Have We Become a Nation of Sore Losers or Brainwashed Media Freaks?


It has just dawned on The Pink Flamingo why the media is making such fools of themselves over the Casey Anthony verdict.  Nature abhors a vacuum.

The Pink Flamingo swore to never again visit this subject, but I can’t help it.  I want to use the Casey Anthony verdict as an example of how we have become a nation of very bad losers.  The prosecution lost.  When the prosecution loses and a defendant is found “Not Guilty”, according to our system, it’s over, done, stick a fork in it.

Now though, post OJ, when society gets a verdict they don’t like, they now destroy the defendant they don’t like.  There is talk of the sheriff’s department making the person found “Not Guilty” of paying for their botched search for the deceased.

The defense put on a great case.  Everyone is mad at them, instead of pointing to an overzealous prosecutor who is now crying crocodile tears. It’s not much different from the losing political party.  Instead of doing the grown-up thing and being a bit introspective, examining the loss, they demonize the winner.

Paul Ryan is evil because he is a 20% tipper. (Never mind that 15%-20% is appropriate).
Paul Ryan must be destroyed because he bought a $350 bottle of wine.
Paul Ryan came up with a way to try and help the economy – ergo he must be destroyed.

We must hate Barack Obama because he won.
George W. Bush is still evil and must be destroyed.

Pundits are angry with the verdict, so now they must denigrate members of the jury.

We are hearing a never ending litany of “justice” for a beautiful little girl who had a tragic life.  There is NO mention of the fact that every day 5 children in this country die from neglect and abuse.  In 2008 there were 1495 children in this nation who were murdered.  That is the same year Caylee Anthony was murdered. Where is the “justice” for them?

This has nothing to do with justice.  It has everything to do with a nation that is out of control and needs to be brought back to reality.  There is very little difference between the busy-body liberal who was so lacking in manners that she had to butt in on a private conversation and castigate a decent man about a bottle of wine, and the idiot restaurant owner who is refusing to allow members of the Anthony jury to dine in his establishment.

The Pink Flamingo finds it rather telling that a jury who was sequestered, completely removed from the punditry for the duration of a trial sees a different world.   Removed from those pundits and the people who are so lacking in a life that they must live vicariously by the television, they saw something we did not.

Perhaps, as my mother suggests, it is the fault of the 24 hour news cycle and the media.  I corrected her and then realized she may be right.  The 24 hour news cycle is so anxious to fill air time that an entirely new class of “expert” has been created.  There are true political experts like Karl Rove and even Dick Morris, then there are the has beens, the wannabes, and the never wills.

The other day, The Pink Flamingo’s friend, confidant, and sometimes partner in crime sent me a link about a subject that may or may not have anything to do with this.  It was an article written in an attempt to slime a politician.  The person who wrote it is a fringe tea party “leader” who runs a talent agency booking “D” list pundits for the 24 hour news cycle.

Most of the people on her list are never-wills and wannabes. They get maybe a thousand bucks a pop to spout off on their field of expertise.  The getting-there bunch get anywhere from $2500 to $5000 a pop for an appearance.  They don’t get asked back if they don’t generate buzz.  Consequently the more they appear on a show, the more outrageous they become.

A perfect example of this was Ann Coulter being interviewed by Michael Medved on Friday.  I have never turned off a segment of his show until the one with her.  The Pink Flamingo does not mind admitting that Medved is the only conservative radio show I listen too, and almost always I listen after the fact.  Coulter was so over the top and so outrageous, I had to simply turn off the segment.  Sure, I know she’s trying to sell books.  But – where does it end?

The liberal wannabe “C” list person does all she can to turn a chance encounter with Paul Ryan into 5 minutes of fame and maybe a shot at punditry moola.  She succeeds in her agenda because all the internet wannabe pundits pick up on her story and expand on it.  Never mind that she was rude, crude, and socially unacceptable.  That is now acceptable.

Never mind that a “B” list writer and an unethical wannabe media “titan” work hand in glove to constantly attempt to stir up trouble and dissension about where a man was born.  It’s not about the “truth”, it’s about making money.  It’s about selling books.  Ethics need not apply.  It’s all about fame.

This takes us full circle to the Anthony verdict.  For several years bottom-feeders like Nancy Grace have cried their false tears about an adorable little girl who is no more.  You don’t see tears for the other 1494 children who were also allegedly murdered that same year.  Consequently, it leads one to assume this is not about an allegedly murdered child, but about ratings.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wondered what sort of a person listens to someone like Nancy Grace on a day in and day out basis?  What sort of person stands in line to get into a trial if they are not covering the story, writing a book, or a family member?  What sort of a person is so lacking in sound judgement and a life that they stand outside of a trail to be interviewed by the media?  They demand justice for Caylee, but never mention justice for nearly two thousand other children who were murdered in 2008.

This is not about justice.  It is not about a trial.  It is not about the tragic end of a beautiful little life.  It isn’t really about a young woman who has obviously been so battered and abused (emotionally if not sexually) by her parents that she is not “normal”.  This is about pundits, money, seriously disturbed people who are looking for attention.

It is also about that vacuum nature abhors.

Why are the pundits, wannabes, has-beens, and never wills acting so outrageously over this?

You know that vacuum that needs to be filled?

Oprah’s show has ended.

Every blasted one of these people are after her job.  It doesn’t matter if a decent Congressman is slimed, if former jury members are threatened and perhaps harmed.  It doesn’t matter that a young woman who has been found “Not Guilty”, is threatened, sued, and may be harmed. It’s all about the next Oprah.

It also says something very very bad about us as a nation.  If we are incapable of getting a grip about a trial, and a $350 bottle of wine, then we are incapable of solving our problems.  Perhaps it is time started acting like grown-ups for a change.  Unfortunately, if we were to do just that, it would require thought, reason, logic, adult behavior, turning off the wanna-bes and the next Oprah, and taking responsibility for our behavior.

Right now, The Pink Flamingo is not very optimistic about our prospects.  It’s a heck of a lot easier to hate and blame others, rather than stepping up to the plate and doing something constructive.  It’s a heck of a lot easier to seek “justice” for a little girl than to go out into one’s community and try to prevent things like this from happening again.  It’s easier to damn Paul Ryan than to relinquish the class envy and the political hate.

Maybe that’s why the pundits who are trying to fill the vacuum left by Oprah will never succeed.  The woman never did things the easy way, and she takes responsibility for the world around her and for her actions. It’s called grown-up behavior. It’s not cute, pretty, or easy, but in the long run, that’s where the success really is.