PART I: News Corp or News Corpse?


“…“It stinks. It makes our stomachs churn, to be bizarrely held accountable for some dipshit tabloid guys from eight years ago. It’s absurd,” said a staffer who has been at the Journal since before Murdoch bought the paper. Another reporter, also speaking anonymously, described an end to the era of pretending away the Murdoch taint: “This slightly naïve notion that nobody really knows that we’re part of News Corp., that what they do, what Fox News does, what Rupert Murdoch does, doesn’t affect us—when something like this happens, it forces people to recognize that it does.”…”

The head of Scotland Yard (the UK version of the FBI) has now resigned.  It seems the Metropolitan Police never bothered going through thousands of pages of handwritten evidence against News Corp.  The Scandal is becoming the UK’s version of Watergate, complete with one former friend or associate of David Cameron’s after another being arrested.

NY Times

It is absolutely amazing the way the far right will defend those bastions they think are “theirs”, and damn those who aren’t.

The Pink Flamingo is furious with FOX News.  Anyone who considers themselves conservative, Republican, independent, or moderate should be just as angry as am I.    The Pink Flamingo has been making the statement (for ages now) that Murdock is attempting to influence the American political scene the very same way George Soros is.

Want proof?

“…Over the past decade, Murdoch and his company News Corp. have spent close to $50 million sowing the seeds of goodwill here in America through well-heeled lobbyists, seven-figure political donations, and large charitable contributions to key nonprofit groups. Murdoch’s money trail can be traced deep into the halls of Congress and the powerful federal agencies overseeing the industry that has made him wealthy.

News Corp. is “well into the upper echelon of entities” trying to influence the federal government, says Dave Levinthal, editor of, a website that catalogues special interests’ spending. Its biggest weapon? Lobbying, by far. The company has dispensed more than $42 million since 2001 trying to curry favor with lawmakers and regulators…..Few on Capitol Hill wanted to talk about Murdoch’s sway, but Melanie Sloan of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics says it’s “clearly outsized” when compared to others. “Money is a big factor,” says Sloan, CREW’s executive director. “But it’s amplified when you combine it with their megaphone. Positive exposure on Fox News is worth a lot.”

Murdoch has also sought to curry favor through charitable gifts, though he isn’t known for being particularly philanthropic. (A 2008 Portfolio magazine piece ranked him dead last on a list of 50 billionaires in terms of giving.) Nonetheless, he is listed as a “notable member” of the Clinton Global Initiative, reportedly contributing $500,000 to combat climate change. Other recipients of Murdoch’s largesse include Cornell University’s medical school, which pocketed $3.3 million, and the Nature Conservancy, a nonprofit dedicated to protecting the environment that received $250,000 from the billionaire….”

For years, FOX has been the primary source for Republicans, conservatives, moderates, and independents who lean center right.  We basically have NO other source for what was once considered “fair and balanced” and is, unfortunately now libertarian.  Those who would be most alarmed about the entire tawdry tale are busy watching FOX, and not getting the story, other than it was a liberal plot, I tell you, a liberal plot!


We all know in this highly charged political season, when dealing with an Administration as immoral and lacking in all standards of basic decency, they are going to use the entire story as a witch hunt, not just to destroy News Corp and FOX News as their opposition

The Telegraph

The other day The Pink Flamingo mentioned that you would not see the far right cover the growing scandal in the UK over some very nasty and unethical things News Corp (The parent company of FOX) has been doing.  But, boy are they covering the sins against FOX.

This is nothing new.

Think Progress

You know it’s bad when, instead of admitting that there is a problem, on FOX and Friends they discuss those nasty Obama people not wanting poor little FOX in the press pool.  The Pink Flamingo suspects it was an attempt at manipulating the headlines.

It did not work.

Oh, it did rally the conservative base, but not for long.


It is rather fascinating how those email “surfaced” just in time, to rally the loyal FOX troops across the pond, when their support is critical.  Rebekah Brooks, one of News Corps most important figures resigned on Friday.  In London, Murdock’s daughter, Elizabeth railed against her, furious with her alleged unethical practices.

