea party in order to win the primary election, then being pilloried in the general election by a population who find the tea party’s views to be extreme and divisive. Primary elections, however, most often draw a party’s most committed members, and in the Republicans’ case, these are the voters most likely to support the tea party….”

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Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan may have single-handedly done the unthinkable.  Is it possible their tone deaf ideas (which are laudable) are going to destroy the GOP in the House next year?  If this happens, as a nation we are in very very deep you know what.  If this happens, the GOP is in very bad shape.

Joe Monahan's New Mexico

We need help.  We need to do something drastic.  It is not the plan.  It is not Paul Ryan.  It is not Eric Cantor.  It is the fact that they are repeating the same mistakes Republicans always repeat.  They don’t bother with the PR Game. We are drastically losing the PR game on this.  I don’t know if it is arrogance or just plain bull headed stupidity, where our Republicans are like Elephants in Waterford Crystal Shops.  They can’t save themselves, no matter how hard they try.

It’s the PR Stupid!

Evidently even some of the Tea Parties see a problem with the way the GOP is handling Medicare reform. Then again, The Pink Flamingo has been told that the tea parties in Florida aren’t all Ron Paul Bots, but rational Republicans. It makes a bit of sense, here.



What is going on here?

“...Democrats seeking seats in Congress, on the other hand, will have much more to run against in a failing economy particularly if no Republican at the top of the ticket can deliver charisma and resources equal to Obama’s. As the debt ceiling issue seems to be contributing to the slowdown, Democrats may have a plausible case to ask for a return of the House.  With redistricting likely to benefit Democrats in at least a few key states, holding a rather narrow House majority is going to be a challenge anyway.  Bottom line: a slowing economy hurts the President for sure but it could well hurt Republicans in Congress even more….”

If anything should terrify normal Republicans, and force them to man up and dump the tea parties and libertarians is it the news that Nancy Pelosi has a plan to regain power.

ABC News

Even Haley Barbour is taking the House GOP to task.  And he should.

“…Well, sure. Of course they should. The problem is that congressional Republicans have been so twisted by an extremist ideology, their priorities have been skewed.

Barbour, it’s worth noting, is not an entirely disinterested observer. His home state of Mississippi is frequently threatened by hurricanes — and last year, oil spills — so Barbour has an interest in looking after his state. I can hope other Republican governors, from states that aren’t routinely confronted with natural disasters, would feel the same way, but we don’t know that for sure.

Regardless, Eric Cantor and others pushing this line deserve to feel some heat over their callousness, and it’s heartening that Barbour, a former RNC chairman and party big-shot, arguing against his party’s position….”

From TMP

“…A Quinnipiac poll released last week found that just 29% of voters approved of Scott’s job performance, while a 57% majority disapproved. … but Scott’s unpopularity is sure to be a weight on his party’s candidates next year if his standing doesn’t improve.

In Ohio, a similar scenario has unfolded, where union-busting Gov. John Kasich is now so unpopular that a recent PPP poll showed him losing a do-over election by an astounding 25-point margin. In that same poll, just 33% of voters gave Kasich positive marks on his job performance, compared to 56% who said the opposite, tying Kasich with Rick Scott as the most unpopular of 38 governors PPP has surveyed.

Meanwhile, Obama posted comfortable leads against each Republican challenger pitted against him in 2012 contests in that state… PPP’s Tom Jensen credited voter discontent with Kasich for helping put Obama over the top.

“Kasich and his first term Republican brethren across the Midwest may be the best thing that’s ever happened to Barack Obama’s reelection chances,” Jensen wrote.

“You have a situation where people voted Republican last year and are quite unhappy with the results and that might keep them from voting Republican again next year whether they’re enthralled with Obama or not,” he added. “That series of Midwestern losses last year may end up actually enhancing Obama’s chances for another term.”

Five Thirty-Eight

Like Florida, Ohio is a delegate-rich state, sporting 18 electoral votes. The perennial swing state has also gone to the victor in each presidential election since 1960, tipping to Obama by a five-point margin last year.

