Dick Durbin and FDA After Supplements


The Pink Flamingo has a tendency to avoid the medical profession like the plague, unless an appendage has been broken and is hanging in a most annoying fashion (as was my right elbow a few years ago).  I have a tendency to do the vitamin and supplement thing.  Dick Durbin introduced new wording for an FDA take-over of the entire industry.

“…Lest you think this is an exaggerated warning, keep in mind that hundreds of dietary supplements have just been banned across the EU (http://www.naturalnews.com/032302_h…). Regulators in the USA are gunning for the same kind of wipeout of the supplements industry as a way to lock in decades of disease profits for Big Pharma and the greed-driven cancer industry (which cares far more about treating cancer than preventing it).

If these new FDA regulations go into effect, your access to dietary supplements could simply disappear before the end of this year, turning vitamin sellers into “criminal dealers” and “smugglers” (much like raw milk retailers today). Armed FDA raids would be conducted on vitamin and supplement companies, and the founders of those companies would be rounded up and sent to prison for their “crimes” of selling unapproved ingredients.

This is the FDA’s end game. Even if the FDA only partially enforces this new rule, it would still place a heavy compliance burden on small nutritional supplement companies. As the ANH says, “The bottom line is that when new and unreasonable burdens are placed on supplement manufacturers, it immediately becomes a financial increase for consumers. And if the pressure becomes too great, the nutritional supplements on which you rely may simply become unavailable.”

That’s exactly what the FDA wants, of course: To put dietary supplement companies out of business, leaving the field open only to those pharma-chemical vitamin companies largely owned by the drug companies themselves. They use synthetic chemicals which are NOT subjected to these new FDA rules. Many of those synthetic vitamins are, in essence, poisons. Isn’t it interesting that the FDA says companies need no approval to use poisons in their formulations, but they need FDA permission to use natural substances that actually prevent disease?…”

The FDA is now trying to ban any supplement or “vitamin” that was not known before 1994.  They are already banning certain forms of Vitamin B (critical to the fight against Alzheimer’s).  Now they want toban any vitamin or supplement now in existence before 1994.

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My 81 year old mother has Macular Degeneration.  There are certain supplements that do either halt or slow down the progression of the disease.

My 87 year old father has Alzheimer’s Disease.  Vitamin B shots have been PROVEN to halt the spread of the disease when caught early.

This is outrageous.



2 thoughts on “Dick Durbin and FDA After Supplements

  1. I am nearly 80 years old. I have been put on vitamin supplements too by my ophthalmologist to try to prevent macular degeneration. This is the first time in my life that I have taken supplements, but the doctor thinks it is necessary. I am currently taking vitamin d and 1000 mg of natural Omega 3 fish oil. I wonder now if I will be able to get a refill. It is really sad when the government has to step in and supervise every phase of our existence. Thank for the info on this.

  2. My mother takes supplements to keep her vision stable. It is a proven fact that they work. It is now a proven fact about the B-12 supplements and Alzheimer’s. It is quite maddening.


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