UPDATED: A Story You Won’t See on FOX News


The British authorities have arrested yet another of Rupert Murdock’s editors.  This is a scandal that appears to be growing on an hourly basis.  Even more fascinating is how the far right is ignoring it across the Pond.  Don’t think it is a “liberal” set up of Murdock.  The conservative PM is ordering a second investigation.

Remember, it is not the crime that gets you, it’s the cover-up, and this one appears to be a doozy!  Also keep in mind this could be a gathering of Murdock’s vultures who are positioning themselves to succeed him.

So, now it is the fault of the Dems, who are using it as a change to harm FOX News.  The Pink Flamingo is beginning to believe the Far Right is just plain stupid.  They believe only what is set before them, not bothering to go beyond the insane hype.  When the CONSERVATIVE PM, the second coming of Thatcher, starts going after Murdock’s minions, this is NOT a liberal plot.

“…Shares in Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp took a nosedive Thursday as a result of the News of the World scandal, as the paper’s parent company lost some $400 million in value. After the initial nosedive, News Corp recovered and finished the day at $17.94. Fears over that the deal with broadcaster BSkyB would not go through—Murdoch has been hoping to acquire a 61 percent stake in the company—caused the company to lose some £666 million (roughly $1 billion) in value over the last week. While the News Corp deal is still expected to go through, BSkyB has lost 6 percent of its value in a week. Regulator Ed Richards suggested a “fit and proper test” to make sure media groups are adhering to high standards.The U.S.-traded company already lost more than $1 billion in revenue Wednesday….”

The Daily Beast

In the UK there are questions about the former editor Rebekah Brooks.  Murdock is folding his paper rather than send her down the river.


The Pink Flamingo keeps telling you that Murdock is hurting the GOP.  Looks like the same thing can be said for British politics.  Cameron is trying to get to the bottom of things, but evidently the scandal is growing by the minute.

“…One scalp will not be enough for Oliver Cromwell and his fellow Roundheads in the rest of the media and in Parliament. The News of the World is dead, Andy Coulson is down and Rebekah Wade will soon be out. But the Roundheads have scented blood and they want the Prime Minister’s head. I couldn’t see Michael Crick when he was pressing Cameron at this morning’s press conference about what he did and didn’t ask Andy Coulson when the Guardian broke the phone-hacking story two years ago, but in my mind’s eye I could picture his disapproving frown. This was a Roundhead going in for the kill. David Cameron will have to keep all his wits about him to navigate this crisis. Saying he would have accepted Rebekah Wade’s resignation and announcing not one but two official inquiries is a good start. But it won’t be enough to see off the New Model Army marching on Downing Street, led by the Guardian’s First Lord Protector. Hard to see Murdoch’s BSkyB bid succeeding after this, a view shared by the markets which have seen shares in BSkyB tumble this morning…”

It would be a tragedy if it brings down David Cameron.
Naturally the far right thinks that Rupert Murdock is innocent, and did nothing wrong.

The Pink Flamingo has a problem with Rupert Murdock.  I think he is far too powerful, and uses his money to influence public opinion, the same way the Koch Brothers and George Soros do.  I do not have a problem with wealth.  I have a problem when it is used to turn this nation into a plutocracy.  I’ve reached the point where I don’t see much difference between the three propaganda machines.  They are all out to pad their own pockets and make themselves rich.

There is nothing wrong with that.

The wrong is in stupid conservatives and stupid libertarians falling for it and allowing it to happen. My little piece of fighting back is to turn the channel.

In the UK there is a huge scandal involving a publication that has been around for nearly two hundred years, Rupert Murdock’s empire, and the arrest of David Cameron’s former director of communications.  The Pink Flamingo has been saying, for ages now, that FOX News is going to hurt the GOP.  It looks like Murdock’s empire is already hurting the new conservative PM.

“…Rupert Murdoch has taken the highly unusual step of issuing an official public statement backing Rebekah Brooks over the phone-hacking scandal engulfing his UK newspaper business.

The News Corporation boss described the recent allegations about phone hacking and payments to police officers by the News of the World “deplorable and unacceptable”.

“I have made clear that our company must fully and proactively co-operate with the police in all investigations and that is exactly what News International has been doing and will continue to do under Rebekah Brooks’ leadership,” the News Corp chairman and chief executive added, in a statement issued from the annual Allen & Co media business conference he is attending in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Murdoch also said he had asked Joel Klein, who heads News Corp’s recently created education unit, “to provide important oversight and guidance”. Viet Dinh, a non-executive director, is keeping the News Corp board informed along with Klein, he said.

Murdoch’s backing came on a day of mounting pressure on Brooks and News International, with prime minister David Cameron bowing to calls for public inquiries into phone hacking by the News of the World and the Labour leader, Ed Miliband, saying the chief executive should “consider her position”.

News Corp also faced criticism from MPs during an emergency debate on phone hacking in the Commons on Wednesday afternoon, with Labour’s Tom Watson alleging there was “further evidence” that Brooks “knew about the unlawful tactics of News of the World as early as 2002, despite all her denials yesterday”.

Watson also called for Rupert’s son James Murdoch, who as deputy chief operating officer oversees the company’s European and Asian businesses including News International, to be suspended while the Metropolitan police investigate “what I believe is his personal authorisation of the coverup of this scandal”.

Shares in News Corp and BSkyB fell as the News of the World phone-hacking scandal put Murdoch and his bid to take control of the satellite broadcaster under fresh scrutiny.

News Corp shares fell on Wednesday by 5% at one stage on Wall Street, to $17.17, as US investors reacted to the latest developments. BSkyB shares fell as low as 818p at one point in London, a fall of more than 3%, and closed 2.1% lower at 827p….”

I’m just doing screenshots of headlines.

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