Wisconsin and Michigan could also tilt Democratic in 2012 thanks to their unpopular governors.

Wisconsin is the signature case of a freshman GOP governor blowing his political capital in a drive to ram through wildly unpopular legislation. … Also telling, that poll showed that in addition to wanting to put a Democratic governor in Walker’s place, voters wanted to elect more Democrats to the state legislature as well.

Then there’s Michigan’s Rick Snyder, whose “financial martial law” bill — which would allow appointed bureaucrats to dissolve municipal governments in struggling cities and void union contracts — sent his approval rating down to 33%, with a 50% majority of voters disapproving of his job performance. Snyder won his first term last year with an 18-point thrashing of Democrat Virg Bernero; by March, PPP showed him losing a do-over election by two points. In the wake of that finding, a poll showed both Obama and Sen. Debbie Stabenow, who just months prior had looked vulnerable to defeat in 2012, boosting their leads over prospective challengers….”


The GOP is so busy pandering to the tea party libertarians they have forgotten one major premise:


No consideration of job creation and you don’t get re-elected.

“…Republicans know they’re fighting an uphill battle. Democrats are accomplished “Mediscare” warriors, and the Ryan budget has made it difficult to focus on jobs. But there’s still time before the 2012 campaign is in full force, and Republicans can take comfort in the fact that voters don’t believe Obama and the Democrats are any better; a Wall Street Journal poll earlier this month found that just 37 percent approve of the job Obama is doing on the economy, while 58 percent disapprove.

But the bottom line is this: Voters want their lawmakers to act on jobs and the economy. Republicans must listen, or they risk suffering the same fate as Democrats last November….”

All this talk about balancing the budget, saving money, the debt ceiling, is … special.


Then there is this pathetic libertarian belief that corporations are just wonderful and can be trusted.


Ernst & Young

Try this:

Ernst & Young

It’s all about the treats. The tea parties have turned our elected officials in the House and Senate into a bunch of pathetic cowards.

Huffington Post

The tea parties obviously don’t understand that the Chamber of Commerce, American Business is MORE IMPORTANT than they are.

“…But the adamant anti-debt crowd do have some allies on Capitol Hill, who don’t think the business community should have much say on debt issues.

“It doesn’t matter what business thinks. I mean, this is about the future of the country,” Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) told The Huffington Post.

Nevertheless, GOP leaders are working to extract reforms in return for keeping the credit flowing. The back-and-forth negotiations that have ensued are making some observers nervous.

“I think there’ll be a be a more sizable disruption [than some debt opponents predict],” said Tony Fratto, a former George W. Bush Administration official who worked on six debt hikes. “I don’t believe that it’s worth testing. I don’t want to use the full faith and credit of the U.S. government as a guinea pig.”

Yet Fratto acknowledges the political bind facing Republicans. “The view that the debt ceiling should only be raised along with a strong and credible agreement on reducing spending in the future is not the view of some fringe group. That happens to be the view of the majority of the American people,” he said.

“And by the way, I think that’s the view of any member of Congress who’s up for reelection in 2012, too,” he added. “I don’t know a member of Congress, Democrat or Republican, who wants to face voters in 2012 having voted to raise the debt ceiling absent an agreement on spending.”

For the Chamber’s part, it can find some unlikely allies in Democrats, who are at least professing the desire to make budget cuts but are more determined to raise the debt limit –- and think Republicans are playing with fire in their attempts to appease the Tea Party.

“The biggest enemy of business is uncertainty, and what they’re doing is they’re creating a heightened state of uncertainty,” said Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-N.Y.), a senior member of the Financial Services Committee.

“The Chamber is smart enough to know that, and they should be telling these guys that,” said Ackerman.

He also appreciated the irony of the Chamber having helped to elect a Tea Party freshman class that might now ignore its advice.

“They’ve created a Frankenstein’s monster. And the Frankenstein’s monster they’ve created is not acting in the interest of its creators,” Ackerman said.

For their part, Tea Partiers believe the real monster is the alliance of well-heeled special interests and lawmakers….”

