You Know That Shared Sacrifice Thingie…?


On the mountains behind The Pink Flamingo’s condo, the National Forest Service is dumping grass seed on the side of mountains that have not seen more than a drop of rain in months.  They are attempting to prevent erosion on the side of mountains that were not forested until after the Depression.  It’s all due to the fire we had a few months ago.  There’s a gag order about the actions of the town’s fire chief.

How much money is being wasted on dumping tons of grass seed on the side of mountains that have never really had grass?


Barack Obama says the way to get out of the financial mess he and his idiots have created is for everyone to make small sacrifices.

Why the hell should The Pink Flamingo make a “sacrifice” for the economy when I DID NOT CAUSE the mess?

I did not make the damn mess.

Why should I make a sacrifice?

In truth, now that NASA is nearly defunct, I don’t really care to make additional sacrifices.  The future of humanity is being sacrificed.  I think it’s time Obama and his minions make a few sacrifices.

Sorry, but if I did not make the mess, I am not going to give up anything for the clean-up.  I think those who made the mess should be held responsible.  I don’t know about you, but I am starting to think that maybe they should be put on one of Sheriff Joe’s chain-gangs, busting rocks to help reduce the national debt.

Or – even better…. let’s see them give up

  1. limos
  2. chefs
  3. exclusive decorating
  4. multi-million dollar book deals
  5. ALL their little perks
  6. free golf
  7. free gym
  8. White House mess
  9. designer togs
  10. those fancy trips
  11. celeb status
  12. $62 million buck profits
  13. salaries until the economy improves
  14. half their staff
  15. high speed rail
  16. jet set lifestyle of the wanna be rich and famous
  17. the food police

Why not quit spending on stupid things so that we have money to spend on things we need, like slurry, air tankers, and fire-fighters?

I have a few more ideas.

1.  Why the heck is the US Military sponsoring NASCAR?

“...That amendment would have required the military to submit for a 30-day congressional review period any contract larger than $250,000 to sponsor a motor sports racing team, driver or event; a fishing team or tournament; a professional wrestling event, or an ultimate-fighting event.

The Army spent $7.4 million on a single NASCAR team sponsorship in 2010, according to Pentagon data provided by McCollum’s office. That same team deal cost the Pentagon $11.6 million the previous year.

The National Guard spent $20 million in 2010 for its sponsorship of Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s No. 88 car and Jeff Gordon’s No. 24 car. The previous year, that contract was for $32.7 million.

The National Guard spent another $16.04 million to sponsor the FLW Outdoor College Fishing tour, which sees college fishing clubs compete for scholarships and prizes.

During the House Appropriations Committee markup, McCollum cited a $645,000 contract to sponsor a race in the Sprint Cup Series, NASCAR’s top racing tour….”

If you quit executing people, you save money.  It’s expensive being conservative!  In the state of CA it costs about $308 million dollars to execute a person.

Frum Forum

It is the stupidity that is costing us.  Katie Pavlich has a commentary at Townhall that says it all.

“…“Every time these fires break out, because each passing year you get more and more accumulation of fuels in the forests and so when the fires inevitably come, they’re catastrophic. And the greens say, ‘Well you know we can’t get into the forests, can’t to do this, can’t do that because there is all this habitat we can’t disturb and there’s endangered Spotted Owls in there’ and so on. But what happens when fires of this level come through, they essentially destroy everything. They burn down the whole forest and if they don’t kill the endangered species and wildlife or threatened species that are in there, they do destroy their habitat,” says Smith. “It’s having a devastating effect on those species.”

We always hear about environmental groups protesting and screaming about protecting the animals and plants in the forest, yet when there is a massive forest fire, those same green activists aren’t the ones on the front lines trying to put out the fire.

“What’s amazing is that none of them are here trying to fight the fire,” Gary Kiehne says. “I haven’t seen Greenpeace, I haven’t seen Friends of Forest Guardians. I haven’t seen the Center for Biological Diversity. None of them.”

And big fires mean big government solutions and bigger bills being sent to the taxpayer. The knee-jerk reaction to monster fires is to give firefighters more resources and money to fight them, rather than taking a proactive approach to preventing forest fires through the clearing of excess fuels. In addition, the USFS will ask and get more money, taxpayer dollars, to remove remaining livestock from forest lands and to implement even more regulation to “protect” the remaining trees that didn’t get burned.

“Instead of wasting the money on future appropriations of out tax dollars to fight future fires, these funds should be appropriated in the form of grants for low interest loans to ranchers and logging companies for the purpose of constructing saw mills and purchasing livestock and rebuilding the infrastructure including fences, water and roads so that the private sector can harvest the timber and grass off of our Forests.  The lack of harvesting over the last 40 years is the real cause of this fire and it could have easily been avoided had proper management of the forests been allowed by the USFS,” Gary Kiehne wrote in a letter to Congressional Legislators….”

Needless to say, this is a rather “hot” topic around New Mexico this year.  The other day, Obama gave a disaster of a presser.  He almost babbled about doing away with corporate jet taxes.  Other Dems babbled about the fact that, in order to achieve some sort of debt solution, then we need “shared sacrifice”.

When you hear the Dems discuss “shared sacrifice” it is rather like a new version of Dem socialism – from us according to their needs, for them according to everything they can wring out of us.

Why should those of us who have not run this debt up to some idiotic amount, who are not spending like drunken Dems on a Saturday night at the local strip joint, be required to “share in the sacrifice”.  Isn’t it about time they begin to sacrifice their precious spending.

There is talk now that the people who own 50% of the assets in this country – the 1% should be required to pay more than 40% of their income in taxes.


Why not make Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama sacrifice for a change?

Let them put up 40% of their spending for shared sacrifice.

Then we’ll talk.

One other little thing here, let’s cut the crap talk that the libertarians are doing, blaming half of this on GWB and the GOP.  It’s a lousy lie and they know it.

How’s that Washington Post March workin’ out for you this year?