Fireworks and the Fourth of July


For those of you who live on Mars, you don’t know that the Southwest has been battling wildfires for weeks due to a horrific drought.  Here in New Mexico, there is this absurd debate about fireworks.  Evidently the governor of the state cannot tell certain idiots who live here that they cannot shot the things off and start new fires!

There is this huge debate about the freedom for idiots to be able to shoot off fireworks on the Fourth of July, in a record drought and starting yet another catastrophic fire.

How stupid can people be?

The NM GOP sent this out a few weeks ago.  I think it says it all.


Taos News

Taos News

Last week, when the governor was having a presser about the fire in Los Alamos, all they could ask about was her request not to shoot fireworks on the Fourth of July!

Allegedly, all the big name stores in NM are going along with it.  The other day, The Pink Flamingo spoke to a member of our local Episcopalian parish (name withheld to protect the guilty).  She had just returned from a long, hot day in Las Cruces, stopping at Sams.  They had a special on fireworks!  Evidently, in Las Cruces, so that a person’s freedom to start a catastrophic fire can be protected, they can buy fireworks and shoot them off within the city limits.  The nameless Episcopalian was quite shocked, and a bit dismayed.

That same night, my friend’s two daughters were lying in the back of my parent’s home, on a blanket, in the grass, watching the wildfire burst over the hills.  Every time the fire hit a big pine tree it would literally explode into giant flames.  They laughed and said they were watching their Fourth of July Fireworks.  It was all they were getting.

The last thing I want to see here in Lincoln County is some stupid tourist come in and shoot off a couple of sky rockets and hit a patch of dry and dying pine trees.

There are times when you wonder just how stupid people can be.  This is not about freedom.  This is about protecting life and property by using a little common sense.  Unfortunately, it is not a commodity we have much of these days.


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  1. Because of the dry weather the city banned fireworks (I live in the Gulf Coast area) People were told that the only place they could shoot fireworks was on the beach. The local idiots paid no attention. Do you think the ban was enforced? Know anymore funny jokes? My neighborhood was like a war zone.

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