H0w difficult is this?

“…Leading Republican politicians warned fiscally conservative and religiously devout voters Friday not to impose “purity” tests on candidates seeking the party’s 2012 presidential nomination.

“In politics, purity is the enemy of victory,” Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour told an audience of approximately 400 attendees at the first annual Faith and Freedom Coalition conference at the Renaissance Downtown Hotel in Washington. “We can’t expect our [presidential] candidate to be pure. Winning is about unity, not purity.”

Barbour’s friendly but stern admonition carries weight because even though he opted, after much deliberation, not to run for the presidency, he is still widely regarded as one of the party’s savviest strategists and most prodigious fundraisers. He spoke as the GOP presidential field continues to settle, with aspirants each week announcing either their intention to join the contest to unseat President Obama, or to watch it from the sidelines or seek lower office.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, obliquely addressing the Tea Party voters who have sometimes exalted their own candidates over those selected by the GOP establishment, echoed Barbour’s call to unity. “The Republican Party is not in competition with the conservative movement,” Priebus said with an almost plaintive tone. “The Republican Party is part of the conservative movement.”…”

In other words, SP joins the ranks of the Stupid Conservatives who don’t give a damn about the country. They are only interested in purity.


Haley Barbour is right – 100% right, but the libertarian purity idiots who have managed to get blackmail the GOP into a vat of quivering jello are not going to stop until they destroy the country.

Pat Dollard

Ya’ wanna know how bad it really is? Looks to me like the far right has blown it.


Those adorable lovable libertarian “republicans” who cost the GOP the Senate in 2008 are back at it. In Maine, they are challenging Olympia Snowe. If she loses her primary, just consider it another win for the Dems.

From the Libertarian Republican. Fortunately Eric Dondero sees it the same way as The Pink Flamingo.

Libertarian Republican

Please, someone, help me. After this latest Michele Bachmann comment, The Pink Flamingo is banging head against wall and drooling.

“…Her comments came in an interview with Dan Cella of Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries, video of which was posted online by

“I am asking your listeners to now please pray for me and my husband and my team,” Bachmann said. “Ask that the Lord will give us a special anointing on how to put our team together, who those team people will be, that he would bring those people to us.

“It won’t be easy, it will be a very, very difficult fight,” she said. “If this is something that the Lord has called us to, he will make a way where there is no way, and so we’re asking for that prayer.”…”

The latest PPP release SHOULD be a weak-up call for the GOP. There is a possibility he could win AZ if the GOP isn’t careful.

“…Arizona is not likely to be important to whether Obama actually wins or loses reelection. But it’s probably a state he’d like to have as a feather in his cap and if the Republicans nominate a weak enough person against him, he might just get it….”

The very real problem is that the GOP is being driven by the libertarian fringe. This group CANNOT win – anything. The only way in this country to win is to deal with independents.

Pew Researc

We have a very serious problem with the fringe candidates in the GOP.

“...The hope among establishment Republicans is that the succession of events will trigger an end to what they see as the silly season — that party activists will sober up and end their flirtation with the fringe.

“This is probably a wake-up call that the stakes of this game are very serious,” said Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.), a veteran political strategist. “If the byproduct of this is that we get a little more serious about what it takes to lead the country in the Oval Office, then that will be a really good thing.”

Other Republicans zeroed in on more squarely on Trump, who to many personifies the party’s 2012 problem. (See: What’s Donald Trump really after?)

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), while not mentioning Trump by name, took an unmistakable swipe at the bombastic reality show star who has in recent weeks suggested America could take over foreign oilfields.

“I hope this will focus would-be candidates on the serious times we live in,” Graham said. “When you talk about staying in Iraq and taking their oil — maybe people will stop that now.”…”

Hot Air Pundit

This is even worse than it looks. Arizona is probably one of the most quirky states in the country for the far right. If only Romney can hold his own against Obama in Arizona against all the little also ran dwarfs, then the GOP is in very deep do-do.

PEW Research Poll

Is this is a disastrous harbinger of things to come?

