Sometimes People Get What’s Coming to Them – Russell Pearce


Every once in awhile someone get their just desserts handed to them on a silver platter.  It is a moment to savor, gloat, and say I TOLD YOU SO.

Well, The Pink Flamingo told you so.

According to our favorite liberal writer, The Feathered Bastard, the (unfortunately) Republican leader of the Arizona Senate, and staunch supporter of Arizona’s bigoted anti-immigration laws, is now facing an OFFICIAL recall.  The best part is there is not a darn thing Jan Brewer can do about it!

“...Gov. Jan Brewer now has 15 days to call the election, something she cannot legally refuse to do. That means the vote will come on the next available election date, Nov. 8, unless there is a legal challenge….”


So, now, on conservative sources, you will hear how those evil liberals have managed to take down a staunch conservative.

It’s Republicans like Russell Pearce who give the GOP a bad name. During the next week, you will be inundated by requests from the Minutemen, et al, to raise money for a “good” conservative maligned by evil liberals.  Our far right talking heads will condemn the recall, without mentioning just what kind of a person Pearce is.

In order to defend this man, they must defend some very nasty people.  They must be forced to admit that there are such things as white supremacists, neo-nazis, and the KKK.  Instead, you are going to see the far right join hands, and defend this horrible creature.

The Feathered Bastard

It could be that Jim DeMint is right. It is time for some purity in the GOP. In order to achieve that purity, The Pink Flamingo would like to suggest that it is time for people like Russell Pearce to be ejected from the GOP.

It is time to admit that Ron Paul, Rand Paul, some of the tea parties, and their associates, have very bad little friends.  It is time to take the GOP back to the honorable organization it once was, before the libertarian, tea party, John Birch, far right, anti-immigration take-over by individuals and groups who would once be kept outside, looking in, and for good reason.

Anyone who is associated with these people has NO place in a modern Republican party – I don’t care who they are.

For years, The Pink Flamingo has been asking why the allegedly honorable people of the far right have embraced this agenda.  I think I now know.  While America is conservative, we are a center right nation.  Over the years, the talking and pundit right have become more and more extreme, alienating themselves from “normal” conservatives.  It has nothing to do with being conservative and everything to do with getting ratings and keeping their losing radio shows on the air. It is about selling books and making money.

The talking heads cannot admit they were wrong.  They are incapable of doing so, ergo, people like Russell Pearce continue in their quest for power, unchecked.  Honest Republicans like Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Tom Coburn, James Inhofe,  don’t fit with their agenda.  For leaders, real leaders like these four, it is about the country and what is best for the country.  Unfortunately for the talking heads and the dishonest far right tea party and libertarian politicians they prop up, it is about money and power.

So, you will hear a litany about how bad the liberals are for wanting to destroy Russell Pearce.  No mention will be made of the thousands of Republicans who are supporting the recall effort.



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