You Know That Hitching a Ride to the Space Station?


As president, I’ll make our space program a priority again by devoting the attention and resources needed to not only inspire the world with feats of exploration but also improve life here on Earth.” Barack Obama, August, 2008

The other day, AJ Strata said it best.

“...Today is one of those crystallizing days where the inanity of our leaders comes shining through. We have an incompetent and clueless administration attempting to operate way above their skill levels. We have thrown away our technological lead in space vehicle development and instead plan to waste it on a crippled train in the middle of farm fields. No wonder as to why our nation is so far off course after three years into the Obama Administration….”

Strata is a lot nicer than The Pink Flamingo.  I simply think Barack Obama is a lying piece of scumbag shit. There – I said it.  I’ve spent years attempting to be nice, to play nice, but going back through several years worth of articles I wrote about what he was planning to do with NASA, well – he’s a lying piece of scumbag shit. (Note, The Pink Flamingo’s mother discovered what I was writing about him.  I had to promise I would not say that Barack Obama is a piece of scumbag shit, so I’m not.  I’ve crossed it out).

The Great Man had a bold vision for NASA and for America.

“…Our first goal is to complete the International Space Station by 2010. We will finish what we have started, we will meet our obligations to our 15 international partners on this project. We will focus our future research aboard the station on the long-term effects of space travel on human biology. The environment of space is hostile to human beings. Radiation and weightlessness pose dangers to human health, and we have much to learn about their long-term effects before human crews can venture through the vast voids of space for months at a time. Research on board the station and here on Earth will help us better understand and overcome the obstacles that limit exploration. Through these efforts we will develop the skills and techniques necessary to sustain further space exploration.

To meet this goal, we will return the Space Shuttle to flight as soon as possible, consistent with safety concerns and the recommendations of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board. The Shuttle’s chief purpose over the next several years will be to help finish assembly of the International Space Station. In 2010, the Space Shuttle — after nearly 30 years of duty — will be retired from service.

Our second goal is to develop and test a new spacecraft, the Crew Exploration Vehicle, by 2008, and to conduct the first manned mission no later than 2014. The Crew Exploration Vehicle will be capable of ferrying astronauts and scientists to the Space Station after the shuttle is retired. But the main purpose of this spacecraft will be to carry astronauts beyond our orbit to other worlds. This will be the first spacecraft of its kind since the Apollo Command Module.

Our third goal is to return to the moon by 2020, as the launching point for missions beyond. Beginning no later than 2008, we will send a series of robotic missions to the lunar surface to research and prepare for future human exploration. Using the Crew Exploration Vehicle, we will undertake extended human missions to the moon as early as 2015, with the goal of living and working there for increasingly extended periods. Eugene Cernan, who is with us today — the last man to set foot on the lunar surface — said this as he left: “We leave as we came, and God willing as we shall return, with peace and hope for all mankind.” America will make those words come true….”

John McCain had every plan to continue The Great Man’s vision. Unfortunately McCain and NASA lost, as did our future. The Pink Flamingo was one of the first to go on record, in September 2008, about what Barack Obama had planned for our future.

The politics of this are a disaster. If you want to know about the duplicity of Barack Obama, the fact that he is a lying, prevaricating, Democrat who wouldn’t know the truth if it hit in the the you know what with a 3 iron, this is it.

Americans in Space

Do you know what is going on here?

American Space

The truth of the matter is The Pink Flamingo is sick and tired of the damn fool Democrats doing

The Dumbell Nebula

everything they possibly can to destroy NASA. Now they are aided by the duplicitous libertarian tea party “patriots”.  They are spreading their dirty little filthy lies that the private sector can do this better.

The photos in this section are of the Dumbell Nebula.  Need I say more?