If something is not done, and a serious candidate does not emerge, and rather quickly, then just kiss 2012 goodbye!

Upfront, this is not a slam against Paul Ryan and his courageous budget. It is a discussion about the GOP and how they handle things – stupidly.

This headline says it all.

This Week

Then again, it appears the anti-Ryan (budget) protesters at the townhall meetings are just union and Dem flunkies out to do their usually bully thing.

Then there is this perennial embarrassment out of Oklahoma.

Think Progress


The most recent PEW research proves that the fact that the GOP is pandering to libertarians is not needed. They are trying to control the party, but are not enough of a majority to even atter.

PEW Research Polling

Then there is Erick Erickson.

There are any number of us who have been complaining about him for ages. He does his best to destroy those of whom he does not approve. Well, he may be hoisted on his own petard.

Red State

Then there is what is sure to be a classic….


Then there is the possibility to some anti-immigration hard liners that there are times when a woman’s rape is a public service.

“…Mr. Fattman acknowledged that people could be deported after an arrest even if they are not convicted of a crime, under the program in use in more than 30 states.

While citizens have the right to be viewed as innocent until found guilty in court, he said, “I don’t think that principle extends to illegal immigrants.” He said he had no concerns about racial profiling by police.

In the letter Ms. Heffernan said while the state goal of the program is to remove illegal immigrants who commit serious crimes, the Patrick administration found only one of four deportees under the program nationally were convicted of a serious crime. She said a Boston pilot program found more than half of those deported under the secure communities act were identified as “non-criminal.”

Mr. Fattman said he is not worried about those distinctions.

“…Asked if he would be concerned that a woman without legal immigration status was raped and beaten as she walked down the street might be afraid to report the crime to police, Mr. Fattman said he was not worried about those implications.

“My thought is that if someone is here illegally, they should be afraid to come forward,” Mr. Fattman said. “If you do it the right way, you don’t have to be concerned about these things,” he said referring to obtaining legal immigration status….If they are here illegally, they have committed a crime,” he said. However, under federal law, illegal status is usually a civil offense.

“My philosophy is a little different,” Mr. Fattman said. He said he believes all illegal immigrants should be deported, including the children of immigrants who came with their parents to the U.S.

Others have criticized the federal program, saying it would put children of illegal immigrants in danger of being deported….”



One thought on “How’s All That Libertarian-Tea Party Hard Line Working for You?

  1. How’s All That Libertarian-Tea Party Hard Line Working for You?

    Well it’s NOT working for me but it is working great for the “Demonic Mob” we know as the Democrat Party and the Liberal News Mafia.

    It seems to be working extremely very well for Obama who is without a doubt the worst President in history and will be re-elected because of the divisions created by Libertarian Ayn Randianist TeaParty-ism.

    It’s also working for Glenn Beck who has made apx. 100 MILLION dollars propagandizing anyone who will listen.

    So it’s working GREAT! Hip Hip Hurray!!

    Just NOT great for me because I am not a Democrat, I am not a Ayn Randian-ist, a Liebertarian, a TeaPart-arian, a Glenn Beck fan or one of those who worship Ron Paul or thee Obama. For them the Libertarian-Tea Party Hard Line is working excellent! Good Job Guys!!

    But in the end this Libertarianist movement could be the one thing that saves the Republican Party. We need to let this play out and there are 2 strategies that I see available.

    1) Nominate Ron Paul (and Palin, Trump, Bachmann, ect..) and watch him lose all 50 states in the biggest landslide in history. After Obama wins again it will be because of Ron Paul and his PaulBots.

    2) Nominate Romney (or another so-called RINO) then isolate the PaulBots forcing them to go 3rd party. After Obama wins again it will be because of the damned PaulBots and Ron Paul.

    But if we don’t follow the 2012 disaster up with another slap in the face (or kick in the nuts) all will be for nothing. So I say we go with Jeb Bush in 2016 because because that will send the PaulBot Kooks to the moon! They will go nuts! Some will explode!! Literally.

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