The Consumer Economy


The mime on Fox and Friends the other morning was ‘what have you given up in this economy?’  It was rather pandering and pathetic considering the three nit-wit anchors were well employed.  They were giving up things like using a taxi, dry-cleaning, eating out less, just enough, if aped by the usual legions of FOX fans who think the network is the be all and end all, will cause problems.

We are a nation of consumers.  After 9/11, The Great Man made sure to inform the American public that it was their patriotic duty to go out and spend money and buy stuff.  George W. Bush, as POTUS, was wise enough to understand the fact that we consume.  If we cease consuming then the nation wallows into recession and possibly depressing.

Things went along, quite well, until an idiotic Democrat began telling people how bad things were, and to stop spending money.  They needed to stop going to places like Las Vegas, to gamble, to stop goin’ out for dinner all the time.

His stupid audience listened to him.

They stopped going to Vegas, sending the economy there into a downward spiral.  They stopped going out to eat as much.  They stopped spending.

Enough said.

The Pink Flamingo is well aware that it sounds shallow and flighty, but it is true.  We are no longer a manufacturing nation.  We are a society based around service industries.  Service industries are propelled by spending.

Spending generates sales taxes, which in turn, keep municipalities afloat.  Travel to places like Vegas generation accommodation tax monies that, in turn, do the same thing.  More nights spent on travel equals more service industry jobs.  More service industry jobs, equal more people who are off unemployment and are paying income taxes.

How hard is this to understand?

So, the dumb bimbo “anchorette” on FOX says that she is now starting to save money by using fewer taxi rides and taking the subway more.  The problem is not that she can’t afford the cab, but she’s “afraid” to spend more money.  By taking fewer cab rides, she is contributing to the slow-down of the economy.  You get a few hundred thousand people like that in NYC, who can well afford a cab, but want to be economically correct, and all of a sudden you have cabbies who may need a second job.

And so it begins.

All Barack Obama needed to do when he took office was to tell the American people the same thing The Great Man did.  “Get out there and be patriotic.  Spend money.”

Instead, he and his incompetent minions destroyed the economy.

In this day and age, when unemployment is so high, the last thing we need is a dip in consumer conference. We need someone running for office to have the courage and the wisdom of George W. Bush.  “Get out there and do your patriotic duty.  Spend money!”

  • Sales taxes are created.
  • Municipalities are able to do more and get out of debt.
  • Jobs are created.
  • People pay more income taxes.
  • The Feds collect more taxes.
  • Less social services are needed.

This isn’t rocket science.  Maybe that’s the problem.  Since Obama killed our space program, we don’t need no stinkin’ rocket scientists.  We don’t need tens of thousands of science and tech experts who are now unemployed.  But – they can go on unemployment.  It’s more expensive than an actual program for NASA, which would generate more jobs and taxpayers, but what the heck, we all must sacrifice.

That’s the problem.  We don’t need to sacrifice.  We need common sense.  We need someone to just suggest we cut all the do-do, and get out there and be patriotic.  Buy something!

Do you realize if, instead of dumping money down the drain of that stimulus package, the money had gone out to the individual taxpayer, we would have no economic problems.  The money would have come back in increased revenue, we would not have the debt problems.  People would have jobs.

Obama would look like a genius.

Instead, like Mitt Romney said, he has made things worse.

It is not about an individual living beyond one’s means, nor a family, a community, county, or state.  It is about the flow of cash through a strapped economy. Spending begets jobs, begets sales taxes, begets income tax.

How hard is that to comprehend?

Right now, people are so afraid of being afraid, so panicked, and so idiotic that they actually listen to people like Obama who tell them not to spend, that our economy can’t build itself back up.  From a retail point of view, and bitter experience, next summer and fall is going to be even worse when it comes to spending.

But – if Obama loses, all heck is going to break lose.  By November 10 retailers will start to see a change.  It happens every time we have an upcoming election like this.  The same way it favored Bill Clinton in 1992, it may just favor the GOP candidate in 2012.

What goes around, comes around.