Hamilton Burger Loses Another One


The Pink Flamingo is a direct descendant of Susanna North Martin. I am also a direct descent of John Proctor. Back in the day, all that was needed for a woman to be executed as a witch was to live alone, be a little odd, and have lots of cats. Susanna North Martin and John Proctor were executed based on little direct evidence and a heck of a lot of emotion.

Right now, that’s about all we have is raw emotion, anger and vitriol because a less than sympathetic young woman was found “not” guilty of first degree murder. In the court of public opinion, she is guilty and should be hounded until destroyed. The annals of history in this country are full of people like this, who were forced to move from one place to another because they were unpopular. It was a vile, dirty, and nasty time, when logic did not matter.

Ever heard of Lizzy Borden? Jack Marshall of the Ethics Alarm mentions a new book by Bill James. According to the latest research, the woman may have been innocent. That doesn’t matter though, does it?

The same thing is happening here.

Once upon a time, in a different world, a kinder, gentler world, Perry Mason ruled. Week after week the nation watched actor Raymond Burr save yet another allegedly innocent soul from prison. It was a different world, before high-profile profile prosecutors became celebs, cashing in on television punditry. Today, the defense attorney is to be ridiculed, and prosecutors apparently rule.

The Pink Flamingo hates to admit that, for once, I agree 100% with Sean Hannity! I still think the child died in a tragic accident. I think Casey Anthony is a seriously disturbed individual. She is a psychopathic liar. She is a narcissistic. She is probably a sociopath. The Pink Flamingo knows enough about abuse to know that people very rarely are born sociopaths and psychopathic liars. They are made. They are created by fetal alcohol syndrome, a traumatic head injury when a child, or through horrific abuse, usually sexual. Pathetic creatures like Casey Anthony are created, usually a product of their parenting.

I had not intention of discussing the verdict. None at all. Then I started watching the way former prosecutors have treated the verdict and the jury. The Pink Flamingo learned one thing. I certainly would not like to be on a jury like this, not because of the jury duty, but the nasty way they have been treated after the verdict.

There is this talk about the “CSI Effect”, which is quite insulting to anyone who has ever been on a jury. Evidently the American People, according to legal officials, are not smart enough to know the difference between fact and fiction. I guess that’s the problem. Maybe men and women who are unfortunate enough to land on juries might know the difference between fact and fiction. For pundits and losing prosecutors to constantly damn them as stupid and uneducated, unable to tell fact from fiction is just plan – nasty.

The Pink Flamingo enjoys reading a blog called “Ethics Alarm“. I suggest you might want to read several of the posts about this trial and the verdict. I think it is put succinctly:

“...The post is frightening, because I am certain that this kind of non-reasoning is epidemic in the United States, nourished by touchy-feely bloggers, pundits and columnists and made possible by the ingrained habit of having opinions without knowledge. Since their opinions are not supported by facts or reasoning, they can’t be debated. If you aren’t persuaded, you’re just mean, that’s all. That’s no way to decide what is right and wrong, but it certainly a popular way. Here is wittybizgal’s argument, one fallacious step at a time:…”

All of a sudden, the flashy defense attorney is now the bad person. The person who is found “innocent” because of a good attorney is still guilty in the court of public opinion, even though, a court of law has found this person innocent of the crime for which they have been accused.  All that matters is raw, cruel emotion.

Raw and cruel emotion is a nasty thing.  It refuses to listen to reason or logic.  It ignores common sense.  It can have violent after-effects. The raw emotion displayed against this jury is disgusting. It is arrogant, ignorant, and repulsive.  It has no place in our modern world.

The Lynch-Mob mentality seems to ignore the fact that an over-zealous prosecutor and a sheriff’s department that was more like the Keystone Cops did not do what they should have done.  Instead of going postal on them, the punditry class goes after the woman who was found “innocent”.

It seems to The Pink Flamingo that this was a  job of out a prosecutor, far too smug, being out-lawyered by a defense attorney.  Then again, it also looks to me like the prosecutor did exactly what Hamilton Burger always did.  He was always out-lawyered by Perry Mason.

Like Sean Hannity, The Pink Flamingo is left with several questions.  No one has yet to answer why the prosecuting attorney did not do some old fashioned shoe-leather detective work and perhaps answer where Casey Anthony managed to get hold of the chloroform she allegedly used to allegedly kill her daughter.  It’s that simple.  Where is the chain of evidence on the history of the purchase of the alleged item?

It’s not there.

Instead, they chose to rely on what truly is “junk science”.  Pundits like Bill O’Reilly are basically stating that the jury was not bright enough to know the difference from actual science and junk science.  That the jury simply was not bright enough to know how an internet search works.

They relied on an “odor” in a bottle.


The Pink Flamingo’s grandfather Froehlich, once upon a time, owned one of the largest dairies in South Florida.  One day he brought home a new calf that had been rejected by it’s mother.  He was driving my grandmother’s new car, so he put the calf in the trunk.  He was going to leave it in his calf pasture, where it would be fed and cared for by the man who took care of the old dairy.

Grandy managed to get busy.

You guessed it.

He forgot about the calf.

He and my grandmother, that night, flew up to South Carolina to spend a couple weeks with my family.  When they arrived home, the odor was so bad, they had to buy a new car.

The other day, here in New Mexico, my mother forgot to drop the trash off at one of the bins.  She left it in the car, in 99 degree heat, for 3 hours.  The odor was so bad it gagged you.

Normal people know the difference.

Give people a little credit for common sense.

Give the defense attorney a little credit for being a good defense attorney.  Once upon a time, they were the stars.  Now, though, they are the enemy.

I guess you need to chalk another victory up to Perry Mason.

Perhaps the punditry also needs to remember something else.  In our legal system, a person is innocent until proven guilty.  The court of public opinion is not a part of our system of jurisprudence. There is nothing wrong with second-guessing an over-zealous prosecutor who obviously blew it.

You do NOT set out to destroy the reputations of 12 good men and women.

It is not American.

Then again, perhaps it might be interesting to do a study on how prosecutors may be getting a bit lazy with their CSI.  Perhaps they are getting lazy, relying on the latest science without putting in good shoe-leather.  Just a little bit of shoe-leather may have won it for them.  The problem was that they were so busy trying to seduce a 12 individuals for whom they had contempt, that they failed to realize that these men and women may have had more common sense than the prosecutor.

Perry Mason always had a Paul Drake around to do his detective work. Too bad the prosecutors did not realize that science if nice, but it is not the same as reason, logic, and good investigating.


2 thoughts on “Hamilton Burger Loses Another One

  1. I wonder if Casey Anthony had life insurance on her daughter. I don’t remember anyone at the trial mentioning that.

  2. I never even thought of that one. Then again, I doubt if she had life insurance. I have a friend who said she is so typical of that age. They have no grasp on reality. She was telling me her daughter, same age, would go out partying and leave her 3 year old son with her, even if he were ill.

    Just thought of something. There was a situation in her family recently. Everyone but the daughter saw it as a threat from an old boyfriend’s family. I still don’t know if she has gone to the police. There is something scrambled in the way that age thinks. I don’t think enough was made of that, either.


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