Try this from the Daily Mail:

“…When asked what his top priority was, Murdoch gestured at Brooks and said: ‘This one’….Saudi Prince Al-waleed bin Talal, who holds seven per cent shares in News Corp, made his position clear that she should leave. ‘For sure she has to go,’ he told BBC’s Newsnight ‘you bet she has to go.’ Speaking on his luxury yacht, the billionaire – known as the ‘Arab Warren Buffet’- added: ‘We hope that as this things unfolds the truth will come out.’ ‘It’s very important to me and my company who have been investors in News Corp for 20 years to get this in order because ethics to me are very important’ he said. Asked about hacking into Milly Dowler’s phone, Alsaud said he wanted to differentiate between the News of the World and News Corporation as a whole. ‘I think we have to wait for the commission that’s been appointed by the Prime Minister and look at the results,’ he added in response to allegations that James Murdoch had known about illegal activity….”

Daily Mail

“…In the United States, the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced that News Corp. employees may have targeted the phone records of victims of the September 11 attacks.

“We are aware of the allegations and we are looking into it,” a spokeswoman from the FBI’s New York office told AFP.

The FBI inquiries are preliminary in nature and do not constitute a formal investigation but US Attorney-General Eric Holder said on Friday that his office was reviewing requests from congressmen for a probe into News Corp.

“There have been serious allegations raised in that regard in Great Britain and there is an ongoing investigation there,” Holder told reporters in Sydney, where he is attending a meeting of justice officials.

But in an interview with his flagship US newspaper, The Wall Street Journal, Murdoch insisted the crisis was being handled “extremely well in every way possible” and angrily denounced criticism made by British MPs as “lies”.

Murdoch also said an independent committee led by a “distinguished non-employee” would probe every charge of misconduct made against News Corp.

Murdoch and his son James, the chairman of News International and deputy chief operating officer of News Corp., had both initially resisted being called before a committee of British MPs….”

The Daily Beast

In the UK, the ties News Corp has with the Cameron government could hurt David Cameron.

“…Britain’s Conservative-led government denied Saturday that it was too close to Rupert Murdoch’s scandal-hit media empire, as the mogul apologized for phone hacking by one of his tabloids in full-page newspaper ads across the country. Government records show that Prime Minister David Cameron has had scores of meetings with media executives in the past year, including more than 20 with Murdoch employees. Rupert Murdoch’s son James, his former British CEO Rebekah Brooks and ex-News of the World editor Andy Coulson all stayed at the prime minister’s country home, Chequers….”

The Pink Flamingo has, repeatedly stated that I have been concerned about the connections between FOX News and some of our Republican candidates and officials.  The lines this year have been quite blurred as it appeared that FOX was attempting to corral as many of those running for POTUS as possible for their services as ‘experts’.  It has been quite evident that there is an anti-Romney bias at FOX because he has not sold his soul to them.

What is this connection going to do to Cameron, who is the UK’s greatest hope?

The real question is how badly this is going to damage the way Republicans and conservatives get news coverage. It is going to do tremendous damage to the tea parties, which FOX created as a PR scam.

“…In short, there is a distance between News Corp and the Republican Party that will keep the scandal from becoming the partisan frenzy that it was in the UK. Whatever Obama’s claims to the contrary, Fox does not speak for the GOP and would never claim that kind of influence. It is a case of a private institution committing crimes against the general public; the UK’s added dimension of political culpability is missing. This is not a conservative scandal, or even a political scandal. It is simply criminal…”

Media Matters

Of course CNN would cover it!  You think they’re crazy?

The scandal could have a devastating effect on News Corp.  The first US damage has Les Hinton falling on his sword.  Let’s face facts, we all know Roger Ailes is also in line for self emulation.

The Politico

There are those who think Murdock’s control of FOX News is going to be at an end, quite soon.

“…But some in the business world think Murdoch’s days are numbered at the helm of News Corporation. Porter Bibb, managing partner at Mediatech Capital Partners, was reported as saying: ‘It is very likely, there will be at some point… an entire new management.  ‘It’s a fine company, it has great assets and a terrific future but Murdoch’s influence despite his de facto ownership is going to being diminished.’

Allyson Stewart-Allen, director International Marketing Partners was reported as saying: ‘ I think investors in America are needing to know if there is a capable leader, and some question now about whether James Murdoch is that capable a leader to run that enterprise. ‘The other question is the reassurance that advertisers aren’t going to flee the newspapers titles. In the worst case scenario should they flee then they need to kill the brands in the way the News of the World was anaesthetised or euthanised.’…”

The right will cry and wring their hands as they watch Roger Ailes fall on his sword.  It is coming.  They will damn the left for bringing down a good “conservative”, abjectly ignoring the fact that, while the left is attempting a witch hunt, this is about the bottom line.  It’s all about the money.

“...The crisis has some financial analysts predicting that Murdoch may be forced to spin off his newspapers into separate businesses. (Other analysts dismiss that option as remote.) Representing only a fraction of News. Corp.’s bottom line, Murdoch’s sleazier publications have an outsize effect on the company’s reputation—and shareholders have noticed, selling off some $7 billion in market value by June 12, according to Bloomberg. Across the corporate family tree, the staff of The Wall Street Journal must hold their noses and put it into print….”


It’s the evil liberals who are doing it – not the abjectly immoral doings of the Murdock Empire.  Evidently, according to Newsbusters, it is all a liberal plot to hurt FOX.


It is amazing what these people don’t get. Do you realize what a big deal it is when the head of Scotland Yard quits?   There are absolutely NO conservatives covering this story unless they are blaming the liberals for News Corp’s sins.

Commentary Magazine

Do you get this?  Please use your head for once.

“…With today’s arrest of Rebekah Brooks — a once-close friend of Cameron’s — the tentacles have likely grown tighter as it becomes even clearer that this scandal is not only not slowing down but apparently knows no bounds.

And while Cameron is (obviously) not accused of anything but bad judgment when it comes to his dealings with News Corp, with a scandal of this magnitude guilt by association may be all it takes to bring him down….”

This is a massive story.  It is huge.  Sure, the liberals in the UK are enjoying every moment of it.  BUT – you don’t arrest 10 employees of a corporation for nothing.  The head of Scotland Yard does not resign over a witch hunt.


This is all massive – huge –

“…In the meantime, James Murdoch signed cheques for between £800,000 and £1 million to Gordon Taylor, the chief executive of the Professional Footballers’ Association, and Max Clifford, the publicist, which critics say effectively bought their silence.
Mr Murdoch said last week that he would not have signed the cheques if he had known then what he knows now.
He, Mrs Brooks and Mr Hinton have denied any knowledge of widespread wrongdoing.
In a series of further developments, The Sunday Telegraph can also disclose today:
• James Murdoch’s position as chairman of BSkyB is under review after the board agreed a special session to discuss his future.
• Leading shareholders are calling on News Corp, the parent company, to sell its British newspaper titles because of fears the scandal will spread to America.
• Rupert Murdoch’s bid to purchase Formula One could also be derailed, according to Bernie Ecclestone, the sport’s supremo.
• Lawyers acting for David Beckham have contacted police, in the growing belief that the footballer and his wife, Victoria, were targeted by Glenn Mulcaire, a private investigator who worked for the News of the World. Sir Paul McCartney’s press aides claimed they were also hacked at the time of the former Beatle’s split from his second wife.
• Jude Law, the actor, was allegedly hacked by the News of the World while visiting the US, opening the way for prosecutions in America where News Corp has most to lose.
• Andy Coulson dined with the senior police chief investigating the phone hacking of Prince William in 2006 in the middle of the inquiry….”

Sure, it’s in the UK, but News Corp owns FOX, the WSJ, and the Weekly Standard.  The repercussions for the right, conservatives, GOP, and tea parties are going to be enormous.


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  1. So now Justice Lord Levenson is saying the Murdock Affair inquiry needs more time in its deliberations. The scope of the inquiry is likely to broaden, not only to other newspspers but to other areas of the media too. On the one hand, he’s right to ask for this. On the other hand, I’m concerned; is this the famous British technique called ‘kicking it into the long grass’ we’re seeing